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Variety Halloween Party

Every year my company sponsors a Halloween party for a children's charity called Variety.  This year was no exception. The theme this year was Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin Patch...

As you will see each year just keeps getting better and better...

Here are previous years posts that I was able to find...


And here is this years pictures and post!!! It was truly awesome this year! We decorate the entire cafeteria at work each year! Here are pictures of the tables and windows in the cafeteria..

This is a giant inflatable Grimm Reaper with his horse carriage that was added this year next to the DJ booth (yes, you read right...the DJ booth!)

A close up of the window clings...our companies print shop made all of these clings...
A local university in our area (University of Pittsburg) donated these murals to us free of charge. There were about eight in total. They were huge murals that the students from an Intro to Art class painted. They are all AMAZING!

Soooo super cute!!!

What a Weekend!

Wowsa! It was a jam backed and event-filled weekend for me and my family! Mom and Dad went to Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh on Thursday night to see Carol Burnett! My siblings and I bought them the tickets for their birthday this year.  They sent us all a text with this picture saying thank you!Are they not the world's most adorable parents?!?!

I spent Saturday at the BF's house cleaning up the yard, splitting firewood and playing with a BIG bonfire! If you know me at all, you know there is no where I would rather be on a beautiful day than outside working in the yard! Since I do not yet have a yard, I play in his! HA! 

BTW: It was 80 degrees and beautiful here in Pittsburgh on Saturday...I hope everyone had beautiful weather like we did!!!

Saturday night was pumpkin carving!!! My favorite thing to do at Halloween! The BF not as excited but he was definitely into it as soon as we got started! His is the bat on the left and the other two are mine!

I got a text on Saturday that my swee…

Great Race and Dads Birthday

So excited for this post!!! As I mentioned in my last family was in town! Yippee!! We are very close and this was over the top exciting for me! As if that was not was also The Great Race weekend and my fathers birthday!!! 

Every year my family runs in The Great Race in Pittsburgh. It is always in the fall and it is always such a great time! The race is a 10K through the streets of the city. It is so fun to get to run the streets of the city and  so many people participate. I don't care what anyone says...Pittsburgh is the friendliest city ever and I will not leave ever!!! Except to go live on a beach in Aruba of course! HA - Love my city and my people!!!

My mother runs with us every year. She is now 74 and she has actually placed in the top three every year for the past few years. We tease her about it all the time but I think it is awesome for myself and my nieces and nephews to see how healthy and fit she is!!! Sadly, she decided to watch and not run this yea…

Neighborhood Hike

My family was in town a few weekends ago. Anytime I get to spend with them is a awesome time. There are no other people I would rather spend time with than my family!  We decided to spend Saturday doing something healthy so we went out to walk around my neighborhood and ended up finding a "secret" path and hiking in the woods around my condo.It was an adventure and I now have a shortcut to the park! This is my sister coming down the hill into the revine...
 Here they are going down the hill into the giant valley… 

And here are my sister and niece coming up the hill out of the giant valley. I never knew you could walk through here - this is awesome! I would have never investigated where this path went had they not been with me... 

Leave it to my family to be adventurous and find the secret shortcut!! Such a fun family walk!

Hope everyone has an adventurous day!!!

Kinky Boots September 2016

Still catching up with old posts! LOL! I was so excited when I received an offer to purchase tickets for the musical Kinky Boots! I decided to treat myself this year and become a season ticket holder for the Pittsburgh Musicals! I received a package of seven shows and had the option to add Kinky Boots for the eighth! All of the shows are in downtown Pittsburgh: half of the shows are at Heinz Hall and half are at Benedum Center. Kinky Boots was at the Benedum. The Benedum is a theater in Pittsburgh it's absolutely gorgeous!  The show was written by Cyndi Lauper and I love her but bias aside...the show was fantastic! Also, my seats this year ROCK!!! I am in a front row and I have MASSIVE leg room!

 Below is the obligatory selfie of my  friend Laura and I at the theater. I really wish I had gotten a picture of our dinner but we ate it too quick!! We shared fresh springs rolls and panang curry shrimp at Nikki's Thai Kitchen on Penn Avenue and it was amazing too! Love that fresh w…

Late Labor Day 2016 Recap

Labor Day recap a little late! Labor Day was spent at my parents house on Lake Mohawk! It was Mom's Birthday and Sara's birthday (my sis in law) and of course lots of boating to close out the season this year...sadly summer has to end :-(
Here is a collage that sums up a lot of the holiday weekend - cornhole games, water fun, and birthdays.

Matt taking some of the kids for a jet ski ride...Check out those little posers - they crack me up!
A little kayak play! The kids play in these things for HOURS!
Cousins just hanging out...
Happy birthday to the worlds best Mom...
Kids playing on the tube!!! They are getting so brave! This is the first year they tried to stand up or not hold on - HA!
Another action shot of the acrobatics...
Kyleigh Showing her MAD skills...
Doing a dead crab imitation we think - HA
Corn hole games - Brody loves this game and will beg people to play ALL DAY! What a great Holiday weekend filled with family and fun! Such a shame the this holiday means summer …

SH Vacation 2

I have been a bad, bad blogger!!
I am not sure what happened. Maybe I just needed a break...there is so much chaos and uncertainty right now in my life and I guess I just turned inward. 
BUT...I AM is going to be a lot of work to catch you up!
Let's back up to vacation! Vacation?!?!?! I know, right? Back in July I went on a second trip to Stone Harbor, NJ with my brother and his family and never even told you about it! WOWSA!
Here's the recap!
The craft show was the weekend we were there! It is a HUGE deal down there! There are hundreds of vendors and really cool stuff to purchase. Here are my niece and nephew trying out the old fashioned thread maker. Pretty cool, right? This woman makes her own yarn and then knits with it!

She let them both sit and try the machine - they were in awe!
Here's a little family shot! That is my little brother, his wife and their two kids and me popping in from the bottom to photo bomb!
I missed all my kids while I was on vacation but I kn…