Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Sucky Valentines Day To Me

Hi everyone!

I know I have been conspicuously absent, however, work and personal life have just imploded!

Things are hectic at work and we are on the forefront of another re-org! Does anyone else work for a company that constantly re-orgs?!?! I swear, it is every other year here! LOL!!  We are all just waiting to hear what our new roles are and, fingers crossed, no one gets let go!

On the personal side...I love the holidays! All of the holidays! I am a very celebratory girl! I also bring a lot of energy and joy to each and every holiday!

I have been COMPLETELY dreading writing this post but I have to let you all know eventually right?

 I hate to inform you all; especially after reading all of your amazing blog posts about your romantic and fun dates; my Valentines Day sucked....not just sucked...ROYALLY SUCKED!!!

I have been dating my BF for over a year now and my expectations were not met at all. Without going into more details, after finding out that he put ZERO thought into the day AT ALL - I decided to bail on even seeing him and stay home with my cats!!! That officially makes me the crazy cat lady but I don't care! I will not waste my time with someone that does not show me the same adoration and love that I show them!

So, this weekend is a do over for our Valentines. He apologized and seems to understand now that just because he thinks things are stupid, I do not! Also, if something is important to me, it should be important to him! So, we shall see how things play out...this may be the end for us or a new beginning, I just know that I deserve WAY more than I got last weekend. I hope everyone knows also that this is not a monetary thing. I would have been happy with a folded up hand made care that said I love you! He planned nothing! It was truly painful in my heart and made me feel so very sad!

I will keep you posted! Congrats to you all as your Valentines looked amazing and magical!! I am so happy for each and every one of you!!!

Happy Friday ya'll!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

January Birchbox

Hi everyone! I apologize for being such a terrible blogger lately and missing days on end but life has gotten a good way....but, really hectic!

I needed to get this post out ASAP since my next Birchbox is on the way! I have not even posted about last months goodies and this months is around the corner.

Oh well, here we go!!! This is my Birchbox loot this month! If you do not know what Birchbox is - it is a subscription box sent to you each month.  You pay $10 and a box of makeup goodies is sent your way each month! I LOVE these more and more - it's like a little present to myself each month! If you want to join in on the fun click HERE!!

Here is the loot!!!!! Such a cute box this month! I recycle these and organize all kinds of things in them!

Each month it comes with a card explaining all your products and how much they cost on the Birchbox website for the full size product!

There was this tiny delight-lip stain! I gave this to a co-worker that is obsessed with this company. She said it was awesome!

Some Dry Shampoo - this was awesome! Perfect for after Barre class!

 Some blowout spray for your hair - I have not tried this yet...

This lotion was like BUTTER! Loved it!

 This was a big favorite! I am loving this eyeliner pen!

That is it for last month's Birchbox. I will post February as soon as it arrives in my happy little mailbox!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's An Etsy Sale!

Hi everyone! I wanted to thank you all for being such amazing blog friends in the spirit of Valentines Day so I'm having a sale at my Etsy shop!

Stop in at  and take 20% your entire purchase using the coupon code VALENTINE20.

I make hand-stamped jewelry - I can customize any necklace to say anything you want!

All necklaces come with your choice of silver chain or black leather rope chain and you can choose your necklace length!
Come on by and check it out!!! Here are just a few samples of my work...

Stop in at  and take 20% your entire purchase using the coupon code VALENTINE20.

Hurry!!! Expires 2/14/16

 HAPPY VALENTINES DAY - Thanks for being my blog buddies!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Ipsy rocks as always

Happy February everyone!!


It's almost Valentines Day!

I was sick last week so I was not able to update you at all. I am going to try to get you updated on all my subscription boxes from last month before the new ones for February arrive! HA

So, here we of my favorites!!! IPSY!!

Every month for only $10 you get an adorable makeup bag filled with loot (many are full size products)...January's was so cute!! My purse contents has NEVER been so organized - I use these bags to contain everything from my 100 chargers to jewelry to change - oh, and makeup sometimes!!

Here's the whole stash all together!

This is so smooth and really goes on well and soaks into the skin around my eyes...maybe just because I am very dry in the Winter but I love this already! Just kinda small :-(

 A new blender/smudge  brush!!!

Urban Decay full size glide on lip liner...this is clear and after you line your lips; you fill them in with your color...LOVE it!

This is a cream eyeshadow. It is very pretty and metallic and I think it will be my new evening out color.

Smells amazing and feels so smooth and amazing...that is all!!

This is a really pretty full size copper color eyeliner! It twists up so no need for a sharpener...LOVE IT!

As always, IPSY was a huge success and I am holding my breath waiting for February's package!!! YIPPEE!!!!

If you like trying different brands and types of makeup you will love this!!! It is only $10 a month. Also, if you like getting a gift from yourself every month!!! If you want to sign up -here is the link for IPSY!!

Happy Monday and Happy February to you all!!! 

Questions for you...

What is your favorite subscription box? 

Do you use eyeliner and mascara on the bottom lashes? I just started doing this and I love the look!!! 

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