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Birthday Giveaway Winner

And the winner of the $25 Starbucks Gift Card is...

I have emailed Cindy and if I do not hear back from her, I will select another winner.

Thanks to all my new followers - I love a fun giveaway!!!

Happy SHORT week to all!!!

Birthday Love at Work

WOWSA! I was so feeling the birthday love at work today!!!

Before I tell you all about that - DON'T FORGET TO JOIN IN MY BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY HERE - only one more days to enter!!!!!! I will pick the winner tomorrow and mail out the gift card next week!

Back to work - well not actually. I am not at work anymore but when I was - what a great day!!!! My actual birthday in Monday and since everyone will be off work that day, my co-workers (Jenna and Sheila) decided we should celebrate today! Yippee me!

I came into the office and found this at 6AM...

Seriously amazing right?!?!?! What a great bunch of people I work with!

Another view of the awesomeness!!

This is the view upwards sitting in my chair - LOL!

And the lovely cake!!!!!! Sooo good - I may have had my FIRST piece for breakfast and my second for lunch!!!!! YUMMO!

Thanks to all the awesome people I work with for this amazing day! It was awesome!!!! I cant wait to celebrate with family and friends!!!!!!! YEA!

Thanks to Mom and Dad for ma…

5 More Shopping Days

Happy Wednesday!

As you can see in the title above...there are 5 more shopping days until my birthday!!! YEA!! Get moving peeps!  Go get your SHOP on!!! LOL! i am just kidding of course!

I actually want to give you guys a gift for being amazing followers and bloggy friends so I am giving you the gift on my birthday!! DON'T FORGET TO JOIN IN THE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY HERE - only two more days to enter!!!!!!

But, on the subject of birthdays! Let me just say that Sephora has been the most amazing company this year! They sent me a card for my birthday to go claim a gift and then a week later they sent another card to go claim a gift just for being a Sephora card holder.  AWESOMENESS!!!

Here is what I got!!!

This awesome lip gloss is great!! Never tried it before but it goes on smooth and has a slight minty hint that makes your lips tingle! I love it-the color is amazing also!

 And this!!! It is a two set!

They are both awesome colors and I cannot wait to use the red when my boyfriend takes me t…

Friday Favorites and 5 on Friday

Happy Friday!!! YEA! It has been a terribly busy and long week~~~I am so glad the weekend is ALMOST here!

Before I do anything else...PLEASE enter my Birthday Month Giveaway!! Hardly anyone is entered and it is for a $25 gift card for Starbucks...who does not want one of those? I guess lots of you - ha ha! Enter HERE soon!

Well, on to the important stuff!!!

It is time for Five on Friday and Friday Faves!!! YEA!

1. I got this little gem in my last Stridebox. Stridebox is a monthly sub box that sends you fun fuel and toys that relate to running! This is the greatest subscription box there is - I swear! If you run or even walk/jog - you will love the stuff in the box!! Only $10 a month! This ball is great to roll my feet on at work under my desk - it is my new favorite thing!

2. I got this iPhone case on sale at Hobby Lobby (clearance actually for $2.99) figuring I would give it to someone else - I have a lot of friends that love Hello Kitty...but I decided it is so cute that I have to use …

21 Day Fix - Day 4

Hi ya'll!!! 

First and foremost...don't forget to enter my birthday month giveaway HERE is your chance to win a $25 gift card for Starbucks!!! The odds are great as not many people are entered at all!!

I am just checking in to report on the 21 Day Fix so far!

It is officially the morning of Day 4 and I am already down 6 pounds. I realized that this may be water weight but I am still thrilled!!! I am also very hungry but I expected this as my eating has been way out of control and I eat way too large of portions!

Anytime I am hungry I just tell myself that it will all be worth it when the weight is gone and I can feel confident again!! "Nothing tastes as good as being thin and healthy feels!!" Right?!?!

Anyone that is thinking about doing this....make sure you are ready to make the commitment! It is really hard!!! I could lie and say it is a piece of cake but that is completely not true! It is hard and it is strict but it is also only 21 days! The eating plan seems …

Searching For A New "Normal"

I am currently searching for my new "normal"!!

My normal used to be working out like crazy EVERY night and focusing on me and that was awesome for a period of time. Now, I have met a special someone and I am still trying to figure out how he plays into my life, my decisions and my fitness to be really honest.

When I was single and had nowhere to go and nothing to do it was easy to focus on working out three hours a night and losing weight. I wanted to feel better,. look better and BE better.

Then I met him! Now I already feel better (he tells me I am attractive just the way I am) and I know I have lost enough weight that I look okay (but I want to get to my goal weight) but the scale is slowly creeping the wrong way! That is NOT okay! I worked so hard to get the weight off that I am not starting over! So, Here we go!

Yesterday was DAY ONE of the 21 Day Fix! I am excited that I started and I am currently starving but I am sure that I will adjust in a day or so! Right???!?!

After j…

Nature in full swing

Today's post will cement the idea that it is finally Spring in Pittsburgh!!!

I put up my hummingbird feeders and look who I saw visiting yesterday?!?!? Two of them actually! Love these little guys - and they are back - YEA!!!

And another view - aren't they so cute?!? I will get some new ones today with the screen open so you can actually see them better and not the screen grid - ha!

There are two nests at my BF's house...they were actually from last year and I told him that they would not use them however, I have again been proven very wrong! He insisted we leave them there and they came in and added a little grass and laid a few eggs already!!! Cant wait to see these baby robins...

And on the note of babies: Look at these little guys! This was also a nest from last year (proven wrong TWICE!) and the little babies are hatching...I think it is a little warbler bird but we are going to work on identifying mom soon so I can report for sure what the babies are! Literally just hatc…

2015 Pittsburgh Half-Marathon Finisher #pghrunnerofsteel

Hi everyone! I cannot wait to give you all the details on my 2nd Half-Marathon that I just completed last weekend on Sunday! This is all my gear laid out the night before. This is such a habit - I HAVE to do it!!!

I took the trolley down this year instead of driving which ended up being a very good idea! So much easier than dealing with a car! I left home around 5ish and arrived downtown around 6:30. Perfect! So the next two pictures are the start corral about 10 minutes before the official start at 7AM. My start was not until about 7:28 as it took that long to make it up to cross the starting line. So if you are following my pictures...then take 28 minutes off the clock in the pictures and you will have my time

And another sea of people...

The course start line was on Liberty and Garrison. We stayed on  Liberty Avenue the whole first mile - here is a picture...remember that is not a 39 minute mile...LOL...subtract about 28 from that.

 From this mile market we ran about another half mile …