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Of all  my subscription boxes, this is the one that I have been trying to decide if I should cancel. For about six months it seemed like the samples just kept getting smaller and less useful. Over the last two months it is seeming to improve so I am going to keep buying it for a few more months...

Here was this months Birchbox...

And the product listing shows pricing and description of the included goodies...

Got this sample of a 3 minute face peel...See how little :-(

Can't wait to try this. This is a little larger sample and  I should be able to do both legs with this at least once!

 This eye cream could end up being a favorite...I need this thats for sure!

And this eyeshadow palette is awesome! I love the colors so I hope the product is good~~~

Finally I got these to try. They are shower gel and these should work great in my luggage carry on for when I travel.
Again, I am still not sure if it is worth the money ($10/month) for this sub box but I will give it another month or two!



Of all my subscription boxes I receive monthly - I LOVE Stridebox the most!!! This box NEVER disappoints!! I started getting it when I was marathon training and it helped so much! I love the products each month!!! If you are a runner, then this is a must!!! It is only $15/month and is sooo worth it!! I promise you will LOVE IT too!

Here is the little box of joy when I arrived this month - please disregard the zucchini behind the box....HA!

Here is the little pamphlet wiht product description, pricing and where you can purchase! Sooo simple!

I got this little yummy sample!!! So delish - I love everything I have tasted by this company!!! Honey is my personal fav in anything so that helps!

Cant wait to try this! It will come in handy in my gym bag for someday when I have no time for lunch or dinner!!!

Love this as well! I am saving this for my half marahton training in the near future!!! Cant wait to see if I love it as much or more than my trusty Body Glide.

 Using this for my workout drink t…

Beauty Box 5

The Beauty Box 5 is my lastest addition to my subscription boxes. If you have never tried subscritpion boxes, they are sooo fun!

It is like sending your self a little gift each month. I LOVE gifts!!

You go to the site and order the subscription (Beauty Box 5 is $12/month or $30 for a quarter). You then answer a few questions about yourself so that you are sent samples of things you want and can use every month!

Below is the loot in my Beauty Box 5 for this month...

Here is the awesomeness opened...

This list is included to explain the products in your box and also pricing - if you like it you know how much it is to purchase...

I received this awesome sample and loved it!!! It is a very gentle and awesome smelling scrub!!!

I cant wait to try this! I love mint so I think I am going to love this - I have so many right now that I may save this for winter!!!

Lord knows my color treated hair can use all the help it can get. I will try this the next weekend I am home and looking for something to…

Back on Track and Matching

OK! Today I am linking into the Blog Hump Day Hop with Liz!!!!!

Onto other the news of the day...

I am officially back on track and it feels great!

Now I just have to STAY on track!!! I am currently (this week - ha)...
Staying under my 1400 calories a day and getting them all in before 7PM (which is important to me).Working out each night (tonight is a night off from the gym as I am attending a function with my friends and niece). Drinking a minimum of 84 ounces of water a day...What do you do to keep on track with your weight loss goals? I would love to hear your ideas as I need all the help I can get and I have never found better advice than from my peeps on here!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnd a little update on my dating front...I have had NO luck finding a partner in life so I have joined!!!

Anyone else use this and if so, did you have any luck?!?! Please say yes!!  I am getting kind of sick of being single!

I will keep you all posted on my dating antics in the Burgh!!

Hope yinz all have an…

Giveaway Winner and Getting on Track



The winner of last weeks giveaway is Natalie!!

I emailed Natalie and just need her to respond with her mailing address and I will send her a Jamberry pedicure set.

Onto more pressing matters.

I have been such a slacker on my portion control and eating! I am still working out like crazy but my eating is out of control.

I have had my twenty something niece living with me and she has the abaility to junk all the time without gaiing weight. I do not! HA  When I come home from the gym and see her eating pita chips and ice cream, etc. I think I can hav some too.

Well, I jumped on the scale this am and realized that I am up 5 pounds.

So, for the 100th time - I am getting serious! I just want to finish losing the last of the weight I need to lose and be done with it. I only need about 30 more pounds gone which is nothing compared to where I started.

I AM BACK ON TRACK!!!! Get this done and then maintain for years to come.

This will also help with my psoriatic arthritis. I hav…


Happy Thursday yinz!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for FREE Jamberry Nails HERE!

Whats new with me? Nothing at all.

I had an amazing work dinner last night with collegues at an establishment that is privately owned by the company I work for and I am still feeling sooo stuffed from the amazing dinner!!

I will leave you with a couple of pictures from where we were! I love it there sooo much! We had filet and shrimp out on the back patio! Soo lovely!

Happy Thursday!

Old-Fashioned Giveaway

I am hosting a couple old fashion giveaways!

By old fashioned I mean that I am not going to do a crazy rafflecopter where each person gets 4000 entries for following on every social media possible! HA! There will be a total of 4 possible entries for each person.

So, first off - the loot!!!

Jamberry is the hottest new trend in nail wraps and has been featured at New York's Fashion Week and in Teen Vogue!

Jamberry is an innovative nail wrap that you adhere to your nail. There is no polish involved so you don't have to worry about chipping, fading, or peeling. Jamberry Nails are non-toxic and typically last up to 2 weeks on your fingers and up to 6 weeks on your toes. There are over 250 styles including fun designs, solids, and FRENCH TIPS!! Below is jamberry on my nails from this week - soooo cute!

This week I am giving away a pedicure set in honor of recently becoming a Jamberry Consultant!!  This will include a cute little case that holds pedicure tools and enough Jamberry w…

Truly Random Post

Happy Wednesday everyone~~~

Work and life are so crazy busy that I have not had time to post anything! I feel terrible about that and I am going to commit to getting back on track with posts! PROMISE!

This is a truly random post that will catch you up...this weekend at my parents home there will be a pontoon parade. If you live there, you can enter your boat in the parade. You have to select a theme and then decorate the boat and people to reflect that theme! I am soooo excited! We are going with Luau!! We are called the Waikiki Wolfe's and picked below is just a small fraction of the decor we got for this shindig!!! We will decorate the boat with all this Luau stuff and lights and when it is dark the parade starts and jusdging is done at the end! I cannot wait to post pics and the decision that we won (of course we will win - ha) NOT!

 This is my new favorite meal! I eat this all summer long! Fresh basil from my garden and cut up tomatos and little balls of fresh mozzerrella!! YUMMO…