Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my blogger friends!!

I wish you all a day filled with peace, love and laughter with family and friends!!

Happy birthday Jesus!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Awkward Christmas

I found this website and I have been cracking up all day looking through it!

It has awkward Christmas cards and they are sooo funny that I am at my desk at work laughing so hard I am crying...

Just sharing the best with you all...ENJOY!!!

As if it wasn't enough that Joey learned the tree wasn't real......

Check out this pose...classic?!?!?!?

And finally.....gotta have one with the family pet!!!

GREAT AREN'T THEY?? I hope you got as much joy as I did from them!!!

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Catch-up

Here are a few pics from my weekend at Mom and Dad's...
I ran up this weekend to get a jump-start on present delivery. I got all my presents wrapped and delivered under my parents tree and it feels soooo good to just sit back and enjoy the next week without stress. :-)

Here is my new favorite picture of me! I never take good photos and I actually like this one...I am using this for EVERYTHING!!

My niece Kyleigh got me this for my car!! This is my awesome, new Rudolph car for the holidays! Apparently they were driving and saw it on someone else's car and Kyleigh told her mom "We have to get this for Aunt Annie - she will love it!"

And, she was right - I do love it! It makes me giggle everytime I look at my car!!! Awesome!

And, this is my other niece, Aly! We actually pierced her ears this past weekend with a home piercing gun we got at Sally Beauty. We got it to do Kyleigh's a long time ago and she does not want them done but Aly ran over and was sooooo excited. After the first ear, it was A LOT of bribery to get her to let us do the other one....lesson learned.....

Next time, have two people use the guns and do them both at the same time......doesn't she look adorable though!!!????

Happy Monday to all!!!!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cant We All Just Get Along?!?!?!

I think I will never understand a humans need to bring others down!

Should we all not just be respectful?!?!?
Should we all not just be supportive????

A friend of mine got nasty comments on her blog (very negative) and instead of ignoring it as I should have I actually went to the "nasty bloggers" level and made a comment back to her just as nasty as the one she left for my bloggy friend...what makes my comment any better than hers?

I do not know, but it sure felt good!!!

Please forgive me and help me respond (or not respond) better in the future! I do love my bloggy friends though!

Friday, December 9, 2011

15 Year Anniversary

Today is OUR 15 year anniversary!!!

Thank you to all of you that have ever attended, sat in or spoke at a meeting or written a blog post at all!!!!! Whether positive or negative or happy or sad!!!!

I love my life today sooooooo much and it is only possible because of all you!!!!!!

On 12/9/1996 I entered (what I hope is by the grace of God) my final stint at a rehab (after years in and out) and everyday since has gotten just a little bit better!!! I look back now and do not even recognize that person I was - I do not think, see, feel or act the same at all!!!!!!!!!!
Life is such an amazing journey and thanks to all of you here on blog land because (along with real life meetings) reading your thoughts and inspirations have all added a little piece to who I am today!!!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you everyone that supports me in ANY way! Thanks you Bill and Bob! Thank you GOD!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary "G"

I would be remiss if I did not do a post to say...


He is two years sober today and WOW has he changed his life!!!

He is sober and clean two years and working a steady job and has a steady place to live where he helps out daily with the upkeep of his home instead of just using the people he lives with!!! He is such a sweet person and actually cares about those around him today!

YOU should be soooooooo proud of what you have accomplished!! He was an addict and alcoholic with no ability to stay employed or be responsible...arrested and jailed several times.

TODAY, the lights are back on in his eyes (you can actually see them) and he is kicking recovery butt!!!

Happy 2 Years and many wishes for continued succcess and many more!!!!!!

Christmas Questionaire

I saw this done by Nikki over at Me 2 We Est 2011 and thought it was sooo cute I just had to complete it myself!!! I just simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays and cannot think of a better time of the year!!!!!!

Here goes.....

