Weight Loss 2019

This is the final leg of my weight loss journey!! You can read about the first part on the About Me tab of my blog. I had already lost a large amount of weight and took a little maintenance break. After spending the past two years of work traveling I gained a little weight back. It is hard on an expense account with access to the flight lounges to maintain your weight - LOL! So here I am in 2019: after re-gaining a little and maintaining a while - I am now down to the last (approx) 100 pounds. I am losing this weight by exercise and eating correct portions only...no pills, no products, no promotions! I am going to list my actual weight every Tuesday (on my Trim Down Tuesday blog post) to keep myself accountable...it is important for me to see that there is no shame in the numbers, only shame in not changing them! Right?!?! Also, I am taking all the data right from my Apple watch and posting here. Here we go....let's ALL make 2019 our best year!!! 

First Motivational Monday was 2/11/2019

2/11/19       Starting weight is 240.8


  1. You have already done so well I'm sure you'll keep going in the right direction. Happy New Year and good luck with your challenge.

  2. We are so similar in our journeys right now, it seems!!! My starting weight for this year was 246 and I weighed in on March 1 at 241.6. Before I had my children, I had lost 120 pounds and ran a half marathon. Then I gained back about 80-90 pounds between my two pregnancies. I am now working on losing the weight again in a slow manner. Wishing you well on your journey.


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