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5 on Friday...Friday 5...Friday Favs

Welcome to five on Friday! Today I am joining all the fun parties for Friday 5, 5 on Friday, etc. See below...
Here are my five favorite products that I cannot live without! I buy a lot of generic name brands and it never really bothers me because I love to save money! I am very, very cheap!  LOL! However, these five products are must haves for me and I will not skimp and buy a different brand even though they are a bit pricey! They are worth EVERY penny! PS-I have NOT been compensated in any for this - these are truly my favorites!! (But any one of these companies can contact me asap and I will be your #1 spokesperson!!!)
ONE: OPI Nail Envy! This stuff is awesome if you struggle with thin or peeling nails! This stuff really works to make you nails stronger!!! It is amazing! I don't not leave the house without AT LEAST this on my nails! It has completely negated me having to go get manicures also - so I am saving there!!! My nails look great!
TWO: Seche Vite! A blogger recommended …

Thankful Thursday

I am joining the adorable Rebecca Jo at Knit By God's Hands this week for her Thankful Thursday!
This week I am Thankful For: ...All of you wonderful bloggers!!!  Over the past years the blogging community has given me so many tips and tricks on things to eat, use and buy! I was thinking today about my love of Seche Vite and I found it through a fellow blogger! Also, this week I got the cutest top ever and I ordered it after I saw it on someone elses blog. I wish I could remember whom to give the credit to, but sadly I cannot. It is this shirt though- the white one with the cactus!
... My job! I am in the middle of transitioning from traveling to working in the office again so it is definitely an adjustment but I am very grateful to work for a good company that takes care of it's employees!!!
...My recovery - both from alcohol and smoking! I am 21 years sober and 10 years smoke free!! What a great life it can be if we choose recovery! My health! I have a few parts that are wearing…

The Girl Behind the Blog - Ann

I recently read a post called The Girl Behind The Blog on Ricci Alexis's Blog and I loved it! It was so much fun to get to know her a little more personally. Since returning to the blogging world from a two year hiatus when I traveled for work; I have a lot of new followers so I thought it would be fun to follow suit and tell you a few random things so you can know me better! If you are not interested, then I guess you can choose to not read on! LOL! Any questions are welcome in the comments section also!!!

Here we go...

ONE: I spent my entire childhood twirling a baton. I was a member of the Modernettes. We were the Grand National Baton twirling champs every year! Seriously! We would go every summer to Notre Dame University to complete and we won just about every year. The picture below is 1983 after we won and got our medals. I am the one far right in the grey shirt.

I was out of the group after high school but they continued to win every year they competed!  They have just dis…

Wednesday HodgePodge

Welcome to another week and another Hodgepodge! I am joining Joyce again this week!

 If you want to play along - simply answer the questions on your own blog, then hop back and link up at Joyce's Blog From This Side of the Pond!

Here we go-

1. Security or freedom? Can you have both? Explain. I prefer both but am not sure if both are possible. I believe we should all be free to move around and explore the world - life would be way more interesting that way. However, something has got to be done about the bad dictators! There are far too many dangerous places on Earth and sadly if you are born there, you are stuck! I wish everyone could live with democracy and peace!!!  Sadly, that is not really realistic! But it does make me very grateful to have been born and raised in America!

2. If you could visit any historical American site what would it be? Why? I love Gettysburg! There is such history there! Every time I go, I learn more about the strategies, struggles and sacrifices that o…

Momma's Not Leaving

Good morning friends!

I hope everyone had a happy start to their week!

Mine started great however, this morning was a little rough...LOL!

I got a leg cramp in my right calf as the alarm went off at 6AM and then when I tried to stretch it, I got a cramp above my left knee! SO MUCH PAIN!!! Seriously, I tried to step out of bed to stretch out the pain and I fell right onto the floor!  It's funny now but not then! The cats all came running in the room to find out what I was screaming about and just stared as I drug my butt off the floor! That is not the way you want to wake up! UGH!

Oh well...all good now! Happily I have an adjustable desk at work...I am now standing at my work desk trying to stretch out the cramps this morning!

Yesterday, I went around campus here at work to check on all of the the eastern bluebird nest boxes and got some awesome surprises!!!

Some new babies in SC2!! Not sure why there are only two...I am a little worried that a predator got into this box since there …

Patio Plantings

Every year I get a little crazier with the number of plants and herbs on my patio! I love sitting on my patio and reading amid the beautiful flowers, fragrant herbs and adorable hummingbirds!

Here is this years extravaganza!!!

This is the view from my front door of the condo!