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot Chocolate definitely...not a fan of egg nog at all plus it has alcohol right? I dont drink so definitely Hot Chocolate!
Colored lights on tree/house or white? I love colored on my tree!! Outside I do a little of both....white sparkling icicle lights and colored lights on the garland that I link the porch rail with.
Do you hang mistletoe? ABSOLUTELY!!!! I AM SINGLE!!!! If there is someone at my house that I want to kiss, what an icebreaker!!!!!!!! Just push them under and smooch away!
When do you put your decorations up? About two weeks before Thanksgiving this year. I have no patience and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays so I just could not wait any longer! The funny thing is I took my tree down about a week after I pout it up - I have a new kitten and she was DESTROYING the tree so I had no I am left to enjoy my outdoor lights and garland lights until next year when I will try again... it's all good though - I still love the kitten!!! :-)
What is your favorite holiday dish? Stuffing - love stuffing!!! Just the plain old kind in the turkey with sage - no fancy stuff with fruits and nuts - good old old fashioned stuffing in the bird - YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!
Favorite Holiday memory as a child? My great-grandmother coming to stay with our family on Christmas Eve so she could be there when we got up Christmas morning!!! She has since passed but I stilll think on her daily!!!!
When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? I honestly cannot remember...I am now in recovery and A LOT about my earlier years is just memory...I blame the partying! HA!
Truth about Santa? I still believe...he exists in some way...he is an amazingly gentle man that loves children and makes those wonderful "coincidences" happen around the holidays (just like God the rest of the year)....Maybe thast is is God in a Santa suit! HA!
Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Yes, my family does a grab bag each year for my sisters and their husbands and my borther and his wife and I - that way we only buy one gift for a sibling or spouse...that is the gift we open on Christmas Eve..all others wait until Santa has come!
How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Lights and ornaments (all my ornaments are gifts I have received throghout the years so I love putting them on and remembering who it is from and when) very sentimental for me!!!
Snow! Love it or Dread it? Sometimes love it (pretty to look at and love it on the trees and for sledriding) and sometimes dread it (scares me that have family driving around on dangerous roads and hate scraping windows on the car every morning before work in PA!
Do you remember your favorite gift? I remember when I was about 10 I got a rock tumbler and I loved that!! That is about the only one I REALLY remember.
What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? definitely COOKIES - any kind or peanut brittle - yum!
What is your favorite holiday tradition? My family spends the weekend after Thasnksgiving together baking our Christmas cookies...we do about 100 dozen cookies easily of all different favorite kinds and then all split them up! It is great family bonding time and we get lots of great cookie trays to give out for the holidays!!! WIN WIN
Candy Canes: Yuck or Yum? YUM!!!
Favorite Christmas movie? Definitely Rudolph - the old (unremastered one) that is blurry with that awesome guys voice through it all!!! LOVE it!
Saddest Christmas Song? The Little Drummer Boy
What is your favorite Christmas song? The Little Drummer Boy and Merry Christmas from The Family (by the Dixie Chicks on Rosie O'Donnell's second Xmas album) - hillarious!
What are some of your Christmas traditions? I always get to help the kids make an gingerbread house....this is Aunt Annies job at the Christmas holoday....I love it!!! This year the older cousins actually took over this task for my and did a great job helping their little cousins...guess I better figure out a new one, hugh?!?!? SLED-RIDING woudl be great if there is snow!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas (or Happy holidays if you celebrate something else)!!!!

Lots of Bloggy love to you all!!!!

Thanks for being my support throughout the year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Goin' on a man-hunt

After being in a verrrrrrrrrrrry long lull...I am finally back on track!!!



On track with my workouts...I worked out at least 1 hour the last three days and I plan on continuing indefinitely...I even went to spin class for my lunch break today at work and plan on stopping againg for some cardio and weights after work...I will keep you posted on the weight loss and tightening that is sure to occur!




Friday, December 2, 2011

25 Days of Christmas - Day 4

I am joining up with Kristin at Adventures in Mitchell"ville" for her 25 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.
Hop on over and join in....each day is a different pre-determined post - I think it is going to be fun!!!!!!!

Day 4 - Favorite Christmas Songs

Counting down to NUMBER ONE...

