Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Day two - afternoon in Kauai

Hi y’all!!! Hope all my friends are having a great week!!!!

Monday afternoon we were all set to go on our first adventure! We were going tubing down and old sugarcane river!!!! Here is what was to come...only a little wetter!!! Ha ha!

Feral Chickens and roosters are wild everywhere here...they escaped when there was a natural disaster back in 1992 and the population exploded - you can read more about it here. These guys were running around outside of the Backcountry Adventures  office where we went for tubing. I thought it was neat that all three look totally different.

We went tubing with Backcountry Adventures in Kauai.  The tubing adventure goes down an old propagation river through an old sugarcane plantation and through six different tunnels.  This is us with our gear ready to get driven to the river. Me in the middle and my mom on your left and and Sandy on your right.

Here we are in the river floating ready to start…

Here we are all lined up on our tubes ready to start...

Little tubing selfie-lol!!!!

Below are a few different videos of the adventure I took. I had a waterproof case for my phone and it worked awesome!!! If you are looking to go on a tour in Kauai, Hawaii...Backcountry Adventures is awesome! We did two different tours and EVERYONE we met connected with this tour company was AMAZING!

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

We went and spent a few hours at the beach after our tubing adventure. We went to a new beach called shipwreck Beach in the swimming was amazing! The waves are so crazy strong here you just get thrown into forward rolls in the waves! It was a blast! There’s also a really cool rock that juts out into the water that everybody jumps from. Here’s a few people jumping...

After a long day at the beach we came home showered and headed off to dinner. We ended up trying a place nearby called Bangkok Happy Bowl Thai Bistro and Bar with a sushi bar inside called Rock and Roll Sushi. It was delish! My mom and Sandy had pad Thai and I had sushi-yum!!

Soooooo good!

It was a really great day full of soooo much fun!!!!

Hope everyone back home and in blog land is also having a fabulous week!!! Hugs to all!!!


  1. Oh my!! WHAT FUN!! Thanks for taking us along on this vacation! Can't wait to see more!!

    1. Hi Terri! Glad to have you along and I love that you are enjoying the posts!!!! Hugs!

  2. Wow you're mom is pretty adventurous, I don't think my mom would do that lol

    1. Her and her friend loved it Julie! They are way more in shape than me!!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!! Hugs


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