Monday, July 22, 2019

Softball/Baseball and Brownies

I went to Columbus, OH a few weekends ago and got to enjoy a little game of softball in 95 degree heat! I cannot imagine how hot the kids were that were playing! UGH! my niece did awesome and it was so fun to see her play!

After the game - thumbs up from Aly!

Team meeting after the game...the coach gave them all a $5 Starbucks gift card! They were so excited!

The next day, also 95 degrees out, we had the all star baseball game for my nephew. Two kids from every team are chosen to play and he got selected...we were very proud!!! 

His little sister had a girl scout cookie sale table (not good with the chocolate cookies) they all got melted-ugh! So my brother will be buying a LOT of cookies! HA HA! This is my mother holding her sale sign...LOL

Even though his team did not win and advance; he did awesome!!! And he was selected as the MVP from his team! Go Brody (green shirt #1 in this picture)!

Team photo....

Our little MVP!!!

It was a fun and exciting weekend of really hot outside games!~ HA HA!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Boat Parade 2019

Every fourth of July, the lake that my parents live at has a lighted boat parade. We love picking a theme and decorating every year and the kids REALLY love it! This year we did a Safari theme.

Here are the pictures of the finished product...

It was the first year that the two littlest kids were allowed to come starts at 9:30PM so it was always past their bedtime...this year they stayed up and got to come along!

Soooo much fun it was! There are no winners; just bragging rights! HA>

We love to float on tubes in the lake when it is really hot! Anyone who has ever floated on a lake knows you can;t close your eyes for long because the waves push you away from shore or down to the neighbors and you have to paddle back to your house. I got sick of having to paddle around and not be able to close my eyes and relax so the kids and I came up with a great idea! We got a concrete slab and tied a rope to it then dropped it in the lake about 50 feet from shore. We then tied a buoy to rope at the top of the water and now we can float with our eyes closed and just hold the buoy...we never move! It is perfect...

It was a fantastic boat parade and fourth of July weekend all together.

Have a fantastic day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Ian’s Spanish Sangria

Happy hump day ya'll!!

Today I am sharing with you my brother and sister-in-law's favorite sangria recipe. They went to Spain and took a class on how to make Sangria. At the end of the class, they drank A LOT of sangria and left with a copy of the recipe. They made it for my family over the 4th of July Holiday and everyone loved it (not me of course...HA!) so I thought I would share it here! Enjoy!!

Here is the cute couple prepping the ingredients...LOTS of ingredients...mostly alcohol!! HA HA!

Here is my sister-in-law cutting up the use one lemon and one orange sliced into thin rings...

Put that into a large glass pitcher...all they had was a trifle bowl but it worked!!! HA! Add ice!

Get a good sniff of the brandy ...

and then add 100 ml of it to the bowl...

Then add a half of a liter of red red wine is fine!

Then add 100ml of vodka and 100 ml of peach schnapps...

Then 100ml of apple schnapps...

Top off with fizzy orange and fizzy lemon soda...I think they put about 100ml of each in.

And that's it! Mix all together and serve!!

Little pose with their finished product!

Here is the official recipe...

I am adding this fun shot of my sister to the end...maybe she had one too many Sangria's as she was very happy to let me put a watermelon sticker on her forehead and get a picture - HEE HEE!  Just kidding - I love my family for humoring me ...this is actually my sister making her FAMOUS mac and cheese for the family one night...yum!!! I will save that recipe for another time!

Have a fantastic day and week! Now I am off to catch up on everyone else's blogs!

Do you drink alcohol? What is your favorite drink? Ever have Sangria? Do you like to take classes when traveling or just relax?

Monday, July 15, 2019

Long time no see...

Long time no type...I took a little unexpected blog break due to my pity party for my car. I was very frustrated and had nothing positive to say for a few days so I took a break. I would rather keep my mouth shut than gripe and whine on my blog so now my pity party is over and I am back ! HA! 

