Friday, February 28, 2014

Ipsy February

Here it Ipsy bag for February! Have I mentioned how much 

I love Ipsy!?!?!

The cute zipper pouch...they send a different pouch each month. These are awesome for an organization freak like me!!

Here is a skin mask by Skyn. I am trying this on the weekend after my long run for an at home spa night!!

Here are some fun eyelashes. I am waiting for a fancy night out to get to try these out!!! hee

This is an awesome cream eyeshadow. I am trying this tonight when I go out.

And finally this awesome lip gloss!!! I can tell that I am going to be loving this color for spring!

The best thing about Ipsy is almost every sample is full size and you can really tell if you like a product or not.


Already waiting for March!!!

StrideBox February

As I always say, Stridebox was my favorite this month again!

I LOVE these boxes. There was a shipping glitch but that did not change the fact that it STILL was my favorite!!!

Here is the product listing...

 Sooo cute!~

Some awesome chews to try out on a long run - maybe my 12 miler this weekend ;-)

 Interesting...will try this on a day that I have HipHop and Zumba back to back...

I think this looks good and I love almonds and honey so I have high hopes for this one.

Love coffee - this energy gel should be AWESOMENESS!!!

Yummy pineapple - another awesome hydration drink mix for class!!!

Foot gel - oh yes!!! I am excited to try this after my next long run!!!!!!

This lip therapy feels awesome!! As we have had weather between 10 degrees and negative ten degrees all week in Pittsburgh I have been using this and it is great!!! Almost as good as my EOS ball except I prefer the EOS ball fruit flavors to the peppermint!!!

I have LOVED the little runner gift each month in the box as well! This came in handy on my 5AM run last weekend. I hope to not have to use it again - ha ha! It is a great little bright and flashy light that clips anywhere!! love it!!!

Also every month is a cute little sticker or two!! I love these as well!!! 

 If you are a runner, you SERIOUSLY need to try this - I promise you will love it!!! SOOOOOOOOOO FUN and just like sending yourself a little gift each month!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Admittance is the First Step

If admittance is the first step then I am on my way!!!

I have a SERIOUS hording problem!

Not the kind like you see on the hording shows but a weird and different strain of this problem.

I hoard items and food - not in a way that impedes my ability to live or move around my house but to the point where my cupboard is full of noodles, sauses, veggies, etc. and yet I continue to buy more...always worried that I may run out of something...anything. I have a backup of everything!! It's bizarre!!! Who has a back up soy sauce or a back up onion soup mix box?!?!?! ME ME ME

My freezer is just like my cupboard...I have frozen fish, beef, turkey and soy ice I eat it first, no, I buy more and stuff more in my freezer! Instead of defrosting turkey from the freezer I run to the store and  buy a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  What is this about?!?!?

Also, I have back up tea, coffee, etc. EVERYTHING! Toilet paper and Paper towels too!!! I have a closet full and I live alone!!!

I also noticed the other night when I went to Target that I NEVER buy one of anything...always two or matter what it is...Weird!!!

I am making a pledge to turn this around now....I am eating everything (or as close as I can come to everything) in my freezer before putting anything else in there! I will post pics so you can see what I mean tomorrow - I promise.

Oh me oh to recovery land!!!!!!! HA

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweetheart Swap!

I did not have a valentine prior to signing up up for this swap and I have got to say I could not have picked a better valentine if I had hand selected one!!!!

I joined in on the Sweetheart swap coordinated by our lovely hosts Kristin and Meg!

My swap partner was Lauren from ShootingStarsMag! She has an awesome blog and I am soooo excited to show you what she sent me!

Lauren:you TOTALLY made my valentines day!

My awesome box of joy...

Lauren made me this card. I totally forgot this part of the swap so I publicly apologize for not giving you a handmade card - I loved the one you made me!!

She sent me this adorable is hanging in my kitchen so I can enjoy it daily!!!

Also now living in my kitchen...adorable valentine potholder!

Always yummy DOVE Chocolates!!

My!! Yummy times seven!!

And how cute are these!!! I actually made myself an egg shaped like a heart this morning!! Awesome!

I am planning to hunker down Friday night and watch this movie with myself. I heard about it but have never seen it. So psyched to watch it!

All in all, I love my Valentine treats and Lauren rocked as a swap partner!!

Make sure you check out her blog!

Happy valentines day to you all!!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jesus, Make it warm!!!

I saw this video on Facebook this morning that just about sums up how I feel lately!
I have been doing great with the workouts and tracking the eating and the weight is finally coming off however I am grouchy...just so grumpy and grouchy!!!
I am just soooooo sick of this cold!!! And I mean cold!! 
My poor heater is lurching each time it has to switch on (which has been about every 15 minutes for weeks now). Fingers crossed that it will survive the winter!! It has been bitterly cold here...for example, today when I came into work it was -3F (yes, NEGATIVE) in Pittsburgh, PA.

THAT IS TOOOO DAMN COLD!!!! There ! I said it!!

Isn't that the cutest video ever and my thoughts EXACTLY!!!!

I will show you how well my workouts have been going with a little snippet of my BodyMedia from yesterday.  Yesterday I worked all day and then did my 3 mile training run on the treadmill on the way home at LA Fitness.  I then ate dinner (forgot my Chiropractor apt-oops) and went to StudioFit where I did Zumba, BodyPump and HipHop for an hour each! Got home and showered and hit the bed big time! Which, as you will see below, is not reflected in my sleep!!! I am still not sleeping - gotta figure this out - I was in bed by 10PM with the television off!!!!!

I did something to tweak my left knee and it is pretty sore so it works out well that today is my day off. So I am working and then heading home to veg on the couch ALL NIGHT!! YEA ME!!! And get to bed earlier!!!

