Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cold white stuff everywhere?!?!

Hi! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Mine is great aside from the horrible freezing temps and snow - HA HA! I know there are a lot of that enjoy this season so I am happy for you all!

I am sooo not ready for this weather!! UGH! I miss my beaches and sunshine!

The only good thing about the pending site closure is that my boss is allowing us to work from home two days a week so I only have to drive in 3 days a week right now - pretty nice! And in the winter, if we ever have any of those treacherous driving days, he has already said stay hone - do not drive in so that is also nice!

Here is a picture out my work window. Too much cold white stuff for me! HA

On Sunday my parents and sister came into town and we went to the Rams vs Steelers game! Another AMAZING GAME! WOW! Sooo close all the way down to the end! Our Steeler defense seriously showed up!!!!!!!! Thank goodness!!! We won, thanks to the defense, 17 - 12!!!!!!! It was another great game that had us all on the edge of our seats-especially that Rams fan in front of me...UGH!! I was ELATED when we won! Here we all are pre-game!! In case you do not know...I love my family!!!!!

And last but not least, the update on my bite! UGH! So the owners of the dog said they will re-home their "angel dog from heaven" but they do not want to have to pay the fine for it not having been up to date on its shots. We are going to have a board hearing soon but they are paying! It kind of says it all to me that they are fighting to fine and now having to re-hone the dog! UGH! Anyway, it still looks quite icky and pink and this is Day 8 for the antibiotics????

Hopefully, it will be okay...time will tell!


I am feeling so overwhelmed these days with appointments so it is really helpful that my work is lenient on when we have to work in the office. 

I had to get a crown which required a root canal.  Then i went for the crown appointment and found out I need a crown lengthening before they can put the final crown on and then the final crown appointment - that is only for the dentist! LOL!!!!

My car needs inspected before the end of the year so I need to make an appointment for tires and brakes and then one for the inspection. Also, all my yearly doctor appointments are due so I have yearly physical and yearly dermatology appointment too! November and December are going to be chock full of more appointments than you can shake a stick at!!! WOWSA!!!

Well, I hope you all have a fantastic day! 

Hugs to everyone!! 

Do you enjoy Winter? Favorite part? Looking forward tot he holidays? Overwhelmed with appointments?

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday #245

Image result for thankful thursday knit by god's hand"

Today I am joining Rebecca Jo for her Thankful Thursday!!! If you want to join in - go visit HERE!!  

I am so thankful that I woke up happy and healthy today.

I am so thankful that I STILL have a job today. It looks like my team may be busy until mind-next year. That would be great if I could stick around until then! I HATE job hunting and I am trying to postpone it as long as possible!! UGH!

I am thankful I have wonderful and loving friends, both in real life and blog life, that support and care about me! You guys ROCK!!!

And lastly I am so thankful for God and my sobriety...I would have nothing without that!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Steelers vs Colts

Happy Wednesday ya'll!!!

Thank you all for weighing in on my latest dilemma...I swear it is ALWAYS something.

Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Steelers game (we played the Colts) with my friend from work Kathy! I was such a great day for a game!!!! Chilly but no rain or snow in the forecast!!!

We met up with my sister for lunch near the stadium.  She came with her husband, my nephew Matthew and his girlfriend. We decided to try out  a new place for lunch called Southern Tier Brewery. We put or names on the wait list and they said 1/2 hour. We waited 45 minutes and then started getting a little angry.  After another 15 minutes we were finally seated.  The problem is that it is so close to the stadium that people eat and then sit and drink beer until the game start so it took forever. But...finally we were seated.  They have a very limited menu on game day - about 20 items total including food, salads and appetizers. The food was just okay so I don't think we will go here again. Not worth that long wait and they really need to estimate the waiting time better even if it is a game day!

Here we are walking up to our seats...I love that huge Steeler logo banner!

And, of course, the selfie in the seats! Kathy is a great friend and I have so much fun with her!!!

Here is what we do at Heinz Field every game. Before the coin toss they spread out a huge terrible towel as they announce the players!!! It is so cool to watch and you can put your name in a raffle to be selected to be one of the people holding the towel on the field - I have never won :-(

This is the BEST part of the hone games in my eyes!!!! When the defense needs charged up, once a game, they play renegade!!! Everyone sings along and waves their terrible towels!! It is so fun and such high energy!!! LOVE IT!!!

So, in the end, we won!!! It came down to the last few minutes and everyone around us was saying it was over but I kept saying "anything can happen" and it did!  Here is the last 6 minutes summary...

"Steelers settling for another field goal to make the score 26-24 with 6:36 left in regulation.
Both team exchanged punts before the Colts got the football back with 2:28 left in regulation trailing by two points and only one timeout remaining. On 3rd down Hoyer threw deep, and although it looked like the pass wasn’t catchable, defensive pass interference was the call giving Indianapolis the first down and great field position.
With a 43-yard field and 1:11 left in the game, the Colts missed the field goal to give the Steelers a 26-24 win.
The win moves the Steelers’ record to 4-4, and their third straight win."
All in all it was a great game!!! Thank you to Kathy for taking me along!!

