Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheat Day and Misc.

Yesterday was a baddddddddddddddd day for Weight Watchers! I got my little monthly buddy (sorry if that is TMI) and was dying for chocolate!!! I have a little stash of Sarris Chocolate from the last employee event hidden as treats each month...well, that went out the window as I ate about a pound of chocolate - WOWSA!!!!! Weigh in will not be pretty this week!!! HA HA! Also, I have this cold from H E double hockey sticks! It is driving me crazy....I am such a big baby when I am sick and very is just a cold but it really is soooo annoying at this point and my poor little nose hurts from blowing it!! These pictures below are from last weekend (we had a Service function called Getaway Weekend in Penn Hills-about 150 attended the whole weekend). It was a lot of fun and fellowship and I got to do a presentation on attending online meetings versus face to face - it was really fun even though I was dreading it until it was over. This is a few people from just one of the panels (don't they look excited to be presenting?!?)... This is Waliacha acting a goof in our room...
This is Waliacha at dinner - one night we decided to forgo the event food and eat out with Eddie - our friend...we ended up at Monteray Bay and it was amazing!! I had the Chilean Sea Bass Jerk Style (YUMMO)-honestly amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very pricey but very good!!
This is Eddie...another goof!
This is the little plate that Waliacha's creamer and sugar for coffee was served on...fancy fancy!!! Sorry, no food was soo good there was no pausing for pictures before eating - HA!!!
Here is the new kitchen aquarium ...3 live plants...10 mollys and plattys (2 boys and 8 girls) and 2 catfish (not sure of sex yet-HA)....I love it!!!!! NO CASUALTIES SO FAR!!!! Knock on wood!!!!Sad thing is that the tank ios right next to the stove - I hope they do not notice when I cook fish - LOL!!!! Awesome shot of the plant life I added...I love these live plants...these were a recommendation of Kim at Petco - she was amazing and helpful and LOVES fish just as someone loves a cat or dog so she is my new IDOL - seriously she was an amazing and helpful source of knowledge for this new fish owner. She was sooo empathetic when I told her the story of cat treat :-(
Here is a blurry action shot of them swimming...

That is all I have to report today......NO chocolate will pass these lips today and I think I may take the day off from the gym and go home and nap after work....we shall see!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I got my health stats from tests we could opt into at work and of course I opted in - free medical tests....I'm there!!! HERE IS WHERE I AM... 5'6" - 66 inches (always thought I was 5'7" - am I shrinking already?!?!?) weight - only I know...LOL! systolic blood pressure 121 (should be under 120) diastolic blood pressure 79 (should be under 80) total cholesterol 179 (should be less than 200) HDL cholesterol 54 (should be greater than 40) Fasting glucose 90 (should be less than or equal to 100)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Down 0.8

Forgot to post this this weekend... WOW!!!! Three posts in one day.... Anyway - down 0.8 this week - 3/26/2011!! Weighed in on Friday - 1 day early since I had a loing weekend's all good! Definitely NOT up to Biggest Loser standards but AT LEAST IT IS GOING DOWN!! :-)

Happy D-birfin' Day to my "Little" Brother...

I had to do a birthday post to the greatest little brother I know!!!! Happy 37th birthday TODAY to my little brother Matthew!!!!!!! He is the only boy of all four siblings and we all love him bunches no matter how much we picked on him, dressed him up, etc....he was definitely babied A LOT by his oldest sister and his mother - LOL!!!!! I love you my "little brother" (great and loving son to Mom and Dad, great brother, awesome and fun uncle, loving husband to Sara, and wonderful Daddy to Madelyn and now Brody) and I am soooo proud of who you are and have become!!! XOXO
The birth of Matthew "J.C." - they just kept trying until they had that baby boy!!! LOL

Just swingin'

Just inchwormin' Dad's b-day (Matt's helping with the candles)
Dad and his kids....Matt's the baby....
All dressed up and not looking too updet about it!!!!
Nice hat Matt!
Matt and Sara's wedding! Then came Madelyn...this is her baptism.....
Daddy Matt chillin' with his little girl...
Then came seen in the previous post!!!!!!!!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Completely Miscellaneous Pictures

I am a picture taker at heart!
There are sooo many instances that I say to myself "I need to get a picture of that" and then I grab my phone camera as I always have it with me.
Then the pictures just sit and sit and sit on the camera phone.
So I am emptying a few of them today and here they are for your no order at all....

