Thursday, February 14, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is here!!!

Today I am thankful that I got to spend a little time with these family last night! My sisters and Mom love to ski (not me so much-HA!) and they had planned a girls day skiing at Seven Springs which is somewhat near my house. My Mom and little sister came into town and spent the night at my house last night so they could head out early to meet my oldest sister for a day of skiing.  It is always nice to chill and spend time with them!

I am also thankful for unexpected money! I love when I am not expecting $$ and it just shows up! I was cleaning out my dish cupboard and I found $10! Just a random $10 bill up in the cupboard! Yippee me!

Then I brought in the mail yesterday and I got a small refund check from my health insurance company since I had apparently overpaid on all of my co-pays for my physical therapy! That was a sweet, unexpected bonus of $60. It's not a lot but I am banking everything I can right now so I was excited! It's not everyday I get a check I was not expecting!

I am going to use those found funds to purchase some tanning sessions! I swear I have seasonal affective disorder!

I hate winter and just feel so tired and dumpy! Tanning always makes me feel better and it also helps A LOT with my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis! This is what I have been missing and I need to prep for my trips to the beach in March and April. I cannot wait to sign up! 

Also, I am thankful for family and friends (all of you included!)!  I know, without a doubt, that I am loved by not only my creator but many, many other people even if I don't have a Valentine. 

Thanks for all the kind words and support over the last ten years - I cherish all of you friends I have met in the blog world!!!

If you want to join in; go visit Rebecca Jo and link up for her Thankful Thursday!!

PS - Yesterday was another good food day!!! YEAH!!!!
Not that you care but if you do...

Breakfast: Fit and Active Cereal with Red Berries, Banana

Lunch: Celery, Carrots and Baked Chicken Breast

Dinner: Baked Cod, Zucchini Bread, and Steamed broccoli

Snacks: Lit and Fit yogurt, Apple

I came in right at my recommended calories for the day with 15 left! 

Have a great week everyone and Happy Valentines Day!!!

What are your plans for Valentines? Do you stay in or go out? Do you celebrate tonight or wait for the weekend? 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I Rocked the Re-start

I am ready to report in after a highly successful re-start of my first day!!!

Yesterday this is the log of my food...

Breakfast was Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwich...

Lunch was a baked chicken breast and a sliced cucumber...
Snacks throughout the day (before 6 PM) were banana, apple, carrots and celery and yogurt.

And dinner was a baked chicken breast and multi grain rice.

I did awesome!!! I even stayed right under my recommended calorie intake for the day!  

When I got home from work I watched all the shows I had taped from the night before (I go to bed early these days) and then ate dinner.  

After dinner, I took your suggestions and went for a walk (in the rain I might add) and then pulled out my old cross stitch to keep my hands busy when I get home before bed!

And guess what....NO SNACKING OCCURRED!!!!

I got this!!! Thanks to all of you and your suggestions, I got this!!! 

Thanks guys!!!!

Who else is obsessed with too many shows that they don't have time to watch them all!??! I taped like 20 shows from Monday night (Manifest, Teen Mom 2, Vanderpump Rules, all the comedies) I am TV obsessed right now!!! HA!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!! Hugs!

What is your favorite way to curb eating at night? What is your favorite exercise? What is your favorite low calorie snack treat? What is your favorite show(s)?

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Day One x 2

You guys!!! I have a serious issue to discuss!!!

Last night I did so great on my eating healthy all day!!

It was snowing when I was heading out to work so I opted to work from home.

I had two eggs on a skinny muffin for breakfast...

A spinach shake with a banana for a snack...

Nutrisystem lunch meal...

Plain carrots and celery for a snack...


Baked chicken with brussel sprouts for dinner.

I went out and ran a few errands and then when I came home...

I began eating the entire house!!!! I had muffins, cheese sticks, chocolate, celery in peanut butter, etc.  What is up with me?!?!?!? This is not normal - I was not even hungry!!! UGH!!!!

