Thursday, September 20, 2018

Day four - Capt. Andy’s Na Pali Snorkel Picnic Sail

Good morning guys! Hope everyone is good! Can’t believe it is day four already!!! I have recap dinner last night and then get into explaining our amazing day four!!!

Last night we had an amazing dinner! We decided it should be our splurge night so we made reservations and a fine dining restaurant right on the water in Kauai called The Beach House.

It did not disappoint!!! Here is the view when we arrived a little early for our reservation... beautiful sunset!!!

This little guy just finished surfing while we were there-he was so good and so adorable...look for him in about five years to go pro!!!

Here are my mom and her friend Sandy toasting their fancy drinks! I had to get a picture because they both said it the best drink they ever had!!!! Sandy is in the left and she had Missionary’s downfall and Mom is on the right and she had a Monkeypod Mai Tai. I had water - lol!

This is the view from our dinner table. We asked for a window-how amazing is this view?!?!? Soo breathtaking!!! Our waiter was Mervin and he was spot on with all of his recommendations and the food and service was phenomenal!!!!! PS - the rolls are awesome too!!!

So our day four adventure was Capt. Andy’s Napoli Coast Snorkel Picnic Sail. You can read about it here.  It was a six hour deal that included breakfast, lunch, snorkeling and a catamaran ride along the Na Pali coast of Kauai, Hawaii.

Here we are just on the boat!!

And here is the beautiful coastline.

We drove along and got amazing pictures of waterfalls, caves and cliffs.  We also stopped multiple times to watch sea turtles swimming along and dolphins playing and racing our boat! They like to play in the wake the catamaran makes!! Sooo cool!!! See if you can spot them!!! I swear - the dolphin jumps totally out at the end!

Video 1 HERE

Video 2 HERE


Gods beauty really is unsurpassed!

I was amazing how blue the water was and how massive the cliffs were!

Another waterfall!

It was soooo pretty...the pictures do not do it justice!!! This is where we all got in and snorkeled around-it was so cool!!!!

Another beautiful cliff...

This is where they show a helicopter landing in the Jurassic Park movie...the first one was filmed here.

Our tour guide and captain Sterling said this is the most photographed part of Na Poli know I wanted to show it to you guys!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Secluded beaches all over the coastline...

Our beautiful selfie with the most amazing backdrop ever!!!

Come along for the cruise below...

Video HERE...

It has been so incredible so far!!! I hope everyone else is having a great week wherever you are! I am savoring ever moment of this time with my mom and every moment of this time in paradise!!! It really is so beautiful and I am so glad I came!!!!


  1. Gee I don't know how you are getting through this. It's so ugly there. :-) Man I wouldn't want to come home - send for the family to come to you.

    1. That is exactly my sentiment Peg! I am wondering why I am choosing to live where I do! Lol!!! We have been blessed with an awesome week!!!

  2. Wow. Beautiful. The photos and videos are amazing. I know they must pale when compared to seeing it in person.

    1. It’s absolutely breathtaking Terri! I am in awe of Kauai! Hope your week is going well also! Hugs!


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