Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shutterfly - My Favorite Photo Site

YUP!!! Count me in!!!

I heard that shutterfly was requesting blogging people help spread the word about their Holiday Cards I was soooo excited to jump right on the bandwagon!

Not only do I use them for all my digital prints and gifts year-round, I have ordered my Christmas Cards from Shutterfly for the past two years and they always turn out great!!!!

My favorite Shutterfly card designs this year are the following...

They also have these really cute and easy to do calendars on Shutterfly - I have created a few myself as gifts and was really suprised at how easy it is to do and how cute they turn out!!!! Everyone that got one from me loved it and it is a gift that keeps giving all year round! A great holiday gift for ANYONE on your list!

I will definitely be using the birthday invitations this year also as they have sooo many cute ones.

Writing this post has really gotten me back in the spirit of cards again this year! Those that know me know that lost both a boyfriend and a cat this year so it was going to be a really somber holiday but this post has made me see that I need to do another fun picture card again this year with the two cats that are left in my life and remain grateful for what I DO have!

Thanks Shutterfly and check out there site asap - I promise you will not regret it - it is great value, great customer service and great quality all in one place!!!

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