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Wow!!!! I now remember the use of one day at a time....doing this break-up thing really sucks especially when you have to see each other all the time.
Anyway, it is a little easier today than it was yesterday and tomorrow will be even easier.
I just need to remember that everything happens for a reason and Walt was not the person for me....and the lesson I have learned is when there is an issue at the very beginning GET OUT then and it will be easier than having to get out months later. I should have waked away after that first month....oh well, again...LESSON LEARNED...
Please Please Please will all hot and available men line up and I will be with you shortly.....
:-)Love, Ann

It's official....Wallyacha is gone....

OK! It's official. A week after X-mas cards went out....Walt and I are done.
I will be fine...just feels a little sucky right now.....lesson learned is, listen to your heart...if you have to work wayyyyyyyyyy harder than the other just isn't worth it.......
So, looking for a new fish!!!
Or maybe just swim in my own school alone for a while!!!
This too shall pass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
....I'll keep ya posted............

My 100 Loves

I was recently tagged to complete a list of 100 things I love. I have now realized that my life is wayyyyyyyy wonderful and my perspectve on life is sooo much improved. This was a piece of cake to finish and I probably left off at least 100 more I oculd have added to the list. Read on.......
3.Walt cats
5.pretzel chips
6.laughing cow cheese
9.bare feet
10.sausage balls
12.abandoned buildings
13.vacation days
16.tanning beds
18.hermit crabs peppers
21.double-bubble sugarfree gum
23.sand/the beach
27.baggy sweatpants
31.spiro the dragon cheese
40.reindeer ears
41.easter egg hunts
42.scavenger hunts
43.spinich dip
44.guitar hero
46.brick walls
47.rock climbing
49.fortune cookies
50.angelfood cak…

Gingerbread House

What a fun night!!! We finished our first annual Holiday gingerbread house!!! I usually make the kids do one of these with me but since everyone is older now and involved in cookie baking at Thanksgiving, I made Walt do it instead. It was soooo fun! Above is our before and below is the after. PS - Kudos to mom as her cake decorating skills I observed while growing up came in handy here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Homemade holiday treats

One of my favorite things about the holidays is making homemade gifts to give to friends and family. I love making hardtack candy and biscotti. Although the biscotti baking has not yet commenced for the year, I did get the hardtack done and WOW!!! What a project! I ended up finding these cute little containers to put it in and made around ten double-batches all together.
Recipe is...
3 3/4 cup granulated sugar
1 1/2 cup karo light syrup
1 cup water
food coloring
Lorraine oil flavoring
2 greased cookie sheets
powdered sugar

Stir together all the above until the sugar melts and then bring to a slow boil while stirring. Insert candy thermometer and boil until temperature is 250 degrees...add food coloring without stirring (the boiling will mix the color in). Continue to boil and when it reaches 300 degrees remove from heat and stir in Lorraine oil flavoring.
Spread half on each greased cookie sheet and as it cools, score candy and break into pieces. Drop pieces into powered sugar to coa…

12 Years!!! 12/9/96 Go God!!!

WOW! It is soooo hard to believe - today is 12 years!!!
Ask my family and they will probably remember it like it was yesterday. What they had to witness is not easily forgotten - living amends!!!! The key to EVERYTHING for me today is I never have to be that person again......ODAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to God/fellowship/ is amazing today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Action for the Day: Today, I'll give back to the program. I'll call a new member, volunteer to put on a meeting, or make the coffee."

Christmas Card Pic - WOW! What a fiasco!!!

WOW! What a fiasco!!!

It took two days and a whole lot of scratches to get the annual kitten picture to put in the Christmas card this year!

Last year mom and I tried and were only able to get them all together so I had to photo shop the Santa hats on the cats heads.

This year, with Walt's assistance and blood (Kidrock scratched the crap out of him), I was able to get an amazingly cute pic that has everyone!!!!!! No photo-shopping necessary!!!! Walt is holding Kidrock and I have Lucky and Angelica. The only issue this year was that I did no electronic preparation so when the time came to get the picture quick - my camera timer would not work. After reading the instruction manual, we were able to get a great pic then next night. You will get to see this work of art if you are lucky enough to get a Christmas card - LOL.....

Also, see this pic below...not sure if it is serious or a joke........verrrrrry interesting - LOL!

Love the Holidays!!

Spent the holiday weekend with the family in Harrisburg eating (thanks to Kerry and her AMAZING Thanksgiving meal and everyone elses contributions) and cookie baking. It was great!!! As always, we had sooo much fun and THEY got sooo much baking done!!! As for me, I am officially hooked on the Guitar Hero video game and the Wii first I sucked really bad at Guitar Hero and then started getting good. I think I missed my calling - too bad I do not own one so I can practice at home!!! It's probably for the better that I do not purchase one also or I think I may never leave home - LOL.
Matt and Dan went hunting for deer - I have not gotten a report yet but as soon as I hear if they got one I will post it...ickky ickky but they enjoy it and from what I hear it needs to happen.
Wally was sick all weekend - I felt bad. Of course, I initially thought he was faking it (stage fright with having to spend the entire weekend with people he had not met yet) but I have come to decide …