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Favorite Quotes I Live By

Hi everyone!  I decided this week to start joining in on the girl chat link up.  The topic this month is quotes to live by and I am so excited to join in!

If you would like to join in also, just grab their graphic and start chatting! 

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Sierra - Bloglovin' | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter This months topic is favorite quotes you live by! I have so many but I was able to narrow it down to five for this post!! My first is...

Nutrition and Beach Glass Art

Does anyone else struggle to get back into life after vacation?!?! I am joining in with Wellness Wednesday to discuss my "FUNK"-LOL!

I swear it takes me a while week to be able to get focused and back into work and life. I guess that means I was relaxed...not sure?!?!

Well, I have been back for three days now and I am on the struggle bus!! I just want to return to the beach!!!

I have gotten back into having my spinach and kale shake in the mornings and I am feeling more energy from them I think. Does anyone else have a nutrition shake during the day?  I also added collagen peptide powder in my coffee and a turmeric pill every day for inflammation and pain in my joints. In case you are new to my blog, I have psoriatic arthritis and my knees are shot due to many years of running overweight and the degeneration and arthritis.

Here is the contents of my shake...

Kale-about 1 1/2 cup compressed
Spinach-about 1 1/2 cup compressed
2 T (flax seed, chia seed, hemp seed, gogi berries)…

Sea Glass Art Etsy

Please excuse the shameless self-promotion but I have added the cutest things to my Etsy store this week!!

I have created these adorable framed works of art! If you love the beach; I think you will love these adorable little pieces of art using the beach and lake glass that I have collected over the last few years!

I do not tumble glass to make these - it is authentic lake and beach glass tumbled by mother nature!

Check them all out below and let me know what you think...

Birds on a Wire - Family in Sea Glass

Birds on a Wire - Love Birds in Sea Glass
Bikini on the Line in Sea Glass
Bikinis on the Line in Sea Glass
Stay Unique/Stay Weird/Be Yourself

If you want to check out my complete Etsy store you can get access it HERE. I sell handmade sea glass earrings and personalized, hand-stamped necklaces also.

Please leave me your feedback in the comments section. Also, any ideas on what I can add or do differently is appreciated. 

Have a great day everyone!

The End of Stone Harbor 2018 Family Vacation

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great week! I am in that "just returned from vacation" funky mood right now...UGH!! I think it will take a few days and I will be fine...LOL!!!

Here are pictures from the final two days of vacation. On Satruday morning we went for a little walk in the am to say goodbye to my little sister and her family who stayed a few blocks away. They had to leave a day before us; my older sister, Mom, Dad and myself stayed one extra day and drove home day Sunday. Here is a selfie of me and my sister!!

Here is the beautiful sunrise we saw on our way to meet them to say goodbye...

My last day on the beach I was still reading this SAME BOOK! This is crazy for me because I usually finish at least four books on vacation but I spent a lit of time playing in the water and sand with the kids! It was a great year!

Here is a picture of the lifeguards on duty on our final day at the beach...I like the picture with the life boat in it!

On Saturday night th…

Thursday and Friday Adventures

I hope you're having an amazing week! We have been blessed with one fabulous week at the beach… This has been my view every day here in Stone Harbor New Jersey…  we have not had any rain to spoil our gorgeous beach days and the water has been phenomenal! The water is so clear this week you could see the bottom.    This has been my view for the week… Absolutely beautiful…   We found a lot of these adorable little guys rolling around in the surf. We would collect them and then take them where no one was swimming and throw them out to sea… I hope a few of the little adorable crabs survived. Isn't he cute… See his teensy-weensy pincher there?     My nephew built this little sand fortress...      The kids loved coming up from the beach every day and having a virgin frozen strawberry daiquiri -their Aunt Annie didn't mind much either! LOL!     The kids had so much fish fun Crabbing the first night we decided to take them crabbing again. As soon as we got there the fisher…

Wednesdays Shenanigans

Today is Wednesday and I am so happy to report that we have had FOUR AMAZING days so far in Stone Harbor, NJ!!  The weather has been perfect and we have had not rain yet!! WHOOP!!! This happened today at the beach...we were greeted by this sight about 200 yards from us.  I am sorry...I know there are a lot of opinions on this but I just have to say that I feel like as a people we are being less and less considerate of others and more focused on themselves. This was a 12 foot square fort constructed on the beach by two adults.... please let me be precise... no children all day just two adults reading!  They have two umbrellas, two chairs and their compound!!!  The point is not how much room they are taking or who they are vlocking it is simply not necessary to construct something this hideous when people are trying to enjoy nature!!!!   And most of all… Imagine if everyone did this… At the beach would be completely filled with ugly corrals! Ugh!!! Lets be considerate again people! Tue…