Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Exciting Saturday Night


Talk about an exciting Saturday night!

I was doing my lead (telling my story) in Donora, PA at an anniversary party (CONGRATS to the Donora group for their 33rd anniversary-awesome food and fellowship!!!) and it went as always. I remember nothing I said so I assume everything is all good.

Well, I was done around 9:30PM and hung out and visited with people until about 10PM.

I left at 10PM to head home (about a 45 - 55 minute drive depending on traffic).

When I turned left from tenth street onto Route 837 I was following a guy going about 10 miles an hour in a 25 miles an hour zone. I am not an entirely patient person when someone drives under the speed limit...so I think I was kinda of peeking around his car to see why he was driving soooooooo slow....well, about two minutes later he pulled to the side of the road and signaled for me the go around...as I did all the sudden the lights on the car behind me come on and I see this behind me.....

YES!!! I was being pulled over (had no idea why only thought maybe because we were going tooooo slow for the speed limit)
Anyway; "Skippy" (the cop as I will refer to him for the rest of this post-the cop was about 19 years old and 50 pounds soaking wet and looked like Opie)...
soooo Skippy asked for my license and registration....I gave him the documents and asked why I was pulled over. Conversation follows...
Me: "Can you tell me why I was pulled over?"
Skippy: "In due time Maam!" (by the way, I HATE being called Maam!!!)
Me: "OK"
Skippy: "I see you are from Bridgeville; why are you all the way out here in Donora at 10PM?"
Me: "I was at an AA anniversary dinner at the church a block away and I was the speaker."
Skippy: "Were you drinking tonight?"
Me: "No, I have not had a drink for 13 years - that is why I was the speaker"
Skippy: "Can you tell me why you were swerving?"
Me: "I did not realize I was...maybe I was weaving to see around the person going 10 miles an hour in front of me (thinking to myself - Skippy; do you think there is any FAINT chance that THAT guy was drunk and maybe you picked the wrong car?!??!?!)
Anyway he let me go after he ran my license and saw that I had no warrants, etc. and realized I was not drinking. He did recommend that I move the GPS a little lover and that may help.....I have noticed that my driving is much straighter since that little adjustment was made!! LOL
I was cracking up the rest of the night!! I am the only person that can get pulled over for a DUI and be STONE COLD SOBER-and I swear I was not on the phone or anything!!!! After I was let go I had to call everyone i know to tell them the story...

Anyway, then on to Sunday.....it was boring and uneventful as it is hard to top my Saturday night adventure!!!
I used our handy-dandy Hoover (shown below) and deep cleaned the carpets in anticipation of the girls weekend on Sept.10th - sisters and Mom will be coming to see Phantom of the Opera in Pgh and spending the weekend!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, lessons learned...my carpet is soooo pretty when it is clean and I am a very swervy driver!!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Losing My Mind!!!!!!!!

I am having a losing my mind day-no, sorrry, make that week!!!!
Sometimes life just decides to really suck!!!
I know today I am only responsible for myself but WOW it sucks when the people you care about make stupid choices or no choices at all.
I need to keep learning, growing and moving forward and I guess it is time to find out if the person I love is moving with me or not.
Time will tell.....I wish I could just do the action for them and know they are moving with me but then I guess, everyone has free will to do as they please...
Again, I have no control and time will tell...I am definitely giving this one to God!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

A new obsession

I suppose I have been living under a rock.

Not sure how I missed the boat on this one but I went to Zumba the other night and we danced to two amazing songs....Gypsy and Waka Waka...

after class I asked the instructor who sang them as I could not wait to rush home and get them on my ipod.

It's Shakira!!!

I have heard the name but never her music.

I had just discounted her as another "Hot Looking" not but so talented performer.

Well, I have been missing out!!!!!!!!

She is amazing!!!!! I love both the songs I listed above and I am playing them over and over and over again!!!!!!! I am belly dancing to Gypsy in my cubicle at work!!!!! AWESOME TUNES!

I can't wait to download her other other songs as I am sure they are amazing too!!!!

Just saying...glad to have found me some Shakira!

Thursday, August 19, 2010



It has been forever since I posted. I think I have been in a funk - I have been reading all the posts but just dont feel like posting anything...this has been going on since I got back from vacation. I think it just took me a while to adjust to working and life again....actually was in a little "funk" for a week or so.

But, I am good now....

Back to working out with Zumba and the gym....mostly Zumba...

Going here again lately...they have to MOST AMAZING instructors and class is soooooooo fun you don't realize how fast that hour goes or how SOPPING wet you are until the class is over!

And tonight going here and meeting up with some really cool friends to enjoy the Summer parrish festival...I will definitely post pics of this tomorrow.

Have a great day and I will leave you with pics of the lifeguard races my nieces and nephew participated in on vacation at Stone Harbor, NJ.

My oldest niece, Kyleigh, won third in the race pictered where she is holding the rope (funny thing is she cheated to win: she stod at the finish line and never left when the other kids ran for the water she just stood there and when they came back across the finish she followed them and got third-HAHA!!!! We even told them she cheated and she still got a medal for it....LOL!!!!!

Tooo funny - have a great day - TGIAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation - Stone Harbor - 2010

Wowsa - this is a big update!
I was on vacation for a week (technically 9 days) at Stone HArbor, NJ with my family and it was AMAZING!!!!!

No rain - not a drop - not one day!!!
I am soooooo tan I love it!!!!!!
Laid on the beach every day, went to the OC boardwalk, went to dinner at Sylvesters in Avalon, and just hung out with family - could not have asked for a better vacation!
Waliacha stayed home and "manned the fort" and I must say - he did an amazing job also! Scooped poop and cleaned - I came home to a well-kept and spotless home - yeah!!!!!!!!
So, here are some pics for your enjoyment...mind you, I forgot my camera and got all these with my blackberry...I did not take alot but will post my sisters when she sends them...

While we were in town, my sister spotted this car.....

Then this guy...
Apparently they were filming for Diners, Drive-ins and Dives at a restaurant near town in Stone Harbor called Quahogs

It was pretty fun to watch Guy Fieri practice his lines...it is amazing how long and how many takes it takes them to film...anyway - it was fun to see him there!!! Little rest between takes...

This is my older sister Kerry (it is her "hotel" that we stay in at the beach) LOL!

This is Kyleigh getting ready for the lifeguard races...she actually came in third on this one...by cheating mind you - long story but she did it accidently and came in third....go Kyleigh! LOL

This is the line "train" they used to get the kids lined up for the lifeguard races - cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!! This is the 3 and under group...

Here are my nieces and nephew waiting for their group turn at the races with their daddy....cutue pies, hugh?

On an amusing note: I am going here after work today as I was jumping waves and apparently a mermaid swam by and liked them so they now belong to her...at least that is the kids story....mine is I bent over when my niece said "Aunt Annie I am peeing on you" to plop her in the waves and the glasses fell off and disappeared in the crazy waves...oh well, such is life - the bonus is...got to ask the lifeguards if they found any glasses and now cute new glasses!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday
P.S. - I am STILL drinking all my water everyday!!!!! YEAH!

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