I am not going to get the dent banged out by insurance. I am saving the $500 deductible and taking the car to my brother in law when we go on vacation next month. He has a "dent guy" he is going to have look at it and then we will decide what to do with the lovely dent.

So, I am so behind with posts and those will all be coming as I play catch up this week! 

For now my fourth of July consisted of a little of this...

A few of these with the family...

Little of this...

Some of this...

A LOT of this (by my family of course, not me!) HA!...I also have a great recipe to share with you in one of the is a great Sangria recipe straight from Italy!

A few of these in prep for the boat parade...

A shot of the finished product for the boat parade...theme Safari!

A little of this...chilling  on floats in 100 degree weather...

a little of this also for the competitive nature in all of us...

And finally a little of this prior to the fireworks on the weekend!

I promise I will post and share everything!! Catch up posts will be coming all week!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th!!!


Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Well is not a very happy Tuesday morning.

My car was hit last night in my parking lot!

I am so ticked off!

I had to get into work for a meeting so I came into work and called my insurance company.

I will be paying my deductable which sucks because, of course, no one left a note!!! And my camera batteries were dead!!! Crazy right?!?! This is all all fresh and I am so pissed right now that I am going to sign off.

I have to call the police when I get home tonight and file a report.

The shit is NEVER ENDING in my condo building! UGH UGH UGH!

Sorry, it is just not a really happy day. :-(

I hope you all have a much better day than I am having!!!


Monday, July 1, 2019

Snapshots of the Weekend

Hi everyone! Welcome to my very random Weekend Update.

I had a weekend at home this you know cleaning happened!!  I cleaned cat hair off furniture and beds...enough to make a whole new cat - HA HA!

Fun fun fun! 

I was supposed to meet a friend Saturday night for dinner and a meeting but she had to cancel. So, I got more cleaning and organizing done. I also swore I will not stay home another weekend this summer for ANY reason. 

I have to let you know...I get very frustrated with cancellations, especially on weekends! If you say you are going to do something or want to do something...follow through!!!!!

I have a fantastic family and I love to spend any time I have extra with them but I also try to make time with my friends. So, my family really wanted me to come to the lake again this weekend but I explained that I really wanted to check in and spend time with a close friend of mine that I have not been able to see lately. You see where this is headed? So, it is 95 degrees and I could be with my nieces and nephews and siblings and parents in the lake and instead I am stuck home with nothing to do after she cancelled on me for Saturday night by texting on Saturday morning. UGH! 

Okay...enough griping...but seriously people, this is why I don't stay home and hang with friends because they almost 50% of the time cancel and I have nothing to do!!!

So, I created some new pieces for my ETSY store...

And I played with kitties and boxes A LOT!!!!

And I cleaned out the fridge. FRIENDLY NOTE: When cleaning fridge; if you find a huge jar of expired capers, just throw them in the garbage jar and all! I dunped them down my disposal and this happened!! UGH! It was totally jammed up!!!!.

So I hit reset on the disposal and when that did not work I followed this YouTube video and unclogged it myself. Thank goodness. I was going to be really ticked off if I broke it forever because I did not want to carry a full jar to the trash!

Soooo gross....all fixed now!!!!

I also harvested some of my herbs from my patio! The pineapple sage, lemon thyme, sweet mint and curled parsley are all doing great but the basil was decimated by the japanese beetles! ICK and UGH! I am still in the middle of fighting the battle to save the second set of plants I planted but it does not look promising!

I had so much extra that I put out a little "free for the taking" stand at the front door of my condo...sharing is caring, right??!?! HA!

And lastly, I caught some Pokemen because that is what I do! This guy was chilling in my kitchen on Sunday! HA! I am still obsessed with the game and I love it even if it is childish! So there! HA!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and got to take advantage of the beautiful weather!!


What is your biggest pet peeve? How was your weekend? Did you hang outside or was it too hot for you? Ever use YouTube to fix things?

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