Don't you love a good game? Who do you cheer for?

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The little yapper bit my ankle!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween!!!! Thanks for all the comments on my last post regarding moving Halloween...I honestly was worried that I was turning into a grumpy old woman so it was nice to hear so many people agreed with me!

Okay onto a NEW controversial topic!!! The issues are never ending in my life - HA!

I live in a condo. In many of my previous posts I have mentioned a neighbor that is just trouble! He is constantly harassing the other tenants, hitting other peoples cars in the parking lot, doing drugs, beating his wife and pets, etc. It is honestly craziness all the time!!! Well, just when we thought it could not get crazier...

I was leaving the condo for my home group meeting Friday night; as I was walking out the main front door to the condo and my nieghbor was coming in with his dog on a leash. This dog is a little toy poodle that never stops growling or barking at other people and dogs (I am sure because he beats it along with his wife). As we passed; the dog lurched at me and latched onto my ankle through my sweatpants. My ankle immediately started burning. The owner did not say a thing and kept walking inside. I said "Your dog bit me - that is not okay!" He mumbled sorry and went inside to his condo. THAT WAS IT - NOTHING ELSE! I texted my neighbors and walked back inside. My neighbor brought my a piece of gauze and told me to call the police and report it.

The South Fayette police came and acted like it was no big deal. Officer Benny told me not to worry it was nothing - he actually said "I have seen someone that was mauled by a rabid dog and they did not get rabies." He took a report and went up to talk with the dog owner. He came back down and said the dogs rabies ran out last January so it was not up to date on it's shots. He was referring it to animal control to follow up.

I HEARD NOTHING ALL WEEKEND FROM THE OWNERS. Not asking how I was or anything!!! They have my phone number!!!

When I talked to my sister and people at work on Monday they said I definitely need to call my doctor and get an antibiotic since it broke the skin. I called and we prescribed Amoxicillin. With my insurance it cost me $10. I called the dog owners and told them I thought they should have to pay for it and they said no. They were not paying because it was not that bad!!!!! That is when I decided it was the last straw!! That are horrible people and not responsible dog owners!!! Also, they never have control of the dog and it lurches and lunges and barks at everyone and other dogs!!!! I refuse to let this happen again so as the condo president I checked our paperwork for pets and found the following...

"Board of Directors have the authority to require the permanent removal of any pet, if such pet is determined by the board to be a nuisance or a danger to the community and must be removed from the premises within ten days of notification" - well, guess who is the President of the Board! 

I called the entire board and majority decided this dog is a nuisance and a danger and we are not waiting for it to bite someone else. So our management team is sending the letter today. The dog has to be removed within ten days.

Here is the pictures of my bite - this is Friday night - I added antibiotic cream which is the white stuff. Also, please excuse my unshaven is no-shave November - HA HA! You can tell I am single...

This is Saturday morning ...

Sunday morning...

And finally, Monday morning. This is the picture I sent to my family doctor and they prescribed the antibiotic.

So, onto the controversy....Do you think we are being too tough - knowing everything I said above? I do not think so but, like I said, majority decided to send the removal letter and there were two people that did not agree and they are dog owners.

I am so curious to hear what you all think in blog land!!! And also, note if you are a dog owner or not in your comments please. 

I only own cats but I feel like if they attached someone I would think the exact same way. They two dogs owners on the board think the dog should get a second chance...meaning they should get a warning and then on be removed after a second bite. To me, that is ludicrous!!

What is your opinion on all this?? I am so curious to hear what you all have to say!!!

Hugs - I hope everyone has an uneventful and fantastic week!!!!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thankful Thursday! 

Today I am joining back in with Rebecca Jo for her Thankful Thursday!!! Stop over and join in!!

I am first and foremost thankful for my family! We are tight knit and we support each other no matter what! My first cousin passed away last night so if you have any extra prayers for my Aunt and her family; it would be appreciated!

I am also so very thankful for the worlds best cat sitter! She is amazing with all four of my cats! They love her and her entire family! This I know because I got cameras in my home when I began traveling for work....both for security and to be able to check in on my furry kids.  They all come running to the front door as soon as she walks in - she gets a better welcome than me! HA HA!  Sometimes her husband comes over for the visit and they crawl all over him and also her daughter! They love her daughter Savanna also! It makes my heart happy that they enjoy visits from the whole family.

I am thankful I was raised in the era that I was. We had so much fun and learned a lot about life while we were growing up ...we did not always get everything we wanted all year round (picked a few things from the Penney's catalog for Santa to bring us at Christmas), we played tag and red rover, built forts and stepped on rusty nails, get hit with a belt if we did something wrong, either won or lost games and competitions (there were no participation trophies), walked up huge hills after the bus dropped us off at the bottom (not at our driveways), froze to death waiting for the school bus (schools today are cancelled if it is too cold), had chores to do (not for an allowance but because we had to do our part for the family). We did not grow up confused and entitled and expecting life to be peaches and cream. I was prepared by my parents for life - real life - and sometimes real life sucks but I will get through and make the best of no matter what is given to me or NOT given to me. Thank you Mom and Dad!!!

