Thursday, June 26, 2014

4 out of 6 Not Bad

As many of you already know, I assist my complany by participating in the Wildlife Sustainability Team. I have posted many times on this. We have bluebird boxes that we montior and then report the number of birds raised every year from those boxes and the species.

Well, here are the newest additions as of 6/25/14...

Out of my six boxes, I have babies in one (house wrens) and eggs in three others (bluebird in two and tree swallow in the other). I have already fledged 10 baby bluebirds this year from my boxes as well!!

Here are my newest kids...

Here are the baby house wrens...can't wait to see these guys all cute and furry!! This is like day one after hatching...

Here is thetree swallow nest...

Bluebird eggs...soo pretty

Very light bluebird eggs.....maybe one hatching where it is cracked?
This is such a great break for me at work. I love getting out of the building at lunch and walking around and checking on these adorable birds. If your company offers this you should check it out! I promise you would love it! It is rewarding plus a get stress reliever at work!!!! I love getting away from the chaos and stress at work and walking in nature.

Hope you all have an awesome Thursday!!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014


I csnt believe hpw late I am posting this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ipsy and I look forward the getting this awesome little envelope each month!! It is only 10$ a month to have this beautiful little gift waiting for you once a month - I deserve it!! If you want one, get  yours here!!!

Each month all your samples come in a cute little cosmetic case!! Love every one that I have gotten so far!!!

Here is my perfume sample. I was not pleased about this one as I have so much perfume already and the sprayer broke the first time I sprayed it to smell :-(   ICK!

And an eyebrow pencil. I was encited to try this as my eyebrows are getting lighter with age and I think I finally need to use one of these!! Also, as you can see - a lot of the samples in Ipsy are full size - love this!

This stuff was great!! I used this in place of my usual Frizz Ease and I liked it as much if not more! I will definitley be ordering this!!! It kept my hair smooth and felt nice and light!!! LOVED

 I have not used this yet but can't wait until I have a night out to try it!!! Shimmering eyeliner in blue - yippee!!!

 Also, I got this lipgloss by felt great on except maybe a little too thick...I think this will go to my nieces eventually!~

 Again, if you are looking for a subscription box to be sent right to your to be able to try new products, Ipsy is the one.  FULL SIZ SAMPLES!! Sign up here!!!

I hope you all have a great week~~~

Friday, June 20, 2014

5 on Friday

Hi ya'll!!
I am sooo happy that it is time for Five on Friday!

I love this link up and ready about everyone elses favorite fives of the week and it also means, obviously, that it is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoop! Whoop!

Here is what I am loving this week!!!

I became a Jamberry Consultant!!!
 I LOVE these nail covers!! There are over 350 designs to choose from!! They cost wayyyyy less than a manicure and there is no drying time!! You can do all your nails or just a few to make them pop!!!
Here are mine today... they are the white chevron can wear them alone or on top of polish like I did here! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

They last at least 2 weeks!!! Soooooo much better than a manicure and you do not have to file your nail beds so they are better for your nails than Shellac!

This is only four of the 350 designs available!

Check them out HERE!!! If you order from me online, they will be shipped right to your door!! AWESOME!

I started Xtrac laser treatments this week for my psoriasis. I am hoping and praying it helps them heal more. My Humara quit working and I am starting to look like a freak!! :-(  Oh, yea, just in time for summer and showing skin! ICK!

I started and new team checkin at work with my new group.  We all hold up the mask that reflects how we are feeling that day! HA - Love this!! It has really gotten us talking and laughing together.  It gets us all together for five minutes and if someone is angry or sad we all ask what we can do to help and them follow through! LOVING IT!!

I have added new sand to my sandbox at work and now I can actually make castles!!! If you have not seen this yet, check it out HERE or HERE!!! It is like playing with wet sand only NOT!  It is soooo fun and feels sooo neat - I am obsesed!!! Your kids will love it!

Unfortunately I am also obsessed with these! I work out each night like crazy every night and then come to work and snack on these all day! Oh well, gotta live right?!?!?!

Cant wait to read thorugh everyone elses answers and favorites!!!! Happy weekend yinz!!!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jamberry Consultant

I am sooo pleased to announce that I am now officially a JamBerry Consultant!

I love these nail wraps so I am more than happy to work for this company!!

The nail wraps will stay on for over 2 weeks. For each pattern you select, you will receive a large sheet with 20 individual wraps on it.

You will cut each wrap in half and simply heat it with a hair dryer and then stick it on clean (or polished) nails.  Press the whole thing down firmly making sure to focus around the edges and you are done!!! Simply file off the extra from the end of the nail.  Complete video instructions are also available oin the website too! They are so easy and protect you and your children from the polish fumes and also NO FILING the nailbed!! These will protect and allow your real nails to grow underneath with no damage to the real nail!

