Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New Life and Experiences

WOW! It has been a long time since I have posted!!! I cannot believe that I last posted last year!!! It has been crazy and I will try to catch you up as much as possible and then I promise to post often!!

So, that opportunity I blogged about last year for work came through! I got my dream job!! I am a traveling trainer! Life has been so good and exciting and busy that I have not been able to blog.

I hope to step this up in the future because I have some seriously fun stuff to share with you.

So.....below is where I am working now!! I am with a major corporation and traveling back and forth each week from Pittsburgh, PA to South Bend, IN and I am loving every second of it!

This is about two miles from my companies location in Indiana.


This is a really cool Riverwalk that is in Mishawaka, Indiana. I go here a lot to walk and jog. There will be many more posts on this in the future

Even with the crazy travel schedule, I made it to Columbus to see my sister a few weekends to help with makeup for these little dancing girls. They joined a competition dance group and I was elected to do makeup!! WHOOP! How cute they are, right?

I also made it with my friends for a weekend getaway to Jacksons Mill, WVa!! It was an amazing weekend and I was able to totally refresh!! This is the obligatory "Jesus" photo.

Had a trip in June for the weekend to visit this adorable young man and attand his high school graduation!!! WHAT?!?! Crazy! He will be attending Juniata in the Fall!!! YEAH MATT!!!

One of my many beautiful sunset on the plane photos! The perks of traveling every week!! 

I had to put my sweet boy Kidrock to sleep in Feb. That was pretty horrible and these two (Nermal and Trouble) are now holding down the fort when I am away each week! Thank goodness I have AN AMAZING CAT SITTER!!!She is awesome!

I was also able to get in more than a few Saturdays at Mom and Dad's house on the lake! Sometimes I am only home one day but the view alone and family time is worth it! 

I was able to make the trip to my sisters in Harrisburg for a weekend to run the Hershey 10K also! We do it every year! I love it and the time it allows me to spend with her! Best big sister ever! 

This is a beautiful sunset over Lake Michigan at St. Joe's. It is beautiful there! This is one of the many beaches I drive to each night I am away for work! Figure I better make the most of it! 

I also joined the local zoo. It was really reasonable and I figure now I can go there anytime for free! They let you get really close to the animals which I am not used to from the Pittsburgh zoo.

You are going to think I am nuts...my family did!!!! HA  I added two new additions to my family at home just a few weeks ago. Grace and Faith are sisters...they are 10 weeks old and everyone is getting along amazingly already! here is Nermal be a really sweet cat Dad!!!

And now to present time...Last weekend my friends pitbull was playing with this little bunny when we saw him, I ran over and grabbed it and drive it to the wildlife rescue. I am waiting to hear how he is.

I am going to try to blog at least a few times a week again! I have so much fun stuff to show you!

I will get started on the next one now!!! 

I hope you all are well and I cannot wait to get caught up on everyone's blogs again!!!!!


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