Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend-Pt.1

This is a recap of my fun, Memorial Day weekend spent with family-Part One!
Saturday I got to Memaw and Poppys (my Mom and Dad) and my little sister and her family also came up.
Saturday we opened a few presents from Memaw and Poppy (Ryan, Ali and I).
I got a new suitcase - I did not take a picture but thanks Mom and Dad!!! I love it and it will come in handy for all my up coming traveling for work!!! Yippee!!!

Here is Ryan with his new toy story dominos - he was soooooooo excited! His mommy is hiding-LOL!!

And Ali with her littlest pet shop Lemonade Stand

And Kyleigh and Ali with Ali's gifts - LOL!!!

It was Malvern's homecoming so they had a little fair at the park by Mom and Dad's house. This is Kyleigh on the Gator ride at Malvern Homecoming!!! Love a good fair!!!

Another shot on the Gator -the other two kids were too scared to ride the Gator so cudos to Kyleigh!

This is Kyleigh and I on the Parachute ride! I could not believe she was riding it with me!! And she loved it!!!

A little wave hello from our car!!!

Here is a closeup of Kyleigh on the Gator

Here are all three on the "everyones favorite ride" Merry Go Round...


Here is Steve and Ryan in the teacups - this ride is a PASS for Aunt Annie! Circles and I do not get along!

Ali spent a lot of time at Homecoming like this... she was having a rough afternoon due to all the LOUD rides...

Another family favorite - we got an elephant ear and a funnel cake to share and EVERYONE enjoyed those!! This is Kyleigh enjoying her funnel cake!! Thanks Steve!

Poppy and Ali - bummer it is so dark...cute picture!!

Ali and Ryan on the Merry Go Round

Kyleigh on the Merry Go Round

Ali not so sure about riding...LOL

Memaw getting the campfire ready...

Ali waiting on the campfire...

Ryan and Kyleigh...

The troops at the campfire...

Thank you to all those who have or are serving our country! From my family to you, a HUGE debt of gratitude for keeping us free and protected! Thanks to all of you and yours!!!

Part two to follow...

Friday, May 27, 2011

Birthday Dinner

My birthday dinner from Waliacha was at Amel's - my favorite restaurant in the universe~~~
My best friend Sherry actually took me there last week also - YUM!!!!!!!
Here is the inside...

And here is half of my dinner...tuna with caper and olive compote!!! And jasmine rice...sooo yummy!!!!!!!

And Walt's dinner...it was diablo something...basically scallops, crab meat and red pepper fettuccine noodles - also yummy!!!

This is here for Sherry - she LOVES this beverage..just seems like sparkling water to me!! LOL

Thanks for the amazing dinner sweetie!! It was awesome and I love you bunches!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birdies Have Fledged!!

Lookie what came to see me when I was checking on my baby birdies today...


Thank goodness they had all already fledged!!!

Here is the nest before I cleaned it out...ick also!!! But now it is clean and ready for new home owners...I will keep you posted...

Guac Squak

The last time I was in Columbus my sister and sister-in-law insisted we eat at a favorite of theirs which is Chipotle.
It was amazing!!! Annnnnnnnnnd I am thrilled to announce that we now have one really close to work...this may be a good thing or it may be a horrible thing!!! I went there today and got a beef burrito and chips and guac and it was better than I remembered!!! Plus, I got to eat all the guac myself!!! I am full after 1/2 half bag of chips and the guac....
Guess the burrito will be tomorrows lunch!!! :-) :-) YUM YUM!!!!


This is the craziness that is my condo building!! There are only 12 units in the whole building and there are five for sale!! What the heck is going on?!?!?! Maybe they are all trying to get away from me...LOL!!! The point is - it looks like crap with all these signs...lower your prices and sell already PLEASE!!!!

This is a picture of my patio with my birthday flag I put up for myself...I love love love my patio...I know, some people may say it is a little too much but I love it!!!

Waliach is taking me out to dinner tonight at Amel's for my birthday (as it is date night) and I will post lots of pics from that tomorrow...

