Friday, January 30, 2015

Randomness - Five on Friday/Friday Five

 Happy Friday!!!!!!

I love participating in all of the Friday linkups and so I HAVE to give credit to an amazing blogger that I borrowed this collage from!!! I normally link up to each one individually and I saw this on her blog and "borrowed it". So, Jenn, you are amazing and I totally hope it's okay that I borrowed this collage from your blog post today! You rock!!!

So, let's get on with it!! This is the most random five on Friday and Friday Favorites EVER!! LOL!!!

ONE: The other night my furnace started blowing cold air AGAIN!! If you have been a reader for a while you know this happened about 2 years ago also and I was able to Google the issue and find a YouTube video to fix it HERE! LOL! No HVAC man's time was paid for and I saved myself about $300! So, apparently it was time to clean the gas sensor rod again!  Out came the sandpaper and it is again working great! Living alone forces you to either find out how to fix things or go broke paying someone all the time - I am cheap so I choose to learn to fix things!! LOL!!!

TWO:  Since I was already in home maintenance/repair mode, I decided to take all these babies down and change out the filters in them also!

They were way grosser than they even look here! Pretty black with crap...yuck!!!!

They are easy to do since you just buy the filter sheets at Lowe's and cut them down to fit your vent size.  Then you simply tuck them in there (I use a screwdriver) and you are all set! I think they make a difference (especially once you see them after a few months).

THREE: I have been getting to hang out with this man a lot!!! He is so amazing, sweet, handsome and I LOVE being with him! Best guy ever!!! He would not let me post this picture on Facebook because he says he looks like he is looking at a meteor! LOL!!! So, hopefully he does not read my blog!! LOL!!!! I love my look of contentment!!! That is exactly how I feel with him! We have been friends for so long and I just love the person he is on the inside so everything just kinda feels awesome when I am with him! Serenity! We went to dinner at Jackson's last night and had the most amazing filet EVER!!!! Even the bread was sensational!  Then for dessert was shared a chocolate lava cake with ice cream!!! It was OUT OF THIS WORLD!! If you live around Pittsburgh, you have to try this place! You will love it!


FOUR:  I got home last night from dinner and found this...
The crayfish ate his tail and left him swimming (or trying to swim) around! He looked like he was in soooo much pain and I could not let him suffer anymore so I had a mini funeral and flushed him. It was horrible and I could not stop thinking about it all night! I am not putting any other fish in with the crayfish until I find out what he will not eat!!! If any of you have any ideas for me, please share them! The pet store said he could not catch the tetras but he obviously can! OUCH!!!

FIVE:   This was my view of the parking lot this am when I got into work!!! LOL
Me and one other car! i came in early and the snow in Pittsburgh this morning did not help either. Everyone is apparently coming in later! HA! I ned to get out of here early today! My baby M is picking me up at 4PM to go to the gym, then dinner, then a meeting! Loving life right now!!!

I can not wait to go find out everyone's Friday Favs!! Any exciting plans for the weekend?!?! Or just choosing to stay in and chill?

Also, PLEASE let me know if you have any ideas for my fish tank with the crayfish! THANKS in advance!!

Have an awesome weekend ya'll!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Pgh Snowstorm - first one this Winter

Hi bloggy friends!! 

Let me start off by saying that I hope everyone that is being hit by the horrible snow clipper up north is safe and doing well! We got hit in Pennsylvania Sunday night into Monday and will still get a few more inches before it is all said and done. I cannot complain at all though. "Knock on wood" - this has been the mildest Winter in a long time! Until now, we have hardly gotten any snow at all!

I am lucky enough to be allowed to work from home so I did not even attempt to get into the office on Monday. I just worked from home...well, actually the new boyfriend's home.

We knew a lot of snow was coming and were planning on watching the Hockey all stars game and the Football all stars games together on Sunday anyway so we just decided to be pro-active and get snowed in together at his house!! Together with lots of milk, eggs, toilet paper and giant pot of chicken chili! Great plan, right?!?

Here is the snow from his back patio around 10PM.

 And out front...

  This is the back patio when I woke up at about 7AM

 And this is the beautiful back yard the morning when we got up.  I love that his house is in the middle of a ton of woods! It has decks all around it and soooo much nature! It is amazing views all day long!!

The rest are all pictures of the snowfall totals for Monday morning. 

So pretty...

View of the front... There was an issue at my boyfriends company (he owns the company) and they needed him in the office asap so around 1PM we started digging out. He dropped me off at home and then I worked from my own home the rest of the day Monday! It was so pretty everywhere!!!

