Friday, August 22, 2014

Show Us Your Singles

Hi all! Today is Show us your Singles Day at Kelly's Korner.

I am going to introduce you to me, Ann. I am a single, strong and very independent woman. I am 46 years old. I don't need  man but it would be really nice to have someone special in my life.

I live in the South Hills of Pennsylvania (right outside of Pittsburgh). Yes, I do love the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates!!

I work in Information Technology at a major corporation full time and love my job!

In my free time I spend time with family (out of state in Ohio) where we water ski, jet ski, sail, etc.  I love summer - it is my favorite season!

I love reality TV (Survivor, Big Brother, etc)

I work out a lot (running, hiking, zumba, hiphop and body pump are a few of my favorites!!

I recently lost over 75 lbs and I have more to go but I am getting there!!

I would love to meet an old-fashioned man: someone that loves the Lord and still believes in cherishing their mate. Someone that loves the outdoors and loves family. More important than anything, someone that has established their life and is looking to share in mine. (I keep meeting these men that need someone to take care of them or need someone to move in with and I do not want this)!

My email is!

Fingers crossed!!!!! Ann

Friday Check-in Fun!

I am linking up for a whole lot of Friday fun!!!!!!!!

1.  I love my fit bit so much and this would be awesome to be able to use for those dress up nights!!! Not that there are that many nights I go out but hopefully since I joined there will be more nights out coming soon!!!!

2.  I am loving so far. I have met a great guy already (just a few weeks in). We have been sending text messages and talking on the phone and this weekend we will have our first official face to face date. Should be interesting - he seems almost too perfect....

3.  I am so obsessed with Jamberry Nail Wraps that I have become a consultant! They are an awesome company with a high quality product! I change mine weekly however, they will last on your fingernails up to three weeks! No more waiting for nails to dry, no more smudging and NO MORE chipping polish!!! They also have over 350 designs with new ones coming every month!! Right now they are buy three get one free on my website!!! I would love you to stop by and check them out!!!  Just click on shop to see all the options available!

4.   I am so sad that summer is coming to an end! I have been loving homegrown tomatoes so much this year! I love eating them just like a peach!! YUM!! I ave also been eating a lot of tomato and basil salads! I am going to miss these guys so much!

5. I am also sad that summer is almost over because that means that Big Brother is almost over this season! I have been LOVING this show!!! It is so entertaining, I just cannot explain to you how deep my love goes for this reality show!!!

Linking up today with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife for Oh Hey Friday! 
 And Momfessionals for Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday yinz all!!! I am off to see what everyone else is loving this Friday!!!!!!!!!

I Confess #1...

I am linking up with Leslie at A Blond Ambition for her Confessional Friday!

I love her blog and I am so excited to participate in this link up and read everyone else confessions! Bring em on....

I confess that I joined!  I never thought I would ever sign up for online dating let alone PAY for the service!  However, the guys that run in my "circles" are just not relationship material. Enough said there! I am trying something different and it just may be working!! I will keep you all posting on my dates and experiences.

I confess that I am a major workout junkie and am also completely obsessed with my fitbit and it's data - I think to the point that it scares my friends and family. HEE! I never take that lovely gummy-blue bracelet off and now that I am out in the dating pool again I may or may not need to purchase this beautiful baby!!!
It is pricey but it would be so pretty to wear out when I am going on a date!!

I confess that I am TOTALLY terrified of dating again. I have not dated in so long and I have my first official date tomorrow night. He is driving to my town and we are meeting for dinner and I am absolutely petrified! What is wrong with me??? He is such a great guy! We have talked on the phone and sent text messages a lot and he seems perfect!  I keep thinking he is going to think I am unattractive and get up and just leave. I don't know how I am going to calm myself enough to "be myself" tomorrow on this date. HELP!!!

I confess that I love watching Big Brother!!! I know it is not classy to watch reality TV but I cant get enough!! I look forward to every summer and Big Brother! I am so sad that it is going away soon.

Can't wait to read everyone else's confessions!! 

Hope yinz all have a great weekend!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I'm an Official Jamberry Nail Wrap Consultant

I am sure that everyone that reads my blog is now aware that I am now an official Jamberry Consultant?!?!

I started selling Jamberry because I love and believe in the value of the product! I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!

They are such a simple and easy way to add a pop to your wardrobe and they require no dry time which is great for me! I never sit still so every time I paint my nails they are smeared immediately!

They have over 350 designs so the possibilities are endless! They also have smaller versions called Jamberry Juniors for children 3 - 8.  LOVE!

