Friday, September 21, 2018

Day five-strolling, beaching, pool sitting and sunsets

Happy Thursday from Kauai, Hawaii all!!! I can’t believe the week is almost over-it sure goes quick when you are on vacation!!!!

Today we had no excursions planned so it was a nice chill day spent mostly with a little hike and time on the beach.

We ended trying a walk at the Kukoiolono Park  Here is a picture from the path...

Another...I loved this flower!!!

After our little (and very hot) walk we went home to spend a few hours laying on the beach.

We ended up at the Shipwreck Beach...


Here I am swimming out to sea-the waves are crazy out there!!!

And I’m on the right in this photo...I look so dark in this photo!!!! Wow!!!

I will leave you with pictures of the beauty of the beach!!

My mom bringing her chair from the shade to the sun to hang with me for a while...

After a few hours at the beach we went to the pool for a while longer and then showered for is my mom and I before dinner! We shopped a little at the stores in Kukui’ula Village Shopping Center and then went to dinner.

We had dinner at Kiawe Roots  It was a recommendation from my friend Mariela and it ended up being fantastic! Not only was it reasonably priced the food was delicious! They have a really cool patio in the open air so it makes your dining experience even better.

Here is my meal. I had a brisket sandwich...sooo yummy!

After dinner, we went down to watch the sunset...enough said!!!

Here is the sunset filmed in high speed - it turned out awesome!!!!

Sunset off Kauai from ann wolfe on Vimeo.

And one final sunset picture for you to end the night! Now I am off to bed!!!

Nighty nite! Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!!!!



  1. All the pix are wonderful but I LOVE this last one. Frame this bad boy. I have one similar however it's from Presque Isle and you know that is in PA so not even close to the same thing!! I am living vicariously through you!!

    1. Good morning (morning here at least) Peg! I am glad you are enjoying them! Thanks for following and reading and commenting!!! I have a free I plan to frame...I am in awe of this beautiful place!!!

  2. Such a beautiful place and how great to experience it with your mom. Blessings!!

    1. Yes Terri! It has amazing!!!! Thank you! Hope you are having a terrific day!!!

  3. Beautiful! You aren't allowed to go back unless you take me with you ;)

    1. Lol Julie! Sounds like a plan but I bet Scott would not be happy to be left st home! Ha! Not to mention the kids!!!! Ha! Hope you are having d great day!!!

  4. The photos are lovely. Sounds like a nice day. I was recently at a restaurant in Montana that served their items on trays.

    1. Hi Debby! It really was a delicious dinner and the tray was a perfect presentation for BBQ.


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