Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today I am going to join up with Jamie for What I am Lovin' Wednesday! I am so excited to get moving on updating this blog everyday again!!! Let's do this!

I am lovin' that my exercise is back on track! After I switched from running (jogging that is) to Zumba and spin classes for a long period of time; it took me forever to be able to jog again! It was seriously like torture to run on the treadmill and I could hardly breath!!! But, after persevering for a few weeks, I am again able to run non-stop and breath!!! YEAH!!!!  My times are getting better too!!!! (11.26; 11.03 and even a 10.22 mile in there - that is AMAZING for me!) When I ran the Great Race in Pittsburgh about five years ago I had a pace of 12.55 and I thought that was fast! HA!!!  Thanks Sara for the inspiration!!!

I am lovin' that I have these two cuties to make me smile everyday! If they are not following me around and snuggling on me; they are sleeping stinkin' cute is that?!?!?! Love these two darlings!

I am lovin' both Chipotle burrito bowl and Chipotle guac!!! I am officially obsessed with guacamole - I LOVE IT!!!!!

I am lovin' these precious yummy delights from Trader Joes!!!!!! They have HUGE chunks of strawberries, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, and coconut flakes and they are only 80 calories each! Seriously amazing!!!!! Try them and I promise you will LOVE ME for this recommendation!!!!!!!!

I am lovin' that the my parents got me a new patio set for my birthday! I love it!! No more plastic green chairs and table!!!! Soooo cute and I also am lovin' that my flowers are growing amazing this year!!!! Love sitting out here!!!
And finally, I am lovin' a little fiber in my life! This is my go to snack (taking a break from Pop Chips) when I need a little crunch and quick take along snack. These are soooo yummy!!! Try em and you will like them!!! And no, I do not work for Trader Joes - I guess they just have lots of stuff to love!!!!!!!!! :-)

Happy Wednesday!!! Can't wait to see what everyone else is lovin'!!!!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dance Recital Weekend 2012

Look at these two adorable cuties!!!! My nieces posing in the yard before the Recital...

They wanted to see the back of their hair on the camera...

There is the picture of the back of their hair - pretty curls!!!

Alybug - this was her first year to dance....she is sooooooo excited to be in the recital!!!

Sooo cute....

Alybug posing...

Kyleigh's posing...

More posing - and more smiles...

One more...

Sorry..I meant two more...

Another Albug

Kyleigh consoling her brother...he was SOOOOO upset that he was not part of the recital - he wanted me to do his make-up. I knew his dad would kill me so I ddi not...HA!

Whata cute photo - you will NEVER see this again! HA!

A little happier...he is excited to see the show..

On the way to the recital...sitting forward the whole way so she doesn't smash her curls...

And Aly trying to sit forward..she kept forgetting....

Steve (Bro in laws) parents and sisters waiting for the recital to start!

Casey and Justin (my sisters nanny and her boyfriend) and my sis in law and brother with their two kids...Madelyn and Brody waiting for the recital to begin...

At the end of the show - flowers and pictures....

And another...

Madelyn wants in too!!


What a magical these kids - awesome weekend in Columbus...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Another dump (photo that is)

Lets all be honest...I need to change the format of thisblog to a "weekly picture dump".  

I really need to get back on the bandwagon of updating this is sooo hard as I am so busy lately..... I will try though!!!!!

So here is this weeks dump so far....I have been trying so hard to improve my jogging (I call it running) times....I am getting sooooo much better and feeling much better during the run also....It took a long time just to work back up to running for a straight 30 minutes without having to walk in between but I am finally back there!!!! Averaging below........2 1/2 miles for 30 is like a 12 min mile.....sadly slow for most but improvement for me!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

This was my lunch at work on do you see why I have to workout each day?!?!?!?!?

This is my new patio furniture from my parents for my birthday - soooooo comfy!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

This was an extra hour on the eliptical after Zumba....not such a great calorie burn but I was beat from Zumba!!!!!