Number 4. What Child is This - I LOVE THIS SONG - soooooooo pretty!!!! and really holds the meaning of Christmas for me!

Number 3. Amazing Grace!!! May not just be for Christmas but I love when the whole Church sings this together on Christmas Eve - makes me tear up!!!!!!!

Number 2. On Another Rosie Christmas there is a song by the Dixie Chicks called "Merry Christmas from the Family" - it is hillarious!!!! When my nieces were around 8-10 (now one is off to college) they learned the words to this and used to sign along and it was hillarious!!!!! Will always love this one!!!!

Number 1. - Always has been and always will be my favorite - the Little Drummer Boy makes me cry every time I hear it!!! Such a great message!!!! And I also loved this movie as a kid but that is another days post - HA!!!!

I will leave you with a clip from the movie - remember it? I love the way to old movies look - so much better than the re-mixed and edited ones!!!!

Can't wait to see everyone elses answers!!!! Happy Sunday!

25 Days of Christmas - Day 3

I am joining up with Kristin at Adventures in Mitchell"ville" for her 25 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.
Hop on over and join in....each day is a different pre-determined post - I think it is going to be fun!!!!!!!

Day 3 - Favorite Christmas Movies

I don't think I dislike ANY Christmas movie however, I definitely have a few favorites...Counting down to the NUMBER ONE...

5. Elf - This movie cracks me up - even when I watch alone I die laughing the whole time!!! AWESOME movie with a great ending!~HILLARIOUS

4. It's a Wonderful Life - I have always loved this and I cry alot when it is on!!! Just love everything about this movie!!!

And finally 3, 2, and 1. I know - I cheated here but this is true - they are all three a tie and definitely my favs - Rudolph, Santa Claus is Coming to Town and Frosty the Snowman!!! I have such awesome memories of racing to watch these as a kid with my family (even when they were scratchy looking and sounding-not re-mixed and clear - HA) and those memores will live within me FOREVER!!! LOVE ALL THREE!!!!

Can't wait to read everyone else's!!!!!!!!!!

25 Days of Christmas - Day 2

Better late than never, right?!?!

I am joining up (One day late) with Kristin at Adventures in Mitchell"ville" for her 25 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.

Hop on over and join in....each day is a different pre-determined post - I think it is going to be fun!!!!!!!

Day 2 - What’s on your wish list this year?

I honestly cannot figure out one thing to tell people.

I wish it was due to the fact that I don't want for anything but the reality is that when I want something I just buy it for myself...maybe in the future I should show some resolve and make myself wait and give others the ideas for Christmas

Anyway I am left saying "I do not know of anything I need"!

WOW!!! That is eye opening!

I would have to say possibly a Kindle, giftcards for massages/manis/pedis and cash at this point - pretty sad, I know! I need to stop spoiling myself with everything I want!

I have been going back and forth on the Kindle as I love to HOLD a real book and I am not sure I would like the whole Kindle ambience which is the ONLY reason I have not yet purchased one - HA!

Can't wait to read everyone elses lists!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Entreme Grossness

Remember this post about my first baby fish Simpson...don't know why I chose that name but that name just stuck. Anyway, I raised him from just a miniscule eye swimming around in the tank and he is so big now!
Well, he is my fav (or at least one of them) as I have hand raised him from a fry. The other day I noticed something stringly hanging off his back my usual procrastination I ignored it and thought it would go away. Well, it did not! I started googling to find out what was wrong or what it could possibly be on the little guy and I found out........ick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He had an anchor worm...which is not really a worm but a cocepod-whatever that means! Anyway, I did surgery on my fish last night!! I do not like to touch my fish I like to only feed and look at them...not touch them! But I had to save the life of this is pretty much what it looked like....
I put on my rubber my best a bowl of bleach and went to town...
I scooped out the little guy in my gloves hand and held him gently still while I grabbed the end of the anchor worm and gently tugged it out...then I added extra Stress Coat and aquarium Salt (as instructed by the internet) to the aquarium and put Simpson back in. I then commensed checking all other fish in detail to see if there were any others and thats when I saw....yup!!!!!! I noticed my pregnant Sunset Platy had one so I plucked her out of the tank and gently pulled hers out.............sooooooooooo gross!!!!!!!!!! Nature can be sooo nasty!!! I did not get pics of my surgery or the anchor worms that I pulled but I am blessing you with someone elses pics and mine looked the same - ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!
I am stopping at the pet store on the way home to see if there is anything else I need to do to end this grossness - until then.....ICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am quite disguisted trying to figure out what fish I added that was infected with this grossness!!!!! My Pleco died a few days ago and I am wondering if it was him as he was the last fish I added new.....yuck!!!!!!

