Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gettysburg Days Two and Three

This is my class getting a field lesson from Kevin our Leadership instructor
This status is by the same artist that created Mount Rushmore.....little trivia....
This a shot of Devils Den...the sit of a horrible battle often depicted in paintings of the Gettysburg battles.
This is the top of Little Round Top....a major part of the battle also...
This is my classmate "Beth's castle"...see her on the roof in the blue shirt with all the boys - ha ha!
This is my whoe class, minus me, of course....
An the other two in the class with Kevin our instructor in the middle.
Soldiers' National Cemetery
The water tower in the middle of the photo is "my water tower". Long story......
The site where the flag is flying is where President Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address.
These are numbered graves where remains of unknown soldiers lie.
A plaque at the Soldiers' Cemetery
My classmate Steve stood outside and read the Gettsburg Address for our class....the moment gave me chills.....
And this is the bus going home. I sat in the back and spread out. The whole trip was awesome, I learned sooo much and met sooo many great people. It was seriously over wayyyyyyy too quick!

This is my bus crew! They were soooo much fun to travel with! Left to right it is Rick (from a plant in Ohio), me, our driver Jim, Beth (who works in my office) and Tim From a plant in Ohio). What a great crew!



Stripping and The Firkins



Leadership Check In - Day One

For work I got to go to Gettysburg for Leadership training. It is a three day trip where you are taught leadership skills and traits in the field study of the battlefields of Gettysburg. It was awesome! This is my room at the Wyndham Gettysburg....sooo excited to watch Dr. Phil after we arrived and checked in....I never see his show anymore!!
This is my bathroom after move in - ha ha!
Self-explanatory :-)
These are the awesome toiletries!! Nothing better than TrueBlue Spa!! And, although not pictured, they have out complimentary bottled water in the rooms....LOVE that!
This is the front of our luxury bus. It took me and three others from Pgh to Gettysburg and then it is used all weekend to drive the whole class around to the battlefields where we had our lessons. About 13 other people from my company joined us...they all fly in from other cities and we all met there.

That is day one on Wednesday. After we arrived and checked into our rooms we had a reception and got to meet everyone that we would be hanging out with for the next few days.


Luckily, we had a group of awesome people...we all meshed so was great!



Monday, April 22, 2013

The Artist in You Competition

On Friday night I went to a painting class with one of my bestest friends on the planet, Michael! This is the view from the passenger side of the car as Michael explained that he was driving because the boy "always drives" LOL!
This is Michael with his color selection ....note the colors...this will come into play later....
This is me with my colors....see, bright and cheery!?!?!

This is Michael pretending to paint before class....ha ha!

And me pretending....hence the sharpie instead of a paintbrush hee hee!!

Here is us with our finished products! What a fun night!!! It was awesome!!! We are signing up to paint another picture very soon.....yippee!!!



Stripping and The Firkins

One of my favorite Saturday past-times is going down to the strip with a girl I work with. We have such a great time and always get the most delicious meats, cheeses and produce. We start the day the same way each time with a stop at Peace, Love and Little Donuts. They make these amazing little donuts in so many awesome flavors (Bacon Maple, Oreo, Double Chocolate, yum!!!)
Then we popped into this little Hurricane simulator - it was hillariousness at it's finest for 2 dollars....well worth it!!! :-)
After our major shopping morning; we proceeded to Release the Firkins at Highmark Stadium in Station Square in Pittsburgh. It was an ale testing party with LOTS of people!!! We met up with a few people from work and what fun we had! This is a shot from overhead of all the people.
This is a shot of my brother-in-laws favorite beer brand....
This is Jenna and her friend the the end of the day they were highly aquainted.
This is a shot of my group I went with ... what a group of fun people!! I was the designated driver and do not drink but I definitely had as much if not more fun then they did! HA HA
This is a shot of our beautiful city from the stadium. Pittsburgh is a great place to live!!
This is a shot of my dinner that night. Some of the spoils from our trip to the strip. My noodle soup from the Vietnamese Noodle Shop with bean sprouts on top - YUM!!!!
Here is a strange misc shot....I was sooo excited to get my first blingy medal for my 10K that my sister gave me the idea to put it in a shadow box! I love it!!! A nd the top is open for my soon to come bling when I drag myself across the finish line at the Pgh 1/2 Marathon...Yippee!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week - and remember, no personal conversations at your least where I work!!!!! :-)




Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Patio gardening in full swing!!

On Monday I was able to stop and get all my herbs on the way home from work. I got all my herbs and flowers planted...cannot wait to start harvesting the awesomeness in salads all summer!!!!

The picture below has my hanging pot with yellow pansies...and the ledge planters have basil varieties, flowers, rosemary, dill and more flowers!!!

This picture shows the awesome corner planters I bought already assembled this year - love them!!! Also a shot of the ledge planter on the right that has cilantro and spearmint and below that the circle planter that has curly parsley.
And this is another shot to the right of the patio....did I mention that I love gardening and flowers and herbs?!?!?!

So - my advice to you....get out and plant a flower or two or three!!! Happy planting to you all!!!!

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