Hope you all have a great day!!!

PS - I mailed out all my Valentines to my dearest loved ones - did you get yours yet?!?!?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Replay

I am starting off with something very important to me this HERE to help a young woman save the life of a stray cat that just needs a break in life.  Even if you can only give a dollar, that would seriously help out! I promise this is legit...I know this young lady personally.

Now, after that commercial, I will recap my weekend for you!  Friday night I went to dinner here with one of my favorite people on the planet...Rose. We ate at the legendary Burgh's and it was awesome! I got Cajun rubbed baked fish - it was so yummy!!!

Here is a pic of us hanging out waiting for our food...I am on the left- Icky picture!


Then we went to the Meadowland Casino in Washington, PA. It is really close to my house so we popped down for a little fun! We were cracking up when we saw this I made Rose pose for me -  "Dam Lumberjack Beavers" LOL


This is my long run from Saturday - it did not feel as bad as I was expecting...LOL! Training is going very well and I am also losing weight again!!!! YEA me!!!

This is my awesome food plant from two of my nieces and nephews at this photo she is Brussel Sprout Betty....LOL.

 This is my morning smoothie - yes, EVERY morning....consistently....yummy and healthy. This is obviously pre-grind.


And this is my lunch all week and probably a few dinners...I made soup with chicken stock, chicken breast, mushroom, celery, carrots, onion, kale, farro and red lentils.  YUM!!!!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend also!! Have a great week!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

5 on Friday

I LOVE Fridays!!! Not just because it is the end of the work week but because it is ALSO my day off for training (NO EXERCISE AT ALL!) and because it means that is time for 5 on Friday!!

I am linking up with ALL of our lovely hosts listed in the logo above to show you my 5 on Friday!!

Today I have my favorite 5 things at my desk at work!! This is only pertinent because I can actually smile again in my cubicle - work life is back on track!!! YEA ME!

ONE:  My favorite plant! I got this little guy about a year ago and it is turning into a hedge! It grows amazing and it soo pretty!!! It is the "Exotic Angel" brand from Lowe's! They are AMAZING plants and sooo easy to care for! Love every plant I have ever purchased from this company. You can get them at Lowe's ;-) You will thank me!

TWO:  These are my guardian minions! I LOVE these little guys! A girl I work with gave these to me - she was collecting them from McDonald's and these are her doubles. HEE HEE - sooo cute!!

THREE:  This is my beach! This is a gift from my nieces and nephews and it is awesome! I can always be at the beach no matter what day of the week!!! Aside from the day I came in to find that my co-worker buried her in the sand and put the bucket on her head - it is pretty relaxing!

FOUR:  My adorable valentine lights! These look awesome at 6AM before it is light out when I am in the office early!! So festive!

FIVE:  My french press! From an ex-co worker that I love dearly - my bestie from FAAAAAAR away Mariela! She rocks!!! It saves me walking to the coffee room so much! I drink a lot of coffee and this is three cups in one! YIPPEE!

Also, on a side note, if you saw my post yesterday regarding working out like crazy and not losing - the issue was that I was eating a ton by picking here and there all day and by eating after working out at night.  I did not let myself eat after dinner and I did not sneak little bites here and there all day (and tracked everything in my BodyMedia app) and the weight is already going in the right direction!!! Go me!!! Now, I just HAVE to stick to it!!!

I am enjoying the day off today from ALL exercise and tomorrow I have a long run (8 miles). I am hoping to conquer it outside on the trail and not have to stay on the boring treadmill!! Lets hope Pittsburgh weather cooperates!! 


 I hope yinz all have an amazing weekend!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Please Help!

I am always loking to help in whatever way possible to make the world a better place.

I love the idea of sharing myself and my resources with others.

I was recently made aware of a special kitty and a special rescuer that really need any help they can get both monetarily and a possible loving home forever.

You can read all the details in the link below.  Even if you can only give $1 - I am sure she will appreciate anything you can spare to help this sweet little kitty finally have a pain-free life.

Thanks for your help!

All You Health Friends ...HELP!!!!!

Hi all!  Yes, I am still around and I do still exist.

I am a bad blogger lately but my life has been dedicated to getting healthy and marathon training so nothing truly exciting has happened. EXCEPT...

I am now confronted with an irritating issue....

I am working out like a maniac and getting as much sleep as possible with my current schedule and trying to eat healthy but I am NOT losing any weight!!

I just DON'T GET IT!!!!

I actually gained three pounds.

How is this possible?!?!??! The only thing I can think I am eating way more than I burn which means that I consume WAY too much food!!!

Here is what I am going to do from now on...I have gotten really lackadaisical about entering my food intake into my BodyMedia but from this point forward I am tracking EVERYTHING that crosses my lips!

Here are my workouts since February 1st...
  • 1st - Saturday - Ran 7 miles
  • 2nd - Sunday - 1 hour Cardio HipHop, 1 hour BodyPump, 1 hour Zumba
  • 3rd - Monday - Ran 3 miles, 1 hour Cardio HipHop, 1 hour BodyPump
  • 4th - Tuesday - Off Day
  • 5th - Wednesday - Ran 5 miles, 1 hour BodyPump, 1 hour Zumba
Is it possible that I eat enough in two meals plus snacks (breakfast does not count as I am drinking breakfast which is kale, spinach, pineapple, strawberry and water every morning) when I don't pay attention to offset all that working out?  Well, we are going to find out. It is back to measuring and recording everything I eat and also NO FOOD after dinner!

I refuse to train for a marathon and GAIN weight!!!! SOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING!

Any help from fellow bloggers would be appreciated!!!

ICU Nurse it is

 Hi everyone!! I am just here checking in quickly. I almost feel bad checking in as it has been an eternity since I posted!!! UGH! Life has ...