Saturday, September 22, 2018

Day six-zip lining and dinner

In the afternoon, we were scheduled to go zip lining with my friend Mariela (that I came to visit) and my mom and her friend.

Before we were ready to head out, I spent a little time at the pool!!! It was completely awesome!! Our weather has been amazing!!!!!

Here we are at zip lining!!! Checked in and wearing our helmets!!! The hills we were zipping through are behind us!!!

Here is my mom and her friend...

And here is me and Mariela...

While we were zipping, we passed tons of trees with pineapple guava!!! We picked them right off the trees and ate them-they were sooo delish!!!

The red ones tasted like strawberry and the yellow like pineapple!!! So yummy!  You eat the whole and all!!!

Here is a cute one of Mariela and my Mom!!!

Here is a pic of the zip line and trees...

And another!!! It was so fun!

One more....

I am including a video - I tried to video a few runs to bring you along...
Hopefully you feel like you are there!!! 

I am leaving you today with a few pictures of some adorable cats! We had dinner at Keiko’s Paradise restaurant and there was an adorable stray cat and her two kittens living near the outdoor patio. They stopped to visit while we were eating! Soooo cute!!!

This tiny girl on the wall is mom...

And here are her kittens...such cuties!!! I fed them my steak so they would stay around longer!!!  I am definitely missing my cats!!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!!! I miss my babies at home and I think we are all getting on each other’s nerves at this point so it is time to head home! Lol! We fly home soon but I can re-live my trip anytime through my blog!!! 

Hugs to you all and mahalo for reading and following!!!


  1. Wow, you really got your adventure one. I'm digging scrolling through all your pics! And thanks for the tour of the condo too.
    My brother was in Hawaii for a couple of years while in the military (I never got around to visiting him :(. He told me about all the cock-fight descendant roosters just walking around everywhere.

    1. Yes Abby it is hilarious! They are everywhere! We asked why they just don't eat them and they said because the island chickens were revered by the settlers and honored and now the cock fighting ones have mixed in and they don't know which is which so they let them all roam free - lol! The stray cats then eat the baby is one big circle of life with no predators. HA HA!

  2. Ok I KNOW my mom would not do a zip line haha. You're mom rocks lol.

    1. Yes Julie she is very adventurous! She loved it and her friend too! They definitely can out hike me too! I was vacationing with two very fit people! HA


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