Friday, August 31, 2012

Forever Cheesecake

Last night I met up two of my best girlfriends and we went out for a nice dinner! We met up in the Walmart parking lot and then drove together down to Southside Works in Pittsburgh. This is a cute little part of town that has recently been redeveloped with shopping, a splash area for kids, a river walk and a ton of great restaurants!

This is a picture from my cell phone of the Southside Works sign across the street from Cheesecake Factory!

This is from left to right me, Donna and Rosemarie. I love these girls - they are my biggest champions and they give the best advise ever and also are the best listeners ever!!!! And, they are gorgeous to boot!!

This is us after dinner! YUM!!! Cheesecake to go!!! I ate mine as soon as I walked in the door last night!!! HA! So yummy! If you have never go here and there is one near you - I promise - you will love it!!! Great food, unbelievable variety!! You have to try the wasabi encrusted tuna (I get it every time) and we all shared the lettuce wraps appetizer....well worth it if you get a chance to try it! YUM!

Back to school...

Well, it's back to school time here in PA and OH!  I have been getting emails with all my nieces and nephews back to school pictures and it just makes me sooo happy to see all these cuties getting ready for another year of new friends, old friends and lots of learning!!!

This is my little sisters twins that will be hitting up the Preschool for the first time this year! How cute are they?!?!?!?!

And this is their big sister (and my godchild) who is heading to Kindergarten this year...

Then we have these two beautiful girls - this is my older sisters oldest child (on the right) and her roomate - she is headed back to college for her second year (Yes, I changed her diapers)! She is the one on the right and she is in her second year at Villanova.

This is my older sisters other two niece and nephew - this is my nephews first year on high school and my niece is headed back to high school for her senior year!!!

And, not to leave anyone out, this is my brothers daughter who is not yet headed to school....but, I am sure of this is anything like the others - I will blink and she will be in high school!!!

And this is my brothers son, he is the youngest of all my nieces and nephews.....stay little forever!!!! HA!!

I wish for all of YOUR children a happy year filled with adventures in learning for life!!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

She's alive!

Wow! That was a looooong blog break!
Thanks to all of you that checked in with me to make sure I was alive!
Life has gotten a little stressful and crazy.

One of my closest friends lost her daughter (I wrote about this in one of my last posts) and I have been spending a lot of time trying to be there for her and also work and take care of me. Well, after the death of her daughter she realized that her husband was a big lump of nothingness! He is a drug addicted piece of crap that does nothing and does not think he has a problem. It seems that for years she has been so focused on saving her daughter from drugs that she did not even notice what her husband was doing. So, to make a long story shorter, she has kicked him out (after a DUI) and now her entire world seems to be falling apart.

Any of you that pray, your prayers for Kimmy are appreciated. She seriously needs them!!!

I have been taking care of myself too though and have gotten in exercise everyday for the past two weeks! Yeah me! I am not weighing myself until Monday but have been making a lot of healthy choices lately!!! This afternoon (wednesday) I went for a four mile jog/walk on the montour trail-it was a beautiful day here in Pittsburgh.

Last night I took a little break from helping others and was invited to go to the Pittsburgh Pirates game with one of my best buddies Glenn and his family!!! It was a great game and soooo much fun! We had perfect weather and Pirates won 5-0!!!! Yeah! The first picture below is Glenn and I; the second is the pierogi race during a game break; the third is my favorite ballpark food-peanuts; and the fourth is a view of our city from PNC ballpark!

Thanks all for your patience during my lack of blogging....I promise I am back and I never stopped reading all of your updates!

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