Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Checking in from Nursing School

Hi all you very cherished old friends in blog land!!!! I have been popping onto Blogger to keep up with you all as I crash in bed every night! You guys continue to relax me and I love hearing how everyone is. My appologies for not commenting because I am always so exhausted it is all I can do to scroll through and keep up!!! 

 I am writing a check in post again after another 5 months reprieve filled with Nursing School....studying, zoom and in person labs, in person clinicals at Pittsburgh Hospitals and a whole lot of tests!!!!!!! Right now I have an A in 130 Clinical, B in 130 Lecture, A in 130 Lab, A in 140 Pharmacology, and an A in Developmental Psychchology. This is all four weeks before finals so that could all change soon - HA HA HA!! School, for me, was such a great decision! It is awesome and I love every second!!! 

Cudos to all you nurses out there - I had NO idea how much work it is and how much perseverance it requires!! I can not wait to be an RN!! 

 Since I have not posted for few months I am going to give you a summary photo dump of how things are going when I am not in school, clinical or studying. I wish I could post more school pictures and things but it is against policy to take any pictures at clinical or school which makes total sense!! I will fill you in on my non-existant social life instead!! HA HA! 

 So, first off my parents (78 years years young) decided to get a puppy!!! I still think my little sister was the one that convinced them to get her but they swear that it was their idea! She is adorable!! Her name is Gracie and as you will see from the pictures she grew up fast and is the love of everyone that meets her - especially my nieces and nephew!!! The ifrst picture is the day she came with my Mom and Dad and the rest are the kid with her. LOVE LOVE
In May of 2021 my niece (and Godchild) made her confirmation and I was a super proud Aunt to be able to be her confirmation sponsor!!!
We did a family vacation to the beach with my sisters this year again. Stone Harbor wee missed you and we were soo happy to be back in July as a family! I went parasailing with my niece, we had family pics on the beach and watched the fireworks on the beach!!! I LOVE Stone Harbor, NJ!
Here are a few random niece and nephew nephew hated soccer and sister kept signing him up so he was soo excited when she finally DID NOT sign up ...we got him a retirement balloon and card!! HA HA! The last picture is my niece with my one and only great niece!!!!! She is adorable!!!
I attended the Harry Styles concert with my sister, niece and her friend here in Pitsburgh. It was a great concert and I was super excited to have company stay over at my house!!! I appreciated the invite so much and loved the music!!
I am happy to report that even after the company overnight, that cat that lived under the bed for over a year is still doing amazing! She is out and about all day and running and playing and even dropping a few pounds!!! She looks more comfortable each you can see in the picture below!!! HA HA! All the cats are actually doing great!! They just lay around all day in the trees while mommy studies!! HA
Speaking of company, now that Steeler FOOTBALL season is here....I have company every home game and I love it!!! The family has attended every home game this year and we are having a great time!!!! I think it is my Mom's favorite thing to be in that stadium enjoying the electric atmosphere! We love Heinz Field and the Steelers!!
This is the sweetest picture I have seen best friend (the one that lived I Kauai that I went to visit) has recently moved back to Seattle. She had her baby girl yesterday!!!! Her name is Daniela Raquel!! So her daughter Nena is big sis!!!! She and baby are doing great and I am so happy for their family! Maybe after nursing school and NCLEX I can get a visit in!!!
I will leave you with a picture of me and my very best nursing school friend Shawne. We were in all our classes together last semester and this is a lovely photo in the parking garage before clinical!!! She is so supportive and such a great person!!!! I wish I could introduce you to everyone in school because it is a great group of people (young and old) helping and motivating each other to get through and succeed!!! Everyone just wants to see everyone succeed! It is truly awesome!!!
I hope you all have a fantastic day and I promise to do my best to geive more frequent updates!!! And picture dumps!!! HA HA!!! Love you all lots...thanks for the undying support and motivation!!!! You guys are all soooo awesome!!!!

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