I got home and could not wait to escape the cold (if even for 20 minutes) so I went to tan!! Whoopie!

Then I got back home and heard that the gym classes were cancelled for the evening due ot slippery and dangerous roads so I shoveled the condo parking lot where I live! LOL! I hate driving over the hump that the snow plow leaves behind our cars. Three hours later I was done and my fitbit was happy!!! I logged 16,000 steps and 7 miles from shoveling! Whoopie!

 Happy Tuesday to everyone! Stay warm and safe out there!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Hi bloggy pals!!! I am so happy to join in with 5 on Friday!

Since becoming healthy, my food choices have changed so much!! No more pizza or fast food! If I am on a road trip (which I am a lot) I will run into a grocery store and get fruit rather than buying crap at a convenience store. Most of the things I eat are salads without dressing, fruits, veggies and clean foods. All that being said, I need snacks and quick foods at work! I tend to repeat things and eat the same thing time and time again until I am sick of it. Here are recent favorites...

1.  This is the healthy option of the Graze snack box! These are great for a quick snack at work. If you have not seen this check it out here. They send you a box of 4 snacks once a week or once a month for $6 each. If you use my reward code when you sign up, your first and fifth box will be free (code: ANNW9R1FP)!!! The snacks are so yummy and there is a regular box and a healthy box where all the snacks are under 150 calories! I get the healthy box!! Love this!

2.  These Quest Bars are amazing!!! I have never tried a flavor that I did not love! I recently scored three boxes (lemon, peanut butter chocolate, chocolate chip) from Groupon and I thought it was a great deal! YUMMY!!!

3. These crackers are yummy!! I first tried them at my sisters. She eats them for breakfast a lot and we had one before we left to run the Hershey Park 10K that day. They are yummy and healthy and sustain you really well!!! Pictured is the oats flavor but my favorite is blueberry!

4.  This is a great option when you just need something quick to fill you up. So healthy and packed with everything good for you!!! If I have back to back meetings it is great because you can drink your lunch on the go! I have a blender in my desk at work so I just blend this up with ice and I am good to go!

5. I have loved these for a while now! They are decently healthy and it is my GO TO when I need chocolate! I buy the huge value box at Costco! There are definitely times when this girl just NEEDS chocolate!!!

I hope you all try some of my favorites and now I get to go read about your favorites and make some more new friends!! I love Fridays!!!

I'm linking up with the girls for Five on Friday and Oh Hey Friday

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week 3 of 2015

It's that time again!

Its amazing how fast Weigh in Wednesday seems to roll around, no?!?!

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week 3 of 2015

I am so excited to join in on the third week of 2015!

If you are looking for new friends...come along - I cannot wait to meet new people with similar fitness goals!!

Just be sure to follow the hosts (Heather, Ash, and Erin) and hop around to the other blogs that linked up...I already follow all three and they are some pretty amazing women!!!!

I have made about five new friends from this link up already!!! LOVE THIS!!!!

 So, remember when I talked about my new "diversion"? Well is gets better everyday!!! It is so much fun to have someone to hang out with at the gym and ride there with and go to dinner with after!! This is awesomeness at it finest however I have had a realization! Apparently I am way better at watching what I am eating when I am unhappy. That is sad to say but since I have been happy and falling for this amazing guy...I am eating healthy but a lot more. So, I have to make a concerted effort to cut back on portions this week. Wanna see why? 

This Wednesday (176.8)....NO CHANGE AT ALL  - Boo Me!!!!!

Pounds lost this week: +0.0 lbs.
Pounds lost in 2015: -1.2 lbs.
Pounds lost overall (326 at my heaviest around 1996): -149.2 lbs.

Anyway, I know I can do this without having to be sad! Time to "remove the feed bag" as my Dad used to say and move on. Hopefully I can make next week better!!!

I am however, truly happy to report that I am happily falling for this amazing guy!!!!!! So, keep the luck and prayers coming!

Can not wait to go read how everyone else did! Also, let me know if anyone else is like me - I seem to be backwards. I should when depressed and sad and not when I'm happy??!?!?!??! Any feedback is always welcome!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The 411

Happy Tuesday Ya'll!!!

I am happy to report that my new and budding romance with my long time friend is going amazing!

