Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dance Like No-one is Watching

Another great weekend in the books!!!

Traveled to Columbus again!!! My nieces had their yearly dance recital on Saturday and it was completely amazeballs!

Also, since I was already there, I had the honor of being invited to my nieces birthdays party that was scheduled for Sunday - I am one lucky chick!

May I present to you two of my favorite dancers on the planet!!! Not to toot my own horn (TOOT TOOT) but I am official hair and makeup lady! Whoop! That is me on the left and the girls on the right - HA!

My adorable nephew - it's a little dark but he fixed the front of his hairdo also - he was pretty styling for his sisters show!
 Here is the after show celebration! I used to dance and we got applause - that is all - applause. Now they get flowers, balloons, candy and cars - WOWSA! The girls did awesome!

This is all five kids (my little sisters three and my brothers two). Everyone came to watch the show!

My nephew spent a lot of the weekend showing off his magician skills! That is his stage! Ha - One of my facebook friends remarked that it was strategic how he blocked the exit with his stage - LOL!!!
 Then on Sunday I was honored to attend my nieces birthday party that was held at Joann Fabrics. They did two great little crafts that the kids got to take home with them!That's her, sassy and eight now!

Here's a shot of the kids at the snack table!

 And the kids working on their crafts...

Thanks to my sister for having me out again! And for feeding me and giving me shelter all weekend! My family is my EVERYTHING!!  More exciting events to post I hope! Happy Tuesday!

I love when I hear from you guys!

What creative and different places have you had parties for your kids or yourself?
Any exciting this weekend?

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