About Me

Hi, my name is Ann!!

I am an athlete in my early 50's - even if only in my mind! HA

I have had an amazing transformation since my 20's when I was carefree and VERY unhealthy!

My journey to health has been a long and winding one. It has taken many years, many tears, many motivational people in and out of my life, many hours of sweat, a few pounds lost and gained back and lost again! The photo below is me (one the left is 1996 and the right was last weekend). In that time I have lost over 150 pounds but gained so much more!

I had not really ever stopped to think when I decided to start trying to lose weight and become healthy until I got this picture via text from my sister yesterday.

She sent it because she came across it and was stunned by my size. She did not remember me ever being this big. I kind of chuckled because I definitely remember and, after a little reflecting, I remember what turned things around for me. Its not what most people are probably thinking. I read a lot of blogs that say it was a special event that you could not find a dress that fit for or a picture that you could not stand to look at. Mine is nothing like that.

Back in 1996 I got in recovery. I started to look at myself and my faults and my life and saw it was headed no where so I started to change things around. This has been a long process (almost 20 years now) of looking at my insides, making amends and changing my behaviors.  It has been life changing in so many ways. When I got into recovery I was promised one thing and that was the ability to live life without drugs and alcohol - I have been given sooooooo much more! I have been given a family that trusts me and can rely on me to do what I say I am going to do, I have been given friends that love and support me no matter how many times I trip up and I have been given a set of tools and steps that help me in all my life matters and I have been given a body that is capable of doing anything I train it to do (completed my first marathon in May 2014)! I am so overly blessed! The tools have spilled over into my life (outside of the program) and have shown me how to live better and be better and do better! It is because of this that today I strive to live a longer and healthier life!

I can vividly remember a time when all I wanted was for life to end and me to not wake up the next morning. I am testimony to the fact that life does not have to be like that! There is an easier, softer way through recovery. If you are struggling, please contact me - I can direct you to those that can help!

I know I do not have a lot of readers but if anyone out there that sees this needs help - please contact me and I promise to get you connected with people that can definitely change your life!

Today, I workout almost everyday, eat healthy everyday (aside from a little chocolate here and there), go to work everyday -except Sat and Sun ;-) and try my best to help others and care about others.
I am considering changing the face of my blog in the future but I have to plan a little more on that.

Thanks to all the Friends of Bill at helped me throughout the years, all the fitness instructors that motivated me to take one more class, family and friends that have loved me beyond what I deserve!

It has taken almost 20 years but I love where I am now (still have over 50 pounds to lose) and I would not change a single step of the journey!

I work out every day today - even if it is just a small walk to recover from a heavy lifting day.  I blog about fitness, family, recovery, cats, friendship, cooking, eating and life in general!


  1. What an honest story. Congratulations on nearly 18 years in recovery, I know the journey likely wasn't always easy, but you're making it and that's important. And, thank you for being in recovery...it matters to others of us who don't even know you :)

    1. Thanks for the sweet comments! PS-I love your blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nicole! It's been an adventure so far! HA!

  3. Great message hun and good for you for putting much needed work on yourself. You're an inspiration to many, girlfriend. :)

  4. What a wonderful testimony! Congratulations!

  5. Fantastic positive post - congratulations on your determination and on achieving so much. I felt sad to read you had once not enjoyed being alive - clearly you do now! and you are an inspiration to anyone who is on a downer.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Ann...I always like to know more about my blog friends. I am in my early 60s and it is a struggle to maintain a healthy weight. I am trying to eat better and exercise as much as I can!

  7. You are amazing Ann! Thank you for sharing all of this. My addiction is to food, so it's a struggle. I haven't given up an dplan a return to WW next week.


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