Thursday, February 26, 2009

Stencil Fun

I am LOVING my new stencils. I saw a few in Columbus that my little sister did at her house and they were soooo cute. She got them from a home party and they were "a bit costly" :-)

A few days later she called and said she found them at Kohls...I got a few different ones but have to stop now as I do not want to overdo it!! LOL

Here is the bedroom stencil...

Here is the guest bedroom stencil...

Here is the family room stencil...
Aren't they great!?!?!???!?!?!
Gooooo sis - thanks for finding these for me!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Isn't my Valentine a cutie!?!?!?

Isn't my Valentine a cutie!?!?!?

Here is a pic from Valentines Day. We met another couple that we are friends with and went to dinner at Sesame Inn which was DELICIOUS!! Also went to see the movie Gran Torino. The movie was great however I was shocked that a movie costs $10 now!! WHAT A RIPOFF! Oh well, it was a great night all in all and that movie was amazing!
I learned another lesson in patience and tolerance on Sunday at the GAW planning meeting in Penn Hills. It is amazing to me that someone in the program can take a position and turn it into a power trip...takes all kinds and just have to keep reminding myself that these people are all here to teach me things and there are probably people that learn patience from me also - although I would like to think I annoy noone!! :-)
Another great news update - I am SO excited that Boyd is being released from the hospital today - I talked with him on the phone and he sounds like a totally different person...I am SO excited to see him. Walt is picking him up for the Mitchell's Corner meeting tonight and depending on how the rest of my night goes, I may be able to be there. If not, Walt will deliver the cookies that I baked him with LOTS of love!!
I am helping my new sponsee move tonight into her new place and am sooooooooo excited for her!! Hopefully the move OUT will be peaceful and quick....I will let you know - regardless, I have BP police on speed dial!!
I hope everyone has a blessed and peaceful day - I love God/others/life!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Okey Dokey Pokey it's Thursday!

Okey Dokey Pokey! Here we go with Thursday's post!! Things are great here.

Me and Wally are working things out and we are both soooo much more appreciative of each other. We are actually cherishing the time we spend together - this is so wonderful! Obviously we still have a lot of work to do on "US" however....we have eaten dinner when I get home from the gym every night this week - which is an amazing switch! I love this man!

Congrats to Jeff Fitz... who led last night at Dormont...I heard he did a phenominal job (which is why we actually ate late last night as the mtg went until 9:30PM). I cannot complain when eating late is due to helping another though right?!?!? Anyway, I ate when I got home from the gym and Walt had an Ardolino's stromboli (extra cheese and extra steak)...not my kind of dinner but he moaned through his WHOLE dinner!!!! He loved it!!

Also, on a really positive note, Boyd a friend of ours is doing really well and should be released from the VA hospital in Aspinwal on Friday - yeah!!!! It was pretty touchy there for a awhile and Walt and I talked with him a few nights ago and he sounds and feels really good!!! Yeah - God is good!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where to begin...

Where to begin...
WOW!! It's been an event filled week!
Got my new car on Friday (ABOVE)...Mom and Dad drove in from Ohio and helped me car shop. I found the new car at South Hills Honda - shout out to them and CJ my salesman as he was AMAZING as a salesman!!! If you are in the market for a new car and are thinking of a Honda (I love mine already) pleassssseee call CJ at South Hills Honda - he was great and nice and noooooooooooo pressure!!! I LOVE MY NEW CIVIC!!!
Also, shout out to Jason at Safelite Glass. Having only owned my new car for 20 hours, my windshield got hit with a rock!! Unbelievable I know!!!!!!!!! Anyway, Jason from Safelite came to my office this AM and fixed it - it looks great and he was sooooooo funny and nice!!!
Also, little update on "the man". We are trying to work things out - slowly being the key. I got home from the gym last night and he had made dinner (lasagna and salad)...I REALLY hope we can work together to make this work this time...I know he is sorry and he loves me and blah blah blah but there are no guarantees. Only time will tell...the hard part for me is the moving past and not constantly reminding him what an idiot he was...oh well, time will tell. It appears that for now he is reminding himself what an idiot he was. It is truly amazing to me to read back through this blog and see what I wrote...I am sooo glad that I did not delete this blog when the crap hit the fan - it is great to see the pain/growth/life and how I dealt with it in new and HEALTHY ways!!!!!!
My oldest niece is in Barbados this week with her dad zipping throught the forest trees and getting a REAL tan. I am soooo excited for her and can't wait till she gets back with pics.
Please keep Marge and her family in your prayers - I know she is not well although I have no update as her family is requesting that everyone stay distant for now. Prayers can never hurt though!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New Mind Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to enforce a new mind seet in my scarrrrry head!!!!!!
First of all, please pay for Marge L. - she was just a few weeks ago diagnosed with liver cancer. She is an amazing woman and I was informed that she has taken a turn for the worst and is more than likely passing away soon. Please pray that she is welcomed to the next life and her family is comforted as I cannot imagine what they are going through right now. This has all happened in a span of a few weeks - the last time I saw her she was happy and healthy! Please please keep her family in your prayers.
On a lighter note - LIFE IS PRECIOUS!! I have now wasted approx 2 months of mine wallowing about some moron who does not know a good thing when he sees it and who thinks I am just going to wait around and stop breathing until he decides what he needs in his life. I will WASTE NO MORE TIME! I am going to a singles meeting tonight....that ought to be very interesting...I am staying positive and excited about it.
Also, there are some really great new classes at the gym that I am trying so that is something new and fun too!
Again - keep Marge and her family in your prayers and I will post ANY news that happens.
Also - I am down another ten pounds total and can wear one size smaller since X-mas!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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