PS - thanks for all the support on my blog break - I hope I am now back - I am definitely muttling through and moving forward - which is the most important thing! And single - also important if any of you have hot relatives that are looking for a good woman!!! HA!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Winner of the My Memories Software Giveaway!

We have a winner!!!
I have randomly generated a winner for the My Memories giveaway that ended last Friday - I used all numbers between 1 - 9 which is all the comments I had :-(
and that winner is Amanda!!!
You will be contacted further by either myself or Liz from My Memories with your downloading instructions!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shutterfly - Holiday Cards Galore!

One of my absolute favorite parts of the holiday is selecting and creating my Christmas cards each year! I love sorting through all my pictures from the year to select my favorites to use for cards!  I heard that Shutterfly was requesting that bloggers help spread the word about their Holiday Cards and I was soooo excited to jump right on the bandwagon!

Not only do I use Shutterfly for all my digital prints and photo gifts year-round, I have ordered my Christmas Cards from Shutterfly for the past three years and they always turn out great!!!! I have never once been disappointed with the selection (they have selection galore), customer service or turn around time...I LOVE Shutterfly!

My favorite Shutterfly holiday card designs this year are the following...

How much fun is this one? - I love the Peace, Love, Joy and also can appreciate that there are lots of options for pictures to add...

How adorably cute is this is just so hard to pick just one picture!!!!

And, of course, anyone who knows me knows that "believe" is my favorite saying so I think that chances are pretty good that this will be my card this year :-)

I will definitely be using the greetings cards this year also as they have sooo many cute ones!

They also have these really cute and easy to do calendars on Shutterfly - I have created a few myself as gifts and was really suprised at how easy it is to do and how cute they turn out!!!! Everyone that got one from me loved it and it is a gift that keeps giving all year round! A great holiday gift for ANYONE on your list!

I love Christmas and the holidays so much and what way to make family and friends feel close when they can't be.  I cannot even imagine sending a plain old regular card anymore now that I am used to these self-created photocards - everyone that I send them to loves them!

Thanks Shutterfly for all the great choices and the great customer service and support - you truly are the BEST! 
Check out their site and products ASAP - I promise you will not regret it - it is great value, great customer service and great quality all in one place!!!

November Birchbox

It arrived!!!!! My November Birchbox!! YIPPEE!!!!!

Here is the adorable little box it arrives in....

  Here is the contents before I begin to tear everything open...

I got this great smelling Thymes Eucalyptus Body lotion!!! Awesome!

These two recycled paper coasters...not sure what this has to do with beauty but okay...

This is the smaller items wrapped in this cute little pouch...

Inside was a sample of Shalimar...I think I like it. Tested it and then could not decide after a few hours if I still liked it or not...little bit lit Pacholi...will test it again tomorrow...

I am really excited about this sample...I have heard alot about Zoya so I am very intered to see if this lats as long as OPI...I love this color for the holiday too!!!

And also got a face mask that I forgot to get a picture of and this little pouch of lotion which is also Thymes in Kimono Rose scent...sounds pretty...

If you do not subscribe here to try it!!! It is soooo fun to get a little tester gift sent to you each month - what fun and neat new products to try!!!

Also, if you get Birchbox already - what did you get and what did you think of your products?!?! Let me know!

It's like a little present to yourself each month for only $10

PS - Don't forget to enter my giveaway here - entry time ends on Friday the 11th!!   ENJOY!!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

FMM - Dating

FMM: Dating

What is your current relationship status? (Be as specific as you’d like to be!)

