Monday, November 24, 2014

Ipsy November

I absolutely love my Ipsy bag this month!!!

I got this lip stain. Very dark and stays on forever!

 This is an awesome highlighter. I tried it Saturday night and it is awesome! I never used on e of these before and I love it!

I used this and could not see it at all on my eyelids. I am guessing now that it just helps your eyeshadow stay on longer. I will ready about it later.

This eyeliner is great! It has a little hint of sparkle - perfect!

I love this hairspray too. I do not use hairspray that often but I tried this Saturday night also and it left my hair very shiny - its great!

As usual, I loved everything in my Ipsy bag and also the bag itself! Ipsy never disappoints!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

He's Just Not That Into You

oh my...where to start...

Apparently dog shopping (for a man that already has no time to himself) is way more important than a dinner date that had been planned for a week?
I am writing this post to remind mysef that "He's just not that into you" and I do not plan to be anyones afterthought.
So, as quickly as that started, its done already.
Moving on...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This is a truly random photo dump from my iPhone!

This is my outfit I wore to cheer on the home team in the comfort of my our home and alone! Yes, I dress up to watch the game alone....sad but true when you are single!

This is me posing prior to pump class on Wednesday night. I love Body Pump so much! If you have never tried it, you should! So awesome and I am getting chiseled!!! HEE HEE! I just bought the at home version for the winter when the gym cancels class!

This is the gym itself...little family owned gym that is mostly all women! I love it here!

I sooooo need to re-level these pictures! I added the bows and never got around to leveling them again! I am not home enough for them to drive me crazy I guess! HA!

I was at Chipotle for lunch the other day and saw this! Seriously, if you work in food service "PULL UP YOUR PANTS"! The yellow is his underwear! I am so sending this to the corporate office of Chipotle!

This is me waiting in line for 45 minutes for an oil change! ICK!

There you have the randomness of my day to day life! LOL

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

2nd Annual - These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

I am soooo excited to be joining in on the 2nd Annual These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things Linkup Party with all the amazing ladies below!

Check out the dates below, there is still time to get in on this if you are interested!!!  Two more link-ups to come over the next couple of weeks~~~

I cannot wait to see what everyone else is wishing for as I am sure it will assist me in adding more items to my list!! Mine is pretty short as I tend to purchase for myself instead of waiting for Christmas~!~! HA!

Here is my list so far...

I LOVE this Ralph Lauren scarf~~~it is their Signature Pashmina and I am truly in love~~~

I have been eying this up for a while now~I think these are so cute and fairly affordable~~ by Sperry 

I can always use Verisimo pods for my Starbucks coffee maker~I live off this coffee~~

 And lastly, this Ralph Lauren Jaden boot - sensing a theme?!?! I LOVE just about everything Ralph Lauren !

No, I am sorry, not lastly above.  I forgot the most important thing on my list this year~a man (not a boy, a man! And a nice and gentlemanly man). Is that too much to ask for?? I think not - so here he is....bring him on!

Now I cannot wait to see what you all are wishing for this year - as you can see, I need ideas~~~~~~~

Happy Tuesday!!

Stride Box November - Number One!

I have said this many times on my blog but I am going to say it again...Stridebox is the best subscription box by far!!!
If you are looking to sample runners fuels, bars, gadgets, and drinks then you need to order this subscription box!
I swear it gets better each month!!
Here is what came this month.

This insert tells you about all the products included, where to purchase them and how much they cost.

Here is a shot of the loot before I dumped it all out!!!!!

Caffeine gum - what a great idea~~ in fruit and mint - can't wait to try these~~

Four tea bags - all different flavors. These were great -  I loved every flavor~this was my tea at work for a while week!! I am ordering some of this!

Does this flavor of gel not sound delicious?!?!? I need to sign up for a 10K SOON just to use this!!! YUMMO!

I loved chomps when I was marathon training~black cherry sounds delicious~~

Another shot of the tea variety...

Energy drink. This has about 150 calories so I am saving this to hydrate at Zumba on a day when I am under my calorie count...soon!

I ate this for afternoon snack at work a few days ago! It was delish! I will definitely be ordering some of these for work snacks~~

And lastly, this awesome arm band light~they send the coolest gadgets! I love this - it flashes three different ways - perfect for those evening or early morning runs~

Thanks Stridebox! You hit it OUT OF THE PARK again!!! I love these and if you want to get yours go here...

Stridebox - I promise if you are a runner it will not disappoint!

I hope yinz all have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Coffee Date

I may or may not have had coffee with a really great guy this weekend!

It was a lot of fun getting to know him better.

I have known him for over 7 years now as a casual friend but, WOW, just recently realized how cute and personable he is!

We went to coffee and chatted for a couple hours on Saturday and it was great.

He has a life and a job! WOW! Double Score! He is educated, responsible, a great Dad to his kids and so handsome!

He asked me to dinner so I texted him my schedule for the week and the ball is in his court!

Hopefully dinner will happen soon - I promise to keep you all posted!

Fingers crossed - whisper me a couple prayers on this one if you are so inclined, please!!!!