How cool is this??!??!? I think I had a picture like this from last year! I run (jog - LOL!) on the Montour Trail. It is a trail made where old railroad tracks used to run and there are many cool bridges and tunnels to run through. This is is always full of ice at the beginning of spring and it feels sooooo good to run through as it is soooo cool!!!! This is the entrance.....

This was the exit - needless to say, this was where I turned around for this days luck I would have slipped and hit my head and no one would have found me until....well, you get it! Ha!

This is my sweet Angelica....I took a nap the other day and woke up to find this....she is SOUND asleep on my hand with her paw gently laying in my was sooo hard to have to move her!!!! Love this little baby!!!

This was the machine after my workout my first time back in the gym after a long break....walk/ fun fun!!!!!!!!!
This was YESTERDAY after work...driving home and we were hit with hail....I pulled over under a bridge as it was sooo hard and loud I thought it was denting my car....turns out when I watched the news last night - this hail was little compared to what other areas in Pgh got.....scarrrrrrry stuff guys!!!!!!!

Another shot of the hail...the average was like dime sized and they were pelting from the sky...other areas got golfball sized....was feeling grateful after that!

This is my new favorite snack but they are wayyyyyyyyyyyy expensive...there are about three and 1/2 servings in this box for $3.50

Then I found these (via the taste testers) at Costco....17 servings in this bag for $6.00...pretty much the same thing....I will buy the pop chips - thank you very much!!! HA!

And pets!!!!!!!!!! The death of my betta fish affected me on so many levels....I felt guilty and kept thinking maybe I changed the water too much....maybe he needed a heater....maybe he needed a filter...anyway.....I decided to try again with a new tank and fishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got eight so plants....and new big aquarium with heater and filter. The Petco girl was amazing and soooo helpful!!!!!!!!! She hooked me up with the right fish (2 males to 6 females-andf taught me how to tell the difference) the right plants, the right rocks, etc......loved her and I think my fishes love me!!!!!!!!!! Now I just have to work on names for all eight before they start having babies and I get behind!!!

And another shot - love these little guys already!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Introducing .....

Introducing nephew #3 (#8 of total nieces and nephews) ............................................................. Brody Matthew!!!! He was born at 4:23 AM March 15th, 2011 9lbs and 2oz 22 1/2in. long I went to see him and his sister this past weekend and here are the pictures of the little cutie pie and all the other excitement from that weekend!!!! Brody Matthew...

And another... What an angel!!!!
Here is his new car!!! His initials are BMW and my brother-in-law hooked him up with his first car!!!! HA!!
Is that the cutest thing ever?!?!?!?!? His sister Madelyn is going to put up a fight to ride it - she loves it already!!! HA HA
This is Brody's big sister Madelyn...we just had her first birthday party a few weeks ago!!!! Here she is helping Mommy load the dishwasher...
Is she the sweetest thing??? - I could eat her up!!!!!!!!!!!
Here are two other adorable children I am blessed to be Aunt Annie to.....this is my sisters twins Ali and Ryan....making some beautiful faces. Ryan loves his mother sooo much but he actually asked ME to snuggle him this past weekend - I am soooooooo proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is the recap - with no adults included I guess - LOL!!! They were there too but just did not make any faces cute enough to photograph I guess......HA!

Baby "Sprinkle"

I cannot believe I did not get these posted before this....WOWSA!

Here are the pictures from my SIL Sara's baby "sprinkle"...which is a party to show your love for a couples second child (that is how it was described to me) that was held in Columbus a few weeks ago - LOL!!!!

They held it at Panera in a group room and it was great - we had bagels, fruit and of course awesome is all fabulous - hosted by Sara's sister and mother! Great job guys - it was awesome!

Suprisingly, it took me sooo long to post this and HE (I will say he as he was about 5 hours old when "his parents" FINALLY named him) is already here....but, that's okay.

I will post this today and tomorrow I will post pictures from last weekend when I actually got to meet him!! Yeah!!!!!!

In the car on the way to the "sprinkle"!!! Ali is sooo excited - can you tell?!?!?!

This is Jordan and Jessica cheesing it up in the car and Kyleigh turned backwards I think bothering either her brother or sister in the backseat...LOL!

This is my SIL Sara and her dad comparing bellies the night before the shower...interesting, hugh??? HA

This is SIL Sara posing with her gifts.....yippee!

My family at "our table"

Sara opening gifts...

Sara's family and friends and table

Ali and Jessica

My familia - are they not gorgeous?!?!?!

Jessica and Ali

and again...

and again...

Sara and Jordan gettin' their hug on!!!

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