Happy Thursday all! It is almost TGIF and the looooooong holiday weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's my party...

So far it's been a mighty good birthday!!!

All my siblings and my mother have all called to say happy birthday before 9AM!!!

WOWSA!!! Great way to start your birthday, no?!?!?

My little brother called and sang with his daughter (although she is only one so she kinda smiled along more than anything he said - LOL!!!) and my little sisters three kids called and sang LOUD and PROUD!!! It was awesome!! I only wish I had a way to tape them all singing and play it over and over all day long!!! Everyone did a great job and made me soooo happy!!

So I am planning to just work, chill and enjoy the rest of this day! I may even take the day off from the gym...we shall see.....

Anyway - Happy Birthday to me!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sick Baby Boy

Here is a quick video of the five baby bluebirds...I will not check on them anymore as they are ready to fledge soon and I will be cleaning out the nest within two weeks or so and getting it ready for the next batch :-) yippee!!!!!!! I stopped by on Saturday to tell them to have safe and happy lives!!! Here are my first five babies ready to soon head out and make their own families!!!

My sweet little boy Kidrock has been sick and we made our way to the vet today for a little checkup and medicine...he HATED it!!! He flatened himself out like a pancake and laid on the metal table with his little head down...they gave him two x-rays, 2 shots, catlax, and fluid IV's! $300 later and it looks like he is feeling better this am before I left for work-yippee!!!!!!! Here he is at the vet....LOL

And finally, this is my workout summary from class last night - the instructor is Leslie and she has a KILLER spin class...522 calories and 23.5 miles!!! NICE!!!


Happy Tuesday all!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Babies!!

Happy Birthday to my niece and nephew Alyssa and Ryan!
They are three today!!!!
Here are a few photos for your cuteness factor...I will see them this weekend to celebrate in person but, until then, happy birthday to you two sweet, adorable children!!
Aunt Annie loves you soooooooooooo much!!!!

This is the most current picture with their oldest sister at their party with their friends last weekend!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


WOW! Long time no post!

Work and life have been soooo busy and everytime I get a second; I realize that I have nothing to say! LOL

It has been raining non-stop here in Pittsburgh and I am soooo sick of it!!

However, I did get a new little patio grill and I will be using it tonight and will have photos from the patio picnic tomorrow - YEAH!!!

In the meantime, because of all the rain my flowers and plants look great also - I will get pictures of them tonight too!

Here is an update on my bluebirds at work...it stopped raining long enough to get a picture and check on them...

They are now 11 Days old.....

Here is a close-up below. You can see how pretty their colors are already! Love these little guys (and gals).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby blue birds update!!!

Three days old...little darker in color...you can see their beaks...moving a little more...little bit of hair growing....soooooooooooo cute!!

There is also a video below the picture....

Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby Birds 5/8/2011

I posted about checking my bluebird nest at work and found five eggs - that was Friday...well, imagine my suprise when on Monday I found this.....

Little, sweet one or two day old hatchlings...let's hope they survive and they will be my first set of successful fledglings....yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep you posted!

Mothers Day

I went to the lake for Mothers Day weekend and spent it with my Mom and Dad and siblings and their significant others and children - we had an awesome weekend!!!

This is sisiter-in-law Sara and their newest addition Brody - soooo cute!

This is my sister and her hubby and the twins...fishing off the dock - they loved it!

This is Poppy (my Dad) fishing with the sweet and darling Kyleigh..

And another...

Another of Susie and twins

Poppy and Kyleigh with their fishy.....

Taking the fish off the hook - this is the part that Aunt Annie WILL NOT do!

At the end it was all adults fishing with the little kids rods as they got bored....here is Steve's catch of the day...Ryan is running to "pet" the fishy.... This is my "very" "little" garden at the lake...it is two tomato plants and a basil plant...LOL!!

Another shot.....

This is my niece Madelyn..she is sooo smiley and sweet right now...LOL!

Love this picture!! My mommy and Madelyn outside playing...awesome weekend - Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!!!!! We all love you bunches!!!!!!!!

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