Monday, June 22, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

Well, it's Monday and I think the torrential rains have finally subsided here in PA.

What a crappy week (last week) and weekend...except part of Sunday was sunny and nice.

Walliacha is back to roofing today and I will be hitting the gym tonight.

Just wanted to post pics of what I did over the weekend. I switched to more age appropriate bathroom decor. I have had the rubber duckie bathroom decor since I got my own place after college. This weekend I switched to seashells.

I love it!! I made everything myself which makes it even more awesome!!

Here are the pics and exactly what I did...all I need to do now is pick a new wall color and paint!!! WooHoo!!!!!!!

Here is the new shower curtain - bought a plain curtain with clearance curtain hangers and glue gunned ribbon and shells to hang down a different lengths...

Toilet bowl brush - kept the old brush and bought a glass jar on clearance at Michael's and added a ribbon and seashell...

New soap dish - kept the old soapbar (LOL) and bought an off-white holder on clearance at Burlington and added seashells...
Used an old white trash can I had and added ribbon and shells...
Bought this slate switchplate (I think this was the most expensive thing I bought) and added shells...
This was also on clearance with the soapdish and matches it, again, just added shells...

I miss my duckies a little bit but LOVE the new shells!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And someone at Goodwill gets to give the duckies a new home - I am sure they will love the traveling!
As promised in writing, if the boys ever swim Waliacha gets to pick the decor (inside joke)...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

TGIT...Is that a real saying?

TGIT...Is that a real saying? Oh, well, thank Goodness it is Thursday!
Npt alot to report today.
Went to the new Zumba class at the gym last night and it was great!
I love Zumba!!!
We had torrential storms here in PA last night and my tomato plant was knocked over...I got back from the gym and found it laying on the patio. By the time I saved it...half of the little green tomatos were knocked off. :-(
I felt verrrrryyyyyyy sad and mad. Oh well, what can you do.
I did find out that I will officially start my Six Sigma training next week - I am sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!
WOO HOO!!!!!!!!
Have a happy and eventful Thursday!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A few more pics for your enjoyment...

Here are a few more pics for your enjoyment (I hope).
The first is my patio. I love flowers and as you can see from my patio I overload it every year. This is where I get all of my serenity and peace! I love it on my patio!!!!

The next pic is of my bluebird eggs. At work we have a nature preservation program of which I am a member and we monitor bluebird boxes for new eggs and chicks. My last nest was invaded and the chicks never got to hatch so I wanted to get pictures of the process to document for you and me. There are now five eggs and as long as nothing invades the nest (cross your fingers and pray), in about 12 - 15 days I should be posting pics of the chicks....time will tell but until then here are the babies in their shells......:-)

These last two pics are of our family garden at the lake. I planted everything on Memorials Day weekend and they were just little sprouts and now they are GROWING!!! I love wathcing the garden grow....another of my pasttimes that give me peace and serenity. (With all these peace and serenity pasttimes you would thing I am peaceful hugh??) LOL :-)

The cucumbers and tomatoes...

The zucchini and melon and cauliflower(I though I bought brussel sprouts..oh well)...

Have a great Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekend at the Lake Pics

I will start off with pics from skiing at the lake. The first two are my brother Matt...(as you will see in the pics that follow - he is much better than me...nore skill points for him) :-)
Now me...
and another me...

What an awesome weekend we had. Mom skiied on Saturday but I forgot to take the camera on the boat until Sunday. I will get Moms skill and agility on the the trip.

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Monday...

Here we are at Monday again. The weekend goes sooooooo fast.
I have soooo many great pics to post but I have to download them off my camera so I guess it will be tomorrow when they are actually posted.
The weekend was awesome...spent quality time with Mom and Dad and brother and sister-in-law (water-skied, jet-skied, had a campfire). FUN FUN FUN!
I wil post pics tomorrow.
I do have a new obsession. I mentioned that I quit blogging to try facebook...well, I did not enjoy facebook like I enjoy the blogging...however, I love this application that is in facebook called FarmTown. I am obsessed,,,obsessed with planting crops andf harvesting and harvestingother peoples crops and building fenses.....I LOVE IT!!!! I will keep you posted but so far I have animals, a little house and crop and a is soooooooo addicting!
I hope everyone has a great Monday!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Im back

I am back to blogging. I was going to try my hand at Facebook for updating and keeping track of the important stuff in my life however, I have decided that this works wayyyyyyyyyyyy better.
Or maybe I am just more used to it....anyway....
I'm back!!!
A few new things to report. Walt is finally back to roofing work and also driving limos/Hummers on weekends. He seems to be wayyyyyyy happier with the driving but not so sure that it can pay his bills. Time will tell, all in all isn't it much more impt to be happy anyway as long as it covers his bills?!??! Again, time will tell and he looks really nice when he drives as he has to get all spiffed up in a suit and tie!! Woo Hoo!
This weekend I am off to the lake with Matt and Sara. We will celebrate fathers day this weekend since Dad and Mom scheduled a trip on the actual day of "fathers day". She said "it is not like it's a holiday or something" when we asked why they planned it on father day!! I told her she needs to remember that when Mothers Day comes again again! LOL

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