Saturday, September 22, 2018

Day six-walk in the am and condo tour

Aloha from Kauai, Hawaii!!!

It is day six so we actually leave tomorrow! How can this be possible?!?! It went so super fast!!!

We started the day with a walk to go find a newspaper. If you have never been to Kauai, you won’t understand but there are roosters and chickens everywhere here!!  From what the islanders say, they all escaped from cock fighting companies when they had a hurricane in 1992 and they were never rounded up. They have reproduced like crazy!!! We asked why they don’t eat them and from what I understand they had sacred chickens and hens that they revered on the island and the cock fighting chickens and roosters mixed in and now they cannot eat any of the chickens? That is the explaination I! Here is a rooster walking through our parking lot!!! Kinds pretty but the are everywhere!!!

Here is a banana tree on our walk!!!

And a closer look at the baby bananas...

I will give you a tour of our condo... this is the room my moms friend got...they checked in first and my mother thought we should share a room with twin beds (the only issue is the room my moms friend took is the only one one with air!!!!) if you are looking for air conditioner, DO NOT STAY AT THE ASTON AT POIPU. It sucked at night to not have air-especially with these hortible hot flashes!!!! Ugh!!!

Here is her bathroom-attached to her room.

Here is the crappy room with no air and short beds...I guess if that is the worst thing that happened this week, I cannot complain, right? NEVER will I stay without air again though! Lol!

This is a contraption I rigged to try to suck some of the air conditioned air into our room using a propped up did not!

Here is our washer and dryer and bathroom my mom and I shared.

Here is the family room and door to the patio...

And the kitchen...see all the chicken and rooster decor-they love these chickens! Ha!


  1. That's pretty interesting about the chickens. The condo looks great. Sorry your trip is coming to an end.

    1. Thanks Debby! It was awesome but I was ready to get home! I was starting to miss my babies and my bed and my air conditioner! HA!

  2. The condo looks nice but no AC?!! Good grief!

    1. Yes Terri. Only air in the one bedroom! It was a shocker for sure. The first two nights were okay because the trade winds kept things somewhat cool in the night but after they left it was sweltering! My mother said it was fine but she is not hot flashing either! LOL!

  3. Replies
    1. I am glad I am not the only one Julie! It got old really quick when the nights got hot! LOL!

  4. I admire you doing all these things. If I were in Hawaii I"d be drinking Mai Tai's and sitting my fat ass on the beach all the time. :-) Especially with no A/C. I can't live without A/C

    1. It was definitely the trip of a lifetime! I loved every second! Its a pretty good trip when the worst thing that happens is you get the room with no air! HA


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