 This is my hanging fuscia!!!
 And here is a hanging mandavilla from Costco...a chickadee has made a nest in this one and there will soon be babies...
 My hanging trailing flowers...
 This is a beautiful plant from my sister for my birthday!
Here is the potted side planter....
 And my basil...
 And more basil and chives and parsley...
 And the potted planter on the right - same as the left only I added a serrano pepper plant!!!
 This is my potted mint!!
 And my potted Rosemary...
 And finally...a favorite flower that never dies! My Pottsy flower! My parents got me this and I love it! You can get these here...
I hope you all enjoy your gardens and flowers as much as I do! I cannot wait to get a house and be able t…

I Want to be a Queen Bee

I had a great experience at work the other day! Because my company deals with crop science we do whatever we can to support the bees!

We need bees to pollinate our food supply - they are very important! We actually have hive boxes on site and I got to go for a field visit along with some other employees!

We got to the bee room and our host began to explain all kinds of interesting things regarding bees! I knew nothing and it was all so very interesting!

Bees fly 55,000 miles to bring us 1 pound of honeyDuring her life (approximately 40 days) a honey bee will gather about 1/12 teaspoon of honeyBees must go to two million flowers to gather l pound of honeyThe bees gather 10 pounds of nectar to make 1 pound of honeyA honey bee can fly as fast as 15 miles per hourIt takes one ounce of honey to fuel a bee's flight around the worldA honey bee visits 50 to 100 flowers during a collection tripWorker bees are all femaleFlowers have bright markings and strong smells to attract bees and other…

Wednesday's Hodgepodge - Volume 356

Again, this week I am joining Joyce at From This Side of the Pond for Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 356
If you want to join in...copy and paste the questions, answer them for yourself and link your answers back to Joyce's page!  Here are the questions to this week's Wednesday Hodgepodge. Bring it on...

1. Summer is upon us this week in the Northern hemisphere. Tell us three things on your summer bucket list.  Go to the Carribbean Eat a snow cone-I really LOVE a good snow cone! Enjoy as much time with my family as possible now that I am not traveling  2. Something fun you used to do as a kid in the summertime? We always played outside ALL DAY!!! We all looked forward to it so much. We ran around the neighborhood woods and build forts and played tag and rolled down hills. We would stay out until the street lights came on-that was our signal to go home! I feel like kids today really miss out on this kind of carefree fun in todays world where so many people are looking to harm others.

Public Service Announcement...Check ALL accounts for theft!

In this digital age; I am very conscious of identity theft!
I religiously check all my credit card accounts online constantly for unauthorized charged, etc. and I shred everything that has my address on it (also friends and family addresses on return address labels, etc.). I have links on my phone for all of my credit card companies, etc. so it makes it very easy to check them all quickly!

However, I have a Starbucks app that I load gift card money to all the time! Everyone that knows me gives me Starbucks money - LOL! I just had a birthday and I knew I had a lot of money in my Starbucks account (I do not link it to my bank account to reload but I had just added a few gift cards all at once).

Long story short; I was playing on my phone over the weekend and happened to pop open the Starbucks app because I was getting star points and was not making purchases!!! I opened my account and saw my account balance was only around $50 which was way low since I just added those new gift cards! S…

Summer Plans or 2018 Plans!!

I am linking up with Sarah @ The Blended Blog for Summer Link up!

This weeks link up is Summer Plans!!! I am going with remainder of 2018 plans because I am so excited about what is to come!!!

I will be hanging with my family here in the summer for a full glorious week of family vacation. We have vacationed here almost every year since I was about 7 years old...

And, of course, at this lake every chance I get during the summer months...

Then it is off to see a best friend of mine in Lihue for a week in the Fall...

And finally, right before the Christmas holidays begin I will travel for a relaxing week in Aruba...I think this is going to be my yearly splurge...

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for 2018!!

I hope you all have some exciting plans as well!! Cant wait to link up and find out more new places to g visit and meet new friends!!!

Have you ever been to Lihue? What about Stone Harbor, NJ? How about Aruba?

Happy Monday

I hope everyone out there - especially all Dad's - had an amazing weekend!!!! My Dad is amazing and it i hard to explain how much he is loved and respected for everything he does and everything he has taught us throughout the years!

Here are a few pics to recap our awesome Fathers Day weekend on the lake wit my parents and siblings, spouses and nieces and nephews!

We spent to weekend with the kids skiing!! All five little nieces and nephews (between the ages of 6 and 11) are now skiing!! Yeah them!!!!!!!! I have video of each of them skiing however, I had to post this pic of my nephew showing off his mad skills by sitting on the back of the skis! HA HA! He is a little comedian!

Also there was an exorbitant amount of tubing that went on! Every moment that they were not playing American Ninja Warrior and jumping off the dock was spent asking "Can we go tubing"?
So, here they are...including me taking a turn with my older niece...I was off in a few seconds! LOL!

Soooo much …