Monday, September 17, 2018

Day One-First afternoon in Kauai

After a nice relaxing morning walk on the beach and a great breakfast we decided to spend the day traveling to Hanalei on the other side of the island. We are staying at the south side of the island so Hanalei was going to be about an hour drive for us.  Hanalei is the area where Jurassic Park and Hunger Games were filmed.  My friend Mariela that lives here came along as our tour guide for the day! I forgot to get our picture together! 

Prepare for a picture filled post…

The first beautiful thing we encountered were these falls right off the side of the road called Opeaka’a Falls. There are so many areas here that you can just pull off to the side of the road and see the most breath taking views!

Just a little zoomed in version of the falls...

A little further down the road was an beautiful area to pull off and it was overlooking the Wailua River.

Then we continued on until we got to Hanalei!! Everything is beautiful and lush!!!

This was a beautiful church with mountains in the background.

Here it is...the stained glass was really beautiful!!!

This is the beach in Hanalei...also breathtaking!!!

We found this little guy on one of the bushes by our car in Hanalei!!  Sooo super cute and quick!!

This is another view of Hanalei beach from up beautiful!

Another view...

We went to a late lunch at 3pm in a restaurant called Keiko’s Paradise and it was delicious! The atmosphere was like eating in the middle of paradise! We liked it so much we are going back for dinner. Only picture I got was of this adorable cat hanging out in the restaurant. It’s hard to explain but it’s kind of like an indoor outdoor restaurant.

Since we are going back tonight I will get pictures of the restaurant itself then.


  1. I have to say I am surprised at the overcast skies. I think in my minds eye Hawaii is always totally sunny. :-)

    1. Oh no is sunny and then cloudy within minutes!!! But never rained on us yet!! Only rain at night so far and hot temps everyday! The overcast is a nice break 🤗 hugs!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Julie I love it here!!!!! It’s gonna be hard to leave🤗hugs! Hope your week is going well! I’m going to catch up on all of my blog reading tonight!

  3. Really beautiful! Can't wait to see more!! Love the little kitty!

    1. Isn’t he adorable Terri ?!?! I promise to blog everything!!! Hope you and Joe’s week is going well also!!!! Hugs


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