Single - single - single!!! After the amount of time I spent in the last one and as long as it took me to finally leave; I am staying single for a LONG time unless a rich, white knight gallops up and sweeps me onto his, I think I will stay single for a REALLY LONG TIME - HA!!!

List a few qualities that you look for in a significant other…

I like Kenlie's answer here "really nice to me", that is one of mine as well...along with sweet, compassionate, optimistic, MOTIVATED and loves cats! After just getting out of a go-nowhere relationship, I am much better at saying what I DO NOT WANT - LOL!

If you could choose to date one character in TV or film, who would you choose? Lately I have been crushing on that guy from Grimm - I do not even know his name! I love that he is just a GOOD GUY and hot and fights mean people!!!

How long should you date before becoming exclusive? I think this totally depends on both people and how fast or slow their feelings progress toward each other...

What are your thoughts on public displays of affection? I do not like PDA's - I do not like to participate in them or watch them...I wont attck my man in front of you and you promise not to do the same - K?!?!?

Do you kiss on the first date? Depends on if I like the guy or not; if I like him then YES!

Biggest turn-off? BIG EGOS!!!

What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? I like a big, burly mans man...and I love pretty eyes!

How long do you/did you wait before becoming intimate? Depends on the guy and the situation

Describe your dream date. Where someone wants to take me out.....and then pays COMPLETE attention to me and only me all night...that is all I want!

Now it’s your turn to answer this week’s questions! Don’t forget to come back and link up in the comments with Kenlie at All The Weigh.

PS - Dont forget to enter my giveaway here - it ends this Friday!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lights, already?

You are all going to call me crazy!!
Look what I did last night!!

I love it!!! The white icicles even is good when you allow yourself to enjoy the little things!


On an ickier note: I got a call back from my lovely mammogram the other day and I have to go back in today to have another mammogram and a sonogram on the left side...apparently they have concerns about something they back I go.

I will keep you all posted on the results....hopefully just lumpy fat cells - HA!!

Also, I am leading at my homegroup tonight...this means telling everyone what I used to be like, what happened and what I am like now that I am sober - although I have done this many times it never gets easier to speak in front of a bunch of people...even if they love you.

Happy Friday to ALL!!! Much bloggy love being sent out to all of you!

Oh - and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Halloween in Ohio

I have just obtained photos of my youngest nieces and nephews from Halloween...I was unable to see them in person but the pics do NOT disappoint!!!!

Here are Mickey, Minnie and Goofy...(as my niece pointed out; she is four by the way; Mickey Mouse does not have whiskers...and my sister checked and he does not!!! Who knew that?!?!?!)

And here are the other two; my brothers children; as a Steelers cheerleader and Monkey!!!!

Here is the whole crew together!!!! I think Daddy has a beer?!?!?!?! Or is that Hot Chocolate?!?!

And here is my sweet niece and Godchild after she lost her first tooth! This one dropped out early after being slammed on top into the top of her brothers head!!! :-(

I love these kids more than any words can EVER say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haloween 2011

Alright!! Already!!!
I forgot to post my lovely Haloween costume pics!!!
I love fun and goofy stuff at Haloween so this year I went as....
Mrs. Potato Head!!!

This is me before I left for the party...

And this is me at the party with a couple of my awesome friends....the hippy chick and the convict!!! HA!!!!!

Haloween 2011 ROCKED!!!!


Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A!

Hosted by
Mamarazzi, Queso and Crazymama

This week Crazymama is asking the questions and she wants to know about our Halloweens!

{1} How did you celebrate Halloween? Trick or treating? Adult party? Trunk or treat?
I went to an adult party at a church basement with a bunch of other people!! Lots of fun and alcohol free - that's how I roll!! PS - What in tarnation is trunk or treat?!?!?

{2} What candy is your favorite/the first thing you steal from the kids?
Reese Peanut Better Cups - although I love any and all candy - it is terrible!! Keep me away from sugar! I think I gained 12 pounds in one week from all the candy!!!