It would be so nice to have a significant other for the holidays (oh and the rest of the year, too) HA!

Happy Monday yinz!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

This happened....LOL


I pulled these babies out last weekend!

I love the holidays - especially Christmas lights and trees and decorations!!

However, I feel like every year I rush past Thanksgiving decor and jump right into Christmas (it is my favorite)!

This year I promised to enjoy and celebrate Fall and Thanksgiving as much as Christmas. So Thanksgiving and Fall is in full swing INSIDE and these beauties are ready to go outside!!!

I am not a fan of putting up lights and decor in the snow and ice and rain! I decided that since it was 65 and clear last weekend it was time to put up the outside lights.  I got it all done and still have Thanksgiving INSIDE. I am promising myself not to plug these in until AFTER Thanksgiving is over!! HA!! I know I can do it...!!!!! Anyway, here it the finished product.

I am quite sure that I will have the last laugh soon! It snows here in PA early and its already getting REALLY cold so I am sure that after Thanksgiving I will see lots of people freezing to death while putting up their Christmas decor!!!

Also, this did not happen! I am holding off until after Thanksgiving for the car costume as well, I think?!?!? I passed another car the other day that already has theirs on. In fact, they had a nose on the front that lite up! Pretty awesome!

This helps me be a better driver. You can't speed past people and drive aggressively while wearing a car just can't! This keeps me in line!

I hope you all have an amazing rest of your hump day!

Have you decorated?!? If so, what holiday or season are you in now?!?! hee

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cystic Fibrosis - A Passion for Wine Event

I had the priveledge of voulteering at an amazing event this past weekend! It was called a Passion for Wine and it was to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.

I was really excited to be able to go help out for a couple reasons. I used to work for a gentleman that has a son with Cystic Fibrosis and I know what a devastating diagnosis that can be.  Also because I got to get really dressed up! I never get to dress up so this was REALLY fun!!! I went out and bought new shoes and a new cocktail dress for the occasion! Sooo fun! I loved every second of dressing up and primping for my beautiful dress.  I could definitely get used to the lifestyle of the rich and famous!!!

Here is the best picture I have of my shoes! Love these babies!!! They were so comfy. They are Calvin Klein and so worth the extra cost!

Here is the classic bedroom shot of the new dress from the full length mirror! This is a size smaller than I was expecting to buy so I was soooo excited!! The dress is here.

Here is a brighter shot in the bathroom mirror after makeup was done.

These were the centerpieces on the pretty!

Here is a shot of the decor! The event was held in the PPG Wintergarden in Pittsburgh, PA. The building looked amazing~

And this is a shot of the silent auction area. There were so many donated items for auction...really amazing stuff!

This is me and my work friend Kathy that I volunteered with! She is the one that got me connected with CF and their fundraisers. She has been helping them for over TEN years~~!

This is a picture with the women I know from CF. On the left is Carol and Kathy is on the right. Obviously, that leaves me in the middle! HA

Kathy and I were assigned to a wine station. Here is the wine  we were going to be pouring all night. Apparently it was good as we were the first tasting station to run out. Although, if you ask Kathy, shell say it was because I filled the glasses too full! HA

Another shot of Kathy and I presenting our wine!

There were a total of five wines to taste throughout the room (Kathy and I had one). In all, there were six food tasting stations. Obviously a cheese & grape station and also a dessert station. The other four stations were manned by some of Pittsburgh's most award winning local restaurants. My favorite just happened to be right next to me. The sign below is what the restaurant was presenting to patrons to taste.

 This is Chef Kevin Sousa from Superior Motors. He has already started many successful restaurants in Pittsburgh and has now sold them all to start Superior Motors. It will be open in the Spring 2015 hopefully! You can find out all about this amazing restaurant here. It will all be locally sourced, funded, operated and will give back to the struggling community of Braddock, PA. Amazing man - he really is a gentleman with a vision. And an amazing Chef~~~

This is a closeup of his plate! So delicious!

The second restaurant was Seviche. These guys are always amazing! So yummy!

Sonoma had a fantastic tuna dish!

Another favorite is always Nine on Nine. They had an amazing spiced ostrich that everyone was talking about. Seriously so yummy! It is not on the menu yet but due to the crowd reaction, the chef said he may be adding it soon! Check it out - its truly amazing~

I did not get a picture of the cheese station or the dessert station but I did manage to get a few pictures of the delicious pastries and macaroons that were on the dessert station before I ate them of course! HA! The were baked by Gaby et Jules. AMAZING is all I can say!

Had to try one of each...actually I may have had two or three of each! Seriously amazing desserts!

 The night was awesome and so much fun! I loved spending time with Kathy and Carol and we met a new friend MaryBeth that I did not get a pidcture of. I will see her in a month at the next fundraiser and I cannot wait! The event raised $183,00.00 for CF!!! I call that a success!!! Thanks for allowing me the pleasure to volunteer! I can't wait for the next event!!

Do you volunteer? If so, what is the reason and for which charity(ies)?


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