Thursday, July 16, 2020

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

I hope you all had an amazing holiday weekend!

It was super hot in Pittsburgh over the 4th of July weekend. We made it to the mid 90's!!! I love hot weather so I was a super happy camper!

As I do on almost every weekend in summer; I spent the 4th of July with my family at my parents house on Lake Mohawk.

Here are a few from the past years...

2015 - Luau
The kids painted my nails for we are styling....

Every year at Lake Mohawk there is a decorated boat parade. We choose a theme every year and this year we went patriotic with the other boats. Here is the pontoon decorated and ready to go. You can not tell here but the balloons had lights in them.

Here is a side view...

My Mom and sister...

My Dad, Ryan, Kyleigh, Aly and Steve (my brother in law)

Madelyn and Myself

As we drove around the lake there were so many fireworks...the public display was cancelled but people in their homes surely came through with a lot of noise!

So many boats participated this year! It us usually under 1 but this year we had 20 easily!

Spent the entire next day floating - literally!!! It was 95 degrees that weekend!!! This is where you will find me in the lake! HA!

Brody too!! The kids just swim all day if they are not skiing or tubing.

Here I am on the flamingo float!

Floating away....

My Aunt Marti came up for a picnic with everyone. It was great to see her too!! That is her on the far left!

Here is my brother in law Steve. Every year he debuts a new patriotic outfit. This was a winner!! HA! It is from Walmart and he said it had long pants but he cut them off into shorts! HA HA!

Here is the whole family at the campfire.  The kids were super excited because we were making hobo pies on the fire for dessert.

Do you know what a hobo pie is? It is two pieces of buttered white bread with pie filling in the middle. My family always uses cherry but you can use any pie filling you want. You put that in a pie iron and roast it on the fire. SOOOO YUMMY!!

We also always have sparklers at the campfire for the kids on 4th of July weekend.  Here is Kyleigh!!

And Aly
And Brody...
And Aly and Madelyn

Here is my sister and her hubby...

Another Aly....

And last but not least; this was set to me from my friend in San Diego. This is her daughter Charlotte Magdelana (Nena) and their dog Duke. Sooooo Cute, right?!?!?!

Happy 4th of July from my family to yours!!!

HUGS TO EVERYONE and thank you for stopping by!!!

How was your holiday weekend? Have you ever eaten a hobo pie or smores? Do you like them? Do you ever cook on a campfire? How are you feeling today?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Etsy Shop New Items

This is going to be a very self-serving post - HA! At least I am being honest at the get go.

I have re-vamped my Etsy store in hopes of being able to have that be my full-time job after I lose mine next month. HA! HA! Just kidding. 

I did revamp it though since i created many new pieces of art using my beach glass I have collected.

I am heading to the shore soon and hope to find a bunch since I am running out quickly.

I only use real beach glass that I have found while walking along the shores where I have visited. I have a mix of glasses from Aruba, Kauai, New Jersey shores and from Lakes Michigan, Erie and Ontario.

So here we go.....these re all my new art pieces using the beach glass...

So we have bikini's on the line, cats, sailboats, etc.

I can also make custom artwork.

Check it out HERE!!!

I hope everyone is safe and well!! HUGS TO EVERYONE and thanks for stopping by!
How are you feeling today? Any constructive feedback is welcome!!!???

Monday, July 13, 2020

Dinner Out with Friends

I am happy to report that I finally went out to dinner with friends for the very first time in months the other night!!! It has been so long since I had a night dinner out with friends. (Side note - restaurants here in Southwestern PA are again closed so it's good we got it in before they closed again - HA!)

I met up with two of my favorite people; Kathy and Carol.

We met up at the Walnut Grille in Fox Chapel. This required me to drive over the rivers in Pittsburgh and head to the "other side of the city" from The South Hills. If you live in Pittsburgh you know what I mean.

We rarely travel over the river to other areas - HA!

here we are in our outdoor seating on the patio. Now masks were required when you got to you table outdoors. We did however keep social distance and no hugging....sadly! I felt super safe though.

Carol brought Kathy and I a birthday cake! Mine was in May and Kathy in June. We had not been able to get together since February!!! WOW! She is sooo super thoughtful - it was delicious!

One more picture before parting ways. Dinner lasted for 4 hours - we had so much to catch up on!!  I love these ladies!!! We are planning a Top Golf ladies get together at the end of July if it is still open then - fingers crossed.

That day I got new masks from my company. They sent each employee two and they are super comfy - thanks Bayer!! I am going to be so sad when my time there is over - it's getting closer every day :-(

I hope everyone is happy and safe!!

Thanks for stopping by and HUGE HUGS TO EVERYONE!!

Have you eaten out in a restaurant yet? Have you met up with friends at all? Did you feel safe? Do you know anyone that has been infected with Covid 19? Are you safe and well? How are you feeling today?

Friday, July 10, 2020

Father's Day Weekend

Happy Father's Day Weekend to all of you out there! I hope everyone had a great weekend - especially all of you fathers out there!

I got the best! Everything he does is to look out for his family and make our lives better. Thanks Dad - I love you tons!!

The weekend was filled with lots of family together time packed full of tubing...

Paddleboard tricks....

Memaw floating in the flamingo...

A whole lot of boat sitting...


Some "girl beauty" time...HA!

A fancy braid for church for Madelyn...
More tubing fun...

And more...

And Susie and Ryan were in charge of the grill so the "Father's" did not have to cook. They did a great job!

We had planned a kids race to the dredge-line in the middle of our bay until my Dad thought it was too dangerous so we decided to do a shoreline swim race instead.  

The kids swam while Ryan followed in the kayak - we called him the Safety Engineer. 

Here is the after shot of the participants. Aly came in first, then Madelyn, then Brody. Such a cute bunch of kids - I am blessed to be a part of their lives.

Here is my sister with my father.  Again, Dad, thanks for all you do! I love you so very much!

And my brother and Mom. Happy Father's Day to my brother as he is a father too!

I hope you all had amazing Father's Day weekends and to all the Fathers out there - thank you for all you do for your families!!

Thank you for stopping by and HUGS TO EVERYONE!

How was your Father's Day?  Sending hugs and comfort to all those that did not have a very wonderful Father. I know you are out there and I am sending so many extra hugs to you.  How are you today?

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