This was another days run you can see same thing - covered 2.5 miles in 30 minutes

My new favorite addiction!!!!! Not as good as a McFlurry but still pretty yummy and a SUPERFOOD!!!!!!

New color - love it!!!!!!!!!!! Can't remember what it is though!

My favorite store on the planet!!!!! I am a girl that loves Lowes!!!!!!

My friend Marc from Michigan came through and shipped me this via UPS - I was soooooo psyched! This is beer brewed at Kidrocks brewery in Michigan! Marc is awesome and a hottie if I must say so myself...what a shame all the hotties live in Michigan!!!!!

So, to repay him, I sent him this....a manly bracelet with his kids names,,,,they are for sale at my etsy shop if anyone is interested for their man for fathers day or for themselves if you are not a frilly chick and prefer a leather bracelet ;-)

Happy Monday all!!!!!!! Here's to hoping for a quick week!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crafty Sis

Happy Tuesday all!!!
It is sooo rainy and yucky in Pittsburgh - not a pretty day at all!
I hope your weather is better than ours here!!!

I was just notified that I am going to be receiving a VoxBox and I am soooooooooo excited!!!! I will tell you all about it when I get it!

Also, not sure how many of you know this but I do not drink.  I mean, alcohol that is.  I do drink LOTS of coffee and water though!! HA HA!! So an old friend of mine, from across the street where I grew up, literally 39 years ago and I have been in contact again! His name is Marc and he is two years older than me but I remember I always looked up to him! Anyway, he posted on Facebook that he was drinking a Badass Beer. For those of you that do not know this....I am a HUGE kidrock fan!!! Badass Beer is his beer brand that he started to help put industry back in Detroit. Well, you can only get get this in Michigan and that is where Marc is now!!! YIPPEE!!!! I mentioned that I was jealous that he had a Badass Beer and he sent me a message yesterday that he has gone and shipped me some!!!! Do you believe that!?!?!?!? Seriously, how nice was that!!!! I definitely need to have some drinking company over now - HA HA!!!!!!!!  I am psyched!!!

This is a few miscellaneous pictures from the last few days for your viewing pleasure...

Just a small part of my family at my parents house on the lake....I was mowing and they were nieces and nephew, little sister, Mom and Dad.

Kyleigh chillin' on her double lawnchair....she was actually probably trying to keep her brother an dsister from getting one - HA!!

And another from the other angle - she said "Get one from up here" I did!

My little sister saw this on Pintrist and recreated it for my mother for Mothers Day...Soooooo crafty!!!!

Alybug in the car headed to shopping!

The baby birds on Monday....not dure how many days old now,,,,,but, furry and cute!!!!

And another!!!!!!

Another crafty project by my nieces and nephew (actually by my little sister)...they made fingerprints flowers and put all their names on it - love love love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stepping stone it is sitting on is another sister makes me one each year with the kids handprints and footprints.

Hope you all stay warm and dry out there in bloggy land!!!!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Miscelleneous Friday

This is the current state of my flowers on the patio! Love them now that it is 80 I can stop draggin' them in and out everyday :-) I also have hummingbirds already!!!!!! Yippee!!!

I saw this yesterday on my way to the post office....My camera phone is not great but it is a boy turkey walking around with his pretty feathers up trying to impress the ladies.....although it looks to not be working in the picture - they are running from me - not him....they were all hanging around him and checking him out before I stopped the car on the side of the road...

Really was a neat thing to see in "real life"...I LOVE nature!!!!!!

My old "new" shoes......found these in my closet....bought at an end of season last year and never got to wear!!! CUTE!!!

This is my cubicle at work.....

Home away from home....the other side of the cubicle. We are moving to a new building on campus soon and I will lose this roomy cubicle.....we are getting VERY small cubicles....SOB!!!

And my babies............

These are my bluebird babies at work.....I have to go check them today so I will have new photos later today or tomorrow....they get cuter as they grow fluff and feathers!!!!!! 

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!!!!! I will have lots of pics as I plan on hanging with my nieces and nephews at the lake and it is supposed to be nice - yippee!!!!!!

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