M is definitely the man of my dreams! He is sweet, loving, thoughtful and so handsome!!! He is a total gentleman and I feel very respected and protected when I am with him!I am so thrilled that we decided to give this a second chance! We have started working out together and spending all kinds of time together at dinner and just hanging out - it is awesome! What a sweetie! I can not believe that I actually MAY have a Valentine for Valentines Day this year!!! So excited!

Starting today, I am getting my eating back on track too. I have let loose a little due to the fact that I am so happy right now (relationship awesomeness) - does that make sense to you? When I am sad and lonely I don't eat and when I am happy and content I eat...makes no sense to me but it is what it is! HA! Anyway, I have not gained but I have also not lost and that makes me angry!!! So back on track today!!!! I had a breakfast of my spinach, kale, pineapple, water, chia, hemp and gogi berries all blended into a smoothie! Snack this morning is 2 boiled egg whites and lunch will be an Advocare meal replacement shake. This way, after Mark and I work out tonight I can go out to dinner and get a salad. I guess reality is that I have been eating out too much lately with Mark but I am not willing to give this up!!! HA!!!

I have been working on my training schedule for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon...I am linking it below...I am really excited that I signed up and I am looking forward to the structure that training brings. This will be my second time running the half. The tentative schedule is below...let me know your thoughts...I have combined a few together and would love to hear your thoughts on it...I need all the advice I can get!!!

I also signed up to run the Hershey 10K with my sister which is always awesome! It is a month before the Marathon and should fit in great with my training runs! This run has awesome BLING and it is so fun - you run all over the park and through the rides...lots of hills but so fun!

Well, that is the 411 for today! Thanks to everyone for your support and bloggy love!!

In comments: please let me know your thoughts about my training plan...I truly need ALL the advice I can get and I completely respect your options and value your knowledge!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites/5 on Friday

Today I am jumping in on both 5 on Friday and Friday Favorites!!!

This past week has been absolutely amazing! I had a fantastic weekend last weekend and that rolled into a great week of work full of time spent with my new guy! It has been awesome and I am absolutely thrilled to share with you my five favorite pictures from the past week!

I started dating a really great guy after a horrible breakup (and a relationship that really never was)...he is so sweet and cute and caring and we have been friends forever and I love being with him! Yea me!

Such a cutie?!?!? HUGH?!??!?!

And speaking of was this adorable girl's 8th birthday this past week!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!!! This is my niece and Godchild and I love her to death! She is beautiful, funny, spirited, loving and one of the lights of my life!!! I cannot believe that she is already 8!!! Slow down with the growing up stuff!!!

I got to spend a weekend of fellowship, fun and relaxation with this awesome woman!!  She never ceases to amaze me with her spunk for life! I love spending time with her and the weekend was just the recharge I needed!!!!! As you can see, we have a lot of fun and many, many mishaps when we hang out together!! We forgot to take the spinach shake off the roof before we left...that's a problem!!! LOL!!


I was introduced to this author!!! If you are looking for a great series to read....with love and are going to read these books! I could not put this one down!! The second on is just as good!!!

And finally...I got this amazing mug from my friend that I am so proud of! She is employed here (it is a big promotion for her) and I know she is doing an amazing job!! It is a great opportunity for her and I know she will kill it!!! She is an amazing person, hard working, motivated to succeed and she truly has the biggest and most giving heart of anyone I know!!! Love her from the bottom of my heart!!!! XO if you are reading this!!!

Well, that is my weekly picture wrap-up!!! I am so excited to go read about everyone's Favorites this week!! Did you ever leave a cup on your roof and just drive off?!?! Please say I am not the only one...I do this often - HA!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week 2 of 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week 2 of 2015

I am so excited to join in on the second week of 2015!

If you are looking for new friends...come along - I cannot wait to meet new people with similar fitness goals!!

Just be sure to follow the hosts (Heather, Ash, and Erin) and hop around to the other blogs that linked up...I already follow all three and they are some pretty amazing women!!!!

I said last week that I was done with men and that has already changed! HA!

I am seeing a really great guy and I am loving every second I get to spend with him!  Also, he has decided to join my gym. He is picking me up after work to go shopping for workout clothes for him and then we are going to work out together tonight for the first time! I am so excited - I have not had a workout partner since college! I think this will be so much fun to get in shape together! I'll keep you posted after tonight!

I am actually up this week due to a weekend of comfort food (literally sausage gravy and biscuits, fried chicken, spaghetti, etc.) all weekend! I got exercise in here and there but obviously not enough to counteract to calorie intake!!! WOW!

So for this Wednesday (176.8)....