Also, no drying time!!! Perfect for the little children that want to have painted nails and cannot sit stilll long enough to let them dry - no more polish on the rugs and furniture!!

RIGHT NOW - there is a buy three and get one free special! Please come check it out - I promise you will love them and save lots of money and nail damage from manicures!!

Here are just a few of the examples of what is available! Many more on my website HERE...

You can select to do all of your nails or just do one or two on each hand for a pop of design.

Also, if you are interested...I could assist you in hosting a Jamberry Facebook party! I woudl love to put this together for you and your facebook friends! It will allow you to introduce your friends to this awesome new product while at the same time earning free products for yourself!!

Please email me with any questions on my website HERE. I would LOVE to hear from you!

Hope you have a great day!!!! Thanks for checking this out!



This is the reason that I signed up for Birchbox! This month it is finally a good one again! I was so ready to cancel my sub and they reeled me back in with this months goody box! Here it is...

Here is the stash!!!

Some Love Conditioner and Shampoo (not pictured here) - this is amazing!!! I have already gotten two uses from this tester and I think I am actually going to buy this product - LOVE it!

Some hair milk - I have not tried this yet...

Some Vitamin C face cream...Very smooth and feels wonderful!

And finally, some lip lube. Not a fan of this color so I will probably give this away but I like the product itself!

I LOVE this product!! I have used this twice and it makes your skin feel sooo smooth!! Amazing - may even buy this!!!

 Thank you Birchbox for redeeming yourself this month!~ I love my subscription boxes, it is like a little gift to myself each month, I woudl hate to cancel my little suprise. 

Lately, though, the product testers have been too small to even try the product.  I am hoping this is a trend to larger samples.

If you have not checked Birchbox out, you can do so here...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I am getting serious, seriously!

This is more than likely the 100th post where I have said some version of that! HA

But, I am serious! I work out like a maniac EVERY DAY and only maintain - that means I am consuming WAY too much food everyday!

For this post on - I am logging everything that passes my lips and finishing this weight loss once and for all! I have about 40 pounds to go and I need this done!!!!!!!!!!

Yea me!!!

PLEASE leave me comments with any tips and tricks you have for this sort of thing!! I am so frustrated that I keep saying this and then do not hold myself accountable and eat whatever I want!

HELP ME!!!! Thanks in advance - you guys rock!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Some Days Psoriasis Sux!

To the lovely lady at the grocery store yesterday....I honestly thought I was on What Would You Do?

When she grabbed her child and moved away from me in line stating LOUDLY "Why would anyone go out in public in shorts looking all contagious like that? Come on, move away from her". #1 I am not contagious I have psoriasis and #2 get teeth before you judge others!

Also, big thanks to the man that said "ignore her she's an ass!"

People amaze and depress me...this experience was depressing! Do not even know what to say about it.

Some days I totally understand the reaction and other days it just makes me sad...right now in sad mode!








Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Fathers Day

I am just a little late with this post for Fathers Day!  It is all good though because my Dad does not, to my knowledge, read my blog and I spent the weekend with him!!

First let me say I am the luckiest girl on the planet! I have an amazing father that instilled so many things in me like morals and ethics and also taught me useful life skills.  One of my favorites is "if it breaks, TRY to fix it". I can work with all kinds of tools, power and manual and I love to try to fix things in my home. Also, my car! If I can fix it, I will. Google and U-Tube help with this a lot too however, he gave me the courage and gumption to TRY!  He worked hard to provide for his family and was always there to help us and support us in whatever we needed! He never thought about himself, he ALWAYS put his families needs FIRST!!!! He was harsh and stern when he needed to be; back when parents were NOT your friends but your teachers! This was EXACTLY what I needed to make me who I am today!

Thanks Dad for all you are and all you have done for your family! I love you with all my heart!!

Saturday morning after my Zumba, pizza and movie night, I headed off to my parents house on a lake! Off to see Daddy for Fathers Day weekend and enjoy a little time in the sun! This is my overnight bags selfie as we got on the road...HA!!!

 It was beautiful weather all weekend and I was blessed to spend it with my parents and sister and a few nieces and nephews!

Here are a few of the water tubing pics from the weekend! We were having trouble with the new "couch" raft pictured below submarining under when it was pulled buy the boat so I just bought that ball that is attached between and it really seemed to help a lot!!!

 After we gave the kids their rides on the "couch" tube; we got out the real tube! We pulled this tube with the ski boat instead of the pontoon and me and my nieces had soooo much fun riding these!!!

 All in all, awesome weekend!!!! 
Awesome family!!! 
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO blessed!!! 
Happy Monday yinz!

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