So, now that I have talked about it with you all...tonight NO FOOD AFTER 6PM!!!! The end!!!! No matter what!!!! 

Any advice or hints you have to stay out of food at night is appreciated...I swear this is an addiction like anything else I have dealt with ...I was NOT EVEN hungry!!!!


Do you have any addictions? Do you snack at night? HELP!!!! PLEASE!!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

Motivational Monday

Happy Monday everyone!!

I am going to get right to it today!

Coming off of being sick last week...I went to the doctor for a check in and was weighed. UGH!

I knew I was not doing well on my weight but I had no idea I was my highest weight in a long time!!!

When I got sober I was over 300 pounds and I hated myself!!

I lost a lot of weight and have since regained some but I am WAY heavier than I suspected!!!

Starting today I am getting serious for 2019 - I am 50 now and want to live a long full life.

With my psoriatic arthritis the worst thing for me is extra weight!!

So I am starting Motivation Mondays!!!

This will be my day to weight in every week. I will also offer it up for anyone interested to join me. You can weigh in or just leave an inspirational message or tip for others! Whatever you need to feel motivated to meet YOUR goal!!

So - here we go!!! Please join me if you have a goal or if you just need to give or get a little motivation!!
My current (and starting) weight is 240.8. UGH UGH UGH. Only down from here! HA!

Happy Monday ya'll!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing well.

I am sorry for my MIA period - HA!

I have been crazy sick! UGH! I am back in time to join up with Rebecca Jo for her Thankful Thursday!!!

I will kick this post off right away by saying I am SO happy and thankful and grateful that I am feeling better!!

I went to the doctor and they said to take Mucinex and let it run it's course! It was a long five days but today I am finally back to work.

It was a long period of staying horizontal so I do not have many exciting updates - I was lucky if I left my home. HA! Actually - I left once to get Kleenex...ha ha!

I snuggled for DAYS with my babies....I swear they know when I don;t feel well! They were sooo snuggly!

Love my babies!! They stayed so close to me the whole time I was sick!

We have had a very mild winter all things considered! This picture came up on my Facebook feed from 9 years ago...UGH! I still remember digging out of this mess!! That's my car under there! HA!

This is an ex that used to live with me...he was really tall and see how high that snow is?!??! It was crazy!!!

I had a haircut and color scheduled for the weekend that I had to cancel since I was sick but she was able to get me in last night - thank goodness!!!! I go to the best hairdresser on the planet Cheveux Impressions - her name is Ann and she truly is amazing! Here is my new hair - ahhhh! So fresh...I love new color!!

This also came up on my feed in facebook and I LOVED it!!! HA!!!

I hope you all have a great rest of your week! Stay healthy and happy!!! Hugs!

Monday, February 4, 2019

Never Buy GE Applicances

Just a Consumer FYI...

If you purchase a GE appliance...

It can break 3 times before they have to replace it under a lemon clause!!

This sounds ridiculous enough, right?!?! My BRAND NEW appliance has to break three times before GE will swap it with another one.

Well, it gets better than that!!!

Not only does it have to break 3 times in order to be considered a lemon but ALL THREE OF THOSE BREAKS HAVE TO OCCUR WITHIN 30 DAYS OF EACH OTHER!!! And trust me...mine happened within 32 days of each other and they would not replace it even when it was 1 month old!!! Lowe's stepped up and replaced it since GE would not. And that was only after I sat in the showroom, in person, crying in the appliance section of Lowe's.


The reason I am posting this is that a friend just purchased a refrigerator and is having issue after issue!!! I told her, if she would have asked me I would have warned her...

...never purchase GE appliances!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2019

Sick :-(

Sorry guys - I was all into preparing my Friday Five post this morning but ended up waking up sick with the worst cough and sore throat.

UGH! Fingers crossed this goes away fast!

This is my priority right now...

I hope you all feel better than me and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Thankful Thursday

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