Pounds lost this week: +0.2 lbs.
Pounds lost in 2015: -1.2 lbs.
Pounds lost overall (326 at my heaviest around 1996): -149.2 lbs.

I am still on track...just a little diversion...especially now that I have a workout partner for the gym! Yea me!

Does anyone else work out with their significant other? Or even just a workout buddy?! Does it help you or hinder you?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekend Wrap-up

I am so excited to give you an update from my weekend!!! It was awesome, rejuvenating and soooooo much stinkin' fun!!!

But, before I do that I will give you an update of my Thursday night which was equally awesome, rejuvenating and fun! I am dating this adorable, sweet man again and it is awesome! He is such a great friend and is the most entertaining person and sweetest gentleman on the planet! Such a lucky girl! I was leaving for the weekend and it was so nice to meet up for dinner and get to see him before I left for the weekend.

 This is my morning on Friday! My friend, Laura, and I took a vacation day Friday so we could get off to an early start! The place we go for the weekend is Jackson's Mill and it is the boyhood home of Stonewall Jackson who was an important figure in the Civil War.  We were going to a weekend long fellowship conference and could not wait to leave! So much so that this happened!!!! I forgot my morning smoothie was on top of the car as we packed it and I drove away!!! What a mess!!!!!! LOL!!!! It was about 2 degrees so it immediately froze on my window and car - ick!!!! I may or may not have headed to the nearest gas station and scraped it off with the wiper cleaner since all the car washed are closed when it is 2 degrees out!! What a mess!!!!!!

We kept hearing that weather was perfect for driving and no snow was expected...We cannot figure out what strange time lapse we were in.  The roads were not perfect and we had HORRIBLE driving conditions yet people that arrived five minutes after us saw clear roads?!?!!?! Seriously, something strange happened to us....we finally determined that we were riding along the road with a path of bad weather and just kind of follow it?!?! Weird!!!! here is what we drove in...not too clear, hugh?

We stopped to have breakfast (since mine was down the side of the car) at a Tim Horton's and the Triple S Harley shop happened to be right there. We popped in for some early shopping. You will see a theme; when Laura and I are together it usually involves shopping and eating all weekend - HA! She told me we were not allowed on the bikes, clearly she was wrong! LOL!

We finally arrived at the Mill Friday afternoon and started getting settled into our room at the Lodge - Room 304 (our friends were down the hall in 312). 

We had a break between eating and speakers on Friday afternoon so we decided to sled ride and make snow is Laura rocking an amazing angel!

And the finished product...

These are our really close biddies!!!! Love these guys from the bottom of my heart - they kept us cracking up all weekend!!! Or was it the other way around?!?! LOL!!!

 And some sledding pictures from Friday. We did not sled long. It was about 2 degrees out and the biggest hill we could find was only a slight down grade so it was actually hard work getting yourself started down the hill - LOL!!!This is Laura...

And my turn...notice our hill was not that steep! It was still sooo fun!

And closer of me...

This is our stop on the final day every trip! As I said, the place we go for the weekend is Jackson's Mill and it is the boyhood home of Stonewall Jackson who was an important figure in the Civil War. There is a Truck Stop at the exit when you get to Jane Lew, WVa and they have an amazing painting of the Civil War that actually has Jesus fighting in the middle. I love this painting! Everyone tells me it is not Jesus but they are wrong - it is and I am sure of it!!! See him below behind our heads?

Here is the close up below...Jesus right (only one fighting in white, long blond hair)?!?!?! I am still trying to find the painter to prove this for sure!!!! Charlotte if you see this, please give me the confirmation I need so I can prove it to all my friends! Thanks!

Here is another group shot while we were waiting in line for lunch on Saturday.

Like I said there is a lot of shopping that occurs during the speaker breaks and in the evening. Laura and I shopped Saturday night and found this amazing store called Cato. I never heard of it but they had the cutest clothes for such a reasonable price!! I went down another size and needed jeans so I found these there for $29!!!! Love the pockets-yes, that's my butt now (getting better-ha)! I wish I had bought more but I plan on going online ASAP!!!

We found lucky pennies all weekend!!!! I am hoping the prayer works that Bruce taught us - I should be happy, blessed and healthy if so!!

I hope you all had weekends that were equally amazing!!!

I would love to hear what you it Jesus or not?!?! All opinions welcome! Right now, I think only I am voting Jesus! LOL! Everyone thinks I am crazy!

Happy week to you all!!!!!

ICU Nurse it is

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