You can do a full hand manicure but I usually just opt for a accent nail or two or three! HA! This makes each sheet of 24 wraps last sooooooo long too!

Here a few of the looks I have created since becoming a will see I am obsessed...


 This is my corporate look...

 This was the vacation at the beach look...

Purple royalty...

A pisposh of a few designs...

LOVE pink and the logo...

A little tamed-down animal print...

My 4th of July creation...

Nautical rocks!

Tamed down chevron...

I get very bored with my nails quickly so I usually peel them off and change them before I need to. If you don't get bored, they will last up to 3 weeks on your fingers and more than 4 on your toes!!!

If anyone is interested, here is the link to purchase Jamberry!!

Also, you will get buy three get one free if you use my link above!!!!!!! I would appreciate any bloggy love purchases possible as I am new at this and just starting out! I promise you will love them if you try them!!!!

Thanks for browsing!!!!!! 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Beauty Box 5 - August

Yea! My beauty box came while I was away for the weekend!! Here it is...

The list of whats inside...

Awesome lipgloss!! LOVE the color!

Some facial cleansing wipes...cant wait to try these at the gym!

This look awesome!!! I will definitely let you know~!

Some moisturizer with sunscreen...smells great!

And finally glitter top coat! Yea!!

 I love all the full size samples that come in the Beauty Box 5.

You can get yours here!!!

Happy week yinz!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

StrideBox Rocks

 Many of you know from my posts each month that I love my StrideBox the most out of all my subscription boxes that come each month. Well now I have an even better reason to love them!! Just when I thought they could not get any better I got this...
What?!?!? A damaged and empty StrideBox was brought to my house by the USPS. Lovely. I shot out a quick email to customer service at StrideBox asking what I could or should do now and the letter below is what I got back from them...

 Here is their response - within about two hours I was sent the email below...

Seriously!!! Can you beat that?!??! LOVED the company and product before and NOW I think they are seriously the best with customer service also!!!!!!!!! If you are a runner or biker you need to check this out! They send you a box of awesome samples every month. The samples just keep getting bigger and better every month! I promise you will love it!!

On a side note:  I had to run into the mall to pick something up the other day and went into the entrance for Macy's. I never think to go to Macy's to shop but was walking by an awesome shoe sale! If you have not been to it you should look! I got the two pairs of shoes below (one pair of Sperry flip flops and the other Tommy sandals) for under $40 with my coupons and the sale!!!!!!! WHAT?!?! Yes, seriously! What a deal!! Run don's walk to your nearest Macy's shoe department!! You are welcome!

Have a great Hump DAY yinz!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Stone Harbor = Heaven


Sorry for the extremely long and unintended break!

I meant to go away for a week and it has been wayyyyyy longer!

I was enjoying my week long vacation away and then I had to play catch-up for days afterwards! ICKY!

But, I am back now and I would like to formally thank you for not de-following me!! ha ha

Below is the vacation pictures and an update on the trip - I went to Stone Harbor, NJ...It is by far my very favorite beach on this planet. Both because it is a great, clean, family oriented beach and because it is very sentimental to me also.

I promise that there are not many as I was focusing on enjoying the break and did not take a lot of pics at all!

Here are my vacation nails! I wanted to select a bright beach color along with some Jamberry wraps! I think I loved them all week long!!! You can order your own here...
...there are over 300 styles to choose from and they last over two weeks!!!

Since vacation is when the whole family is together, we decided to celebrate my little sisters birthday while we were all together...even though it was a few weeks early. Any excuse for an ice cream cake right?!?!? 

We always run the Ron Jaworski 5K (fights childhood obesity) when we are on vacation in Stone Harbor. This year some of the little kids joined in and ran too! I love that they are running with us and enjoy coming along at such a young age!!!This is our pre-race group photo!

This was our one family dinner night out. We cook in every night and only eat out on one special night - this year we went to Sylvester's in Avalon - YUM!!!!

 This is our awesome family pyramid on the beach!!! The only ones that were with us on vacation that were missing were my Mom and Dad and Brother in Law.  LOVE IT!!!!

Here is the family waiting to ride on the free jitney to go to the Stone Harbor Craft Fair. It is huge and lots of fun...we got to this every year also!

And this is me braving a lesson and 1 hour paddle board session on the bay! I loved every second of this! Once you get stable and comfortable, this was soooo much fun! I cannot wait to try it again!!!

Thanks for sticking with me through my bloggy break! I am back!

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