Thursday, February 10, 2022

Nermie hard decision

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing fantastic this week!
Just wanted to check in because you guys have been so super supportive and I wanted to keep you posted.
We’ve had multiple check-in‘s with the vet regarding Nermal and his glucose numbers. For those new here- Nermal is my cat that was diagnosed with diabetes about two months ago after losing four pounds in one month. After we first started shots his numbers were in the 700s. After about two weeks we got them down to 500. That was giving him 2 units in the morning and 2 units at night and basically hand feeding him special diabetic cat food.  When I took him back the next time his numbers were back up in the 700s again. So the vet moved him to 3 units at night and 3 units in the morning. We tried that for about two more weeks and when I took him back this time the numbers were still up. So then the vet wanted to try 4 units in the morning and 4 units at night. I explained to him that Nerm is not acting like himself anymore. He never plays and all he does is lay in bed and sleep all day. I told him I was considering euthanasia due to him not having any quality of life at all. My vet said since he’s only six he did not agree and didn’t think we should even consider that yet.
I’ve been doing 4 units in the morning and 4 at night for a couple of days now and he is still filling the litter box within 6 hours with pee. He’s moping around the condo or he just lays on the bed all day. He doesn’t even watch birds anymore or try to play. He used to play all day. He really just lays there. He is not the same cat he used to be and I just can’t justify making him suffer anymore. My vet wants me to continue trying but I’ve decided I can’t put him through this anymore.
I contacted the at-home euthanasia vet that I used before when my last cat had liver cancer. She agrees that it’s time. So I’ve made an appointment for Saturday at 1 PM to allow him to pass on peacefully.
Any and all prayers are definitely appreciated. I honestly just can’t justify putting him through this anymore.

Please pray for me-this is going to tear my heart out but I simply can not watch him suffer with no quality of life any longer.

Monday, February 7, 2022

Newborn Assessment and Just a Few Tests...

Three tests in one day ... that's a great idea....said NO ONE ever!!! UGH!!! My dream of blogging once a week has been shattered by week 3 of Nursing School! LOL! 

 We had our first test in Nursing Leadership last week and I did okay. Just okay, but next time will be better.

So today is the day from H E double hockey sticks!! This morning we had our first test in Maternity and I aced it! Yippee! In the afternoon we had a test off in Maternity lab to demonstrate a newborn assessment. I was going to uploaded one of my practices I did at home to show you what all there is to it but it is 15 minutes long and blogger won’t allow it. HA!

Instead I will give you pictures of Chloe and myself. She is the doll my wonderful cat sitter daughter, Savannah, allowed me to borrow to practice. I have had Chloe for over a week now so I am sure her mother Savannah is anxious to get her back tomorrow.

THANK YOU Savannah for allowing me to borrow and care for your baby for a week!!! She is a happy and healthy little baby girl that I am sure she missed her Momma terribly. (I will bring her back to you tomorrow I promise!!) Hopefully I pass the assessment under the stress of observation. HA! 

Also, for test off days, we have to wear our official school scrubs so that adds to the intensity of the stress. HA! 

 Then after test off for newborn assessment, it is off to ATI proctored Maternity testing. They say that these are to prepare us for the NCLEX - I hope they really do help because they feel like torture! UGH Three tests in one day just seems WAY too much to me - but I guess it is to prepare us for the stressers of nursing??

I hope everyone is safe and well out there!!! As always, thank you for your kind support always!!!

Sending so many hugs and I promise to blog whenever I can this semester!

ICU Nurse it is

 Hi everyone!! I am just here checking in quickly. I almost feel bad checking in as it has been an eternity since I posted!!! UGH! Life has ...