Friday, June 25, 2021

Summer School

Hi everyone!!! I have missed blogging so much but nursing school is sooo intense and I have no had time to do ANYTHING but study!!!
I finished my first of four semesters with all As and Bs!!! Yay!!!!
I am now in summer school to finish Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Microbiology.
It’s a lot too but I decided that I need to blog - no matter what-so I can remember what this experience was like once I am a legit nurse!!!!
So, here we go ladies and gentlemen!
Also, I have been following so many of you, even without blogging, through your instagrams and Facebook and that has been wonderful!!!! I hope you are all well and I cannot wait to being posting and sharing again!!!
This week I am learning everything there is to know about the CNS and the brain itself!

Have a great Friday everyone!!!!

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