{3} What kind of candy do you give out, is it your favorite? or something you know you won't be tempted to eat?
I dont give out candy :-( I live in a condo so I do not get trick or treaters...I do however, make little bags up for all the kids in my building and they get all my favorites!!!

{4} How soon after Halloween do you take down decorations and put away costumes?

I took down Haloween decorations the night of 10/31 and put up my christmas lights outsdie already!!! I hate doing it in the, they are up but I have not lite them yet. Yesterday I put out all my Christmas except the tree...I have a feeling the tree will be an issue this year with the new kitten....I am waiting a gew weeks before I begin that battle :-)

{5} When do you decorate for the next holiday?
Already have!!!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO!!!! Stockings are hung! I love the holidays!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to find out everyone eklses answers!!!
Happy Wednesday all!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I had a fun and very "milestoney" experience on my vacation day yesterday!

I had my very first mammogram...what fun!

I am writing this to share my experience as the experiences shared with me were NOTHING like the actual on...

Actually, I was expecting horrible pain for extended periods and that was not the case at all!

I had the nicest technician that talked with me about baking, etc. and the time just flew (and felt a little less awkward) - ha!

Anyway, it was not too painful at all either...they put a metal bebe on your nipple and then take two pictures of each breast (compressed) and that is it!! It was a little uncomfortable with the compression but honestly not that bad at all!

Just thought I should write this post as I was terrified and have heard soooo many horrible stories that I was dreading it and it truly was less time and less invasive than a regular gyno appointment...I would take this over one of those ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!

For those of you whom have yet to experience it - don't fear - it truly is not that bad at all - PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

22 Things I HAVE done...

I am linking up with Mamas Losin It today!

I selected number one to write about....

1. Last week we wrote about what we have never done…this week write a list of 22 things you HAVE done. (inspired by
Sellabit Mom)

1. Twirled baton as a performer on a crusie ship
2. Sang on stage with Bobby Vinton
3. Met the performers of Cats years ago in NY
4. Got fired from my first job - McDonald's (by no fault of my own)
5. Married and divorced
6. Went to rehab-Stayed sober 15 years now and counting!!!!

7. Have my tongue pierced

8. Bought my first home alone with no help from "A Man"
9. Won Grand National Champions with my Twirling Corps
10. Used to complete every summer at Notre Dame
11. Was a majorette in High School
12. Cheated on a Spanish test and was caught
13. Got detention in Middle School for spraying air freshner on the school bus
14. LOVE rock climbing and repeling
15. Have two tatoos (very hidden)

16. Lost close to 100 pounds three years ago - kept MOST of it off :-)
17. Just got out of a three year relationship...feeling better than I thought I would
18. Used to be a waitress all through high school and college
19. Actually met Kidrock in person!
20. Become an Aunt 8 times!
21. Became a certified Green Belt in Six Sigma
22. Started a blog and and now it is one of my favorite pastimes and a great way I am meeting new people and making new friends!!

Can't wait to read what eveyrone wrote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New friends await!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gifts coming soon!

I am really excited!!!

I was asked to do a GIVEWAY!!! By a real company!!! Little ole me!!!!!


I know it is something that you all will LOVE!!!!

I will give out the details verrrrrrrrrry soon!!!!!

Free and fun stuff - my favorite!!!!

Pumps and Chicks

Here are a few of my pumpkins lit up on the patio...

And alien!! SCarrrrrY!
And a few more!!! Ha!

Here is a photo at my parents house last weekend...I got up and was getting ready for church and looked out on the lake and saw this....bliss!!!!! Had to run out and get a photo - it was sooo beautiful and calm and the fog was awesome!!!

Then saw these little guys swimming into the photo...see then coming in from the bottom left...?

And here they are - a WHOLE LONG string of duckies showed up for my photo!! The lake was like glass!!! God is good!!!!!!!

Happy Hump Day to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ICU Nurse it is

 Hi everyone!! I am just here checking in quickly. I almost feel bad checking in as it has been an eternity since I posted!!! UGH! Life has ...