Here is an example that prompted me thinking about my childhood today...

We have a lot of drama back home and thanks to Facebook I am able to follow it all even though I am out of town this whole week! HA!

The town where I grew up posted this last night on Facebook and it spurred MANY MANY comments both positive and negative.

Seriously?!?!?! Postponing Halloween??? Can you do that??? That seems totally crazy to me! We trick or treated no matter what the weather was! I can remember it snowing on Halloween and wearing a winter coat under my costume because I wanted everyone to be able to see what I was supposed to be! And running from house to house in the pouring rain...I am so totally confused why parents today think their kids will melt!!

Then I checked the Facebook for the town I live in now and was a little happier with their decision....

They posted a poll and NOT MOVING Halloween won! Also, they are going each family one free poncho if you go down to the Municipal Building today. What a deal!!!  So kids get ready to get wet tonight and make awesome Halloween memories! PS - You will not melt...and you just might be a little better prepared for whatever life throws at you. Like when you are traveling out of town for work and have no umbrella.  You pull up to the work building and have to run across the entire parking lot in the pouring down rain - HA HA! Which happened to me today...FUN FUN!

What is your opinion about how children are being raised today?  Do you think this generation is prepared for REAL LIFE? Is your Halloween on Halloween?? What are your thoughts on moving holidays for weather? Am I being cold-hearted?

Happy Halloween everyone!!! HUGS HUGS HUGS!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wednesday Medley

Welcome to this week’s Wednesday Medley!

If you want to join in the fun...copy the questions below and answer them. The just go visit Here and link up!!!

Here we go!

1. During Red Ribbon Week a red ribbon or rubbery silicone bracelet is worn to remind others to live drug free lives and honor the sacrifices of all those who've have lost their lives fighting the war against illegal drugs.

Do you have family members or loved ones in law enforcement? No I do not but I lost my first cousin Mike last night. He passed from using illegal drugs and was brain dead.  His son took him off life support over a week ago and he finally passed last night. DON'T USE DRUGS! It is your family that suffers! Wearing any memorial ribbons or bracelets? No, I am not.

2. There isn't an International Day for October 30th.

What is your suggestion for a new national or international day? How about international powerful women day!

3. On this date in 1938, Orson Welles performed his radio play of H. G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds. Some people understood it to be an actual news broadcast of a Martian attack though there were disclaimers throughout the show.

Have you witnessed an example of people behaving to the contrary in spite of warnings? Every time I fly on an airplane! HA

Bonus question: Did you listen to or do you stream radio shows? Listen to books or prefer reading? Definitely prefer reading

4. Happy 80th Birthday, Grace Slick!

She sang with psychedelic band Jefferson Airplane and later reincarnations Jefferson Starship and Starship.
All rock 'n' rollers over the age of fifty look stupid and should retire. — Grace Slick.

Is pop music solely the domain of younger artists? No way! I still love Grace Slick!

5. Tomorrow is Halloween. Any fond memories of Trick Or Treating or escorting little ones while they made the rounds? I love taking my nieces and nephews trick or treating. I am out of town for work this week so I will miss it :-(  Favorite costume? I was a person riding a unicorn last year - by far my favorite. When I was little, I was obsessed with Planet of the Apes and wore the plastic Planet of the Apes mash and costume for at least three years in a row!!

Bonus question: As an adult, have you attended a Halloween party or fancy-dress ball? My friend from high school invites me every year but I never go because it is a true PARTY and I do not drink so I do not think I would have that much fun  Sexy? Or spooky? Definitely funny or spooky - I do not do sexy Halloween! HA

6. Please share with us something interesting about your week. As I shared above, my cousin Mike passed away last night. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. My Aunt is suffering the loss of her son. :-(

Please leave your link below. Thank you!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Just a random Tuesday

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!

I am traveling for work this week and so far, nothing exciting to post! Fingers crossed something exciting happens ONE DAY this week!

I am definitely hitting a meeting tonight after work so if nothing else, I will make some new friends!! YAY!

So, today I will leave you with my inspirational posts so far this week from my Instagram...I try to keep it positive and happy there! HA HA!

Always remember...


Words to live by...

And the inspiration that this too will pass... 

A newscaster in the Pittsburgh area posted this picture yesterday.  If you are not from Pittsburgh you probably will not think this costume is funny or cute. We love our chipped chopped ham in Pittsburgh and Isaly's is a Pittsburgh original!!! Sooo cute...lunch meat for Halloween! This just might be my costume for next year I love it so much!! Although, I will definitely LIE about my weight! HA HA!
I hope you are all having a fantastic week! I am off to catch up on your posts!


What are you for Halloween this year? If not you, what are your kids dressing up as? Do you like Halloween parties? Do you go to Halloween parties? Have you ever heard of chipped chopped ham? What is a food you have in your town that we should know about and taste?!?!

Cold white stuff everywhere?!?!

Hi! I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Mine is great aside from the horrible freezing temps and snow - HA HA! I know there are a...