Friday, October 30, 2009

Show us your Life - Halloween Costumes


I am today participating in Kelly's Corner "Show us Your Life - Halloween Costumes!"
I lOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween!!!!! It is definitely one of my favorite holidays - who am I kidding?!?!!??! I go nuts over all the holidays and then cant wait for them to be over to decorate for the next (I am ready to start for Christmas - actually)
Anyway are all the ones I could find on my computer here (at work-LOL)...

This is Waliacha and I last weekend ready for the party that was cancelled due to the hosts having the swine flu! Rescheduled for tonight!!! Annnnd tonight we are adding white face paint and eyes and bigggggggg mouths....I will post the new ones this weekend!

This is the costume that I wore for the first ten halloweens I think! I loved Planet of the Apes and sooooooo wish we saved this costume back then!!!!!!!!!

This is my niece as a monkey last year...

and this is her as big bird last year for something you can see, she would not put the head on at all!!!!!!

Then finally, this is my sister and her twins last year as a ladybug and tiger....Ali was NOT enjoying trick or treating! LOL

I look forward to seeing all your costumes too!!!!!!!!!
Stop by again soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Halloween To You All!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Almost Forgot

I almost forgot...

I met a WONDERFUL woman last evening at a fund raiser! My friend, Mindy, that I have blogged about many times before invited me to accompany her to a fund-raiser for the companys she works for; the Caring Mission and The Shining Stars Foundation. They do awesome work!!!! Anyway, the guest speaker was an absolutley awesome woman that explained how to give great gifts in this bad economy!
Her name was Jennifer Melnick Carota!!!
She was fabulous!!! As you know, my favorite way to shop is deals deals deals and she was after Mindy and my hearts as soon as she said she shops at Goodwill!!! We love Goodwill and Old Navy and T.J. Maxx and Burlington, etc. Anyway, she has a website and blog so make sure you check her out - she is awesome and sooooo fun to talk to (literally made a huge impact onme and we only spoke for a few minutes).

Top Ten Thursday

Time again for Top Ten Thursday hosted by Sara at Domestically Challenged and three other blogs listed on the button above.

This week (seeing as how it is Halloween and all) I followed suit with Trish at and am posting my Top Ten favorite candies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here we go!!!!!
1. Sweettarts - does not matter if it is Easter and they are shaped like chicks and ducks or just anytime they are just normal circles - LOVE these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Swedish fish - LOVE these - only RED!!!! No green, yellow, orange - only RED and only swedish brank - no generic in this candy!!! Just does not taste the same to me! :_)

3. Reeses peanut butter cups - always a favorite - especially Halloween!! When we were kids my sisters and brother would all steal these from each others candy stash!!!! Or maybe just I did this.... LOL!!! YUM! YUM YUM!!!

4. Mallow pumpkin - these come alone or in the Autumn Harvest mix of candy corn...not a fan of candy corn but I LOVE the pumpkins!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Jelly Bellies!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coconut and Lemon are the best!!!!!!!!!

6. Fun dip - Love it for obvious childish reasons...anything I can play in and then eat is fun!

7. Fireballs
- as apparent in my blog I have lost a few fