Summer Plans or 2018 Plans!!

I am linking up with Sarah @ The Blended Blog for Summer Link up!

This weeks link up is Summer Plans!!! I am going with remainder of 2018 plans because I am so excited about what is to come!!!

I will be hanging with my family here in the summer for a full glorious week of family vacation. We have vacationed here almost every year since I was about 7 years old...

And, of course, at this lake every chance I get during the summer months...

Then it is off to see a best friend of mine in Lihue for a week in the Fall...

And finally, right before the Christmas holidays begin I will travel for a relaxing week in Aruba...I think this is going to be my yearly splurge...

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for 2018!!

I hope you all have some exciting plans as well!! Cant wait to link up and find out more new places to g visit and meet new friends!!!

Have you ever been to Lihue? What about Stone Harbor, NJ? How about Aruba?

Happy Monday

I hope everyone out there - especially all Dad's - had an amazing weekend!!!! My Dad is amazing and it i hard to explain how much he is loved and respected for everything he does and everything he has taught us throughout the years!

Here are a few pics to recap our awesome Fathers Day weekend on the lake wit my parents and siblings, spouses and nieces and nephews!

We spent to weekend with the kids skiing!! All five little nieces and nephews (between the ages of 6 and 11) are now skiing!! Yeah them!!!!!!!! I have video of each of them skiing however, I had to post this pic of my nephew showing off his mad skills by sitting on the back of the skis! HA HA! He is a little comedian!

Also there was an exorbitant amount of tubing that went on! Every moment that they were not playing American Ninja Warrior and jumping off the dock was spent asking "Can we go tubing"?
So, here they are...including me taking a turn with my older niece...I was off in a few seconds! LOL!

Soooo much …

Thinking Out Loud Thursday

I am joining Penny for Thinking Out Loud Thursday!!

Here we go!

Does anyone else think there are too many days in the work week? It does not seem fair that we work 5 and are only off two! Maybe we need to shift this to work 4 and off three??? Just a thought!! It would work way better for me! Now that I am working back in an office, by Thursday my poor brain in exhausted - HA HA!

I am currently reading this book! It is great so far - Bill Gates said it is one of the most important books he has ever read-that is good enough for me!

I am currently at lunch at work eating from my very favorite restaurant - Thai Foon in Robinson! It is a hop, skip and jump away from my office now and it is so yummy! I am happy I can get it whenever I want now since traveling is done for a while! Pictured is the House Fried Rice but I also love the Panang Curry Shrimp - it is to die for!!!

Happy Thursday! Thanks to Penny for hosting! If you want to join in you can add your link Here!

Have  a ble…

Wednesday HodgePodge

Today I am joining Joyce @ From This Side of the Pond for her edition of Wednesday Hodgepodge.  You should play too!!! Just copy and paste the questions; write your answers and add you link at the end of her blog post! Here we gooooooooo...

1. What happens to the mail at your house?

That's easy! I live alone with cats so nothing! HA HA! I get it from the mailbox and open it. I remove my address from all papers and grind them in my shredder.  I grind anything with my name or address and anyone else's name and address (ie: Return addresses, etc. I am big on identity theft!

Now, as far as packages, that is another story! I live in a condo with a thief! It sucks in that anytime we get a package delivered we have to look out for each other and immediately take it to that persons door or our thief neighbor steals it and sells it on the weekend at Trader Jacks!!! So freaking annoying! Such is life until I move! Cra cra...right?

2. Something you always splurge on? Any guilt associated …

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

We had an exciting week here at work! I assist with the Wildlife Sustainability Team at work which ensures that we preserve land around our company for the wildlife that normally inhabits it. It is a wonderful cause and it is so much fun! We have turkeys, deer and many other wildlife you can imagine running free on the wooded areas near our buildings.
I am leading the Eastern Bluebird Monitoring program. Eastern bluebirds are different than just a blue bird.  We have nest boxes set up around campus and we monitor the number of new baby bluebirds that are hatched in our boxes each year. Nature can be cruel but it can also be very rewarding to watch baby birds grown and fledge!

How awesome, right?!??!

Well, this week was extra exciting since someone walking on the trail spotted a bobcat! They immediately shut the trail down and PA Wildlife Team. I am not sure what went down but I do not think anyone else every saw the bobcat. But, just in case I have an issue with it some day when I am …

Ski show in the future?

This year three of my nieces and nephews learned to ski for the first time and they are so excited! The three older ones actually learned at the very end of last year so they only skied a few times and we pulled out the boat. It is so fun to watch them get better and better and more comfortable on the skis each week! Look at them go!!!!!!!!!

 That last picture is the youngest of my nieces and nephews, he is 6 and this past weekend was actually his first time getting up! His cousin gloated with him until it was time to pull him out and he got out! He was so excited he could hardly stand it!! We are all so proud of him!!!

The weekend was a little overcast and it rained off and on but that did not stop us from having a great weekend in the lake!! The kids also got in a lot of tubing time!

I love every weekend in the summer! There is nothing like family and togetherness!!! I am so very blessed and grateful for the life I am allowed to life and the people I was given for family!

Any la…

Happy Monday

Summer just makes me smile! I don't know how else to say it except summer makes me soooo happy!
The fact that my parents have a house on a lake and some summer toys also helps! I love weekends spent together with family by a lake! We float, swim, have campfires and smores and play on lots of watercraft! LOL!
This weekend the lake held a kids fishing derby. The kids registered and fished for two hours (the fishing club provided the worms and everything) and then the total weight of the fish they caught were totaled. Each kid got a bucket to put their fish in and they were released once they were weighed alive - no fish were harmed except maybe some sore lips :-)
The boys both registered but as soon as the girls saw how much fun it was, and they had to watch anyway, they wanted in on the action! HA HA! These kids do not know how to be patient and watch the bobber so I cannot even relate to you how many times they could cast and real back in during that 2 hours even when there was no…

I dont drink so why am I going to the Barre

Am I the only one that gets obsessed with things?? Not men or people but food and exercise?!?!
I get obsessed with a certain food (currently it is tzatziki and Greek chicken kabobs).  I then continue to eat that food for lunch and dinner everyday (I am single so I have no family to cook for) for about a two weeks until I am so sick of it I can not stand to see it! LOL!!
I do the same thing with exercise only I never get to the point that I am sick of it.

A few years ago I was obsessed with Zumba: I found this amazing gym!! It was a small gym with an amazing owner in a small town near my home. It was attended by some of the most supportive, friendly and wonderful women I have ever met! I went religiously EVERY night to multiple classes. Sadly, the owner had to close the studio and we all went our separate ways but I will never forget that place!!! Studio Fit rules even if it no longer exists!!!

Now that I am done traveling I have found a new obsession! It is Pure Barre.  And no, this is n…

I'm back!!!

Hi guys! I have soooo missed all of you!

I was given a new assignment for the past year and a half that included travel out of town every week so I was completely overloaded and unable to blog!

There was a lot of time spent in airports and the fact was that I was overwhelmed with work at whatever the current location was! It was a truly great experience though! I got to meet so many new people and learn so many new things. I will be writing some future posts with everything I learned!!

Well, now I am back at the office in good ole Pittsburgh and I have a few moments to breath so I will be back to blogging - Yippee!!

I hope everyone is well and I cannot wait to go read blogs and get caught up!

I am also getting settled back home and getting the kittens used to having their mom around again! LOL! I actually think they enjoyed me being away! :-)

I currently have Nermal and Trouble (my boys that are 3 years old) and two new babies Faith and Grace that are my one year old girls.

I will lea…