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Eating for an Army?!

OKAY!!! Enough of this already!!!
I am sick of this plateau I am on!! I am working out like a maniac every night and burning over 1000 calories a day and NOT losing any weight!! HELP!!
Is it possible that I am eating enough calories to defeat working out that much?!?!?!
This is my workouts this week so far: Monday:  1 hour Zumba 1 hour eliptical
Tuesday: 1/2 hour jogging 1 hour eliptical
Wednesday: 1/2 hour jogging 1 hour eliptical
Thursday: 1 hour step aerobics w/ abs and toning (w/ weights)  1 hour eliptical
Friday: Tonight will be 1 hour of Zumba Oh well, I have been tracking exercise on my fitness pal and it is now time to add tracking food!!!
I am done with this PLATEAU!!!
Good bye weight!!!!!!!
Any ideas?!?!??!?! HELP!??!?!?!

RIP Becca July 14, 2012

Oh WOW! Where to start.  This beautiful (inside and out), young girl, Becca (21), lost her life this past weekend tragically. She was a passenger in a car that was driven by her 24 year old boyfriend. The boyfriend was suspected to be driving under the influence of cocaine and alcohol. He was speeding and could not navigate a turn and the Jeep he was driving flipped over into a utility pole and Becca was killed instantly. He lived... This is the poster story for why people should never get into the car when someone else is driving intoxicated.  This is also the poster story for why we need to fight for our children's lives. Becca should still be here - it was not her time!!  Don't get me wrong, I do not put full blame on the driver (although I will be in the front row cheering when he is convicted and sentenced for her death) but I think he has the majority of the responsibility here. Yes, she should not have been doing the things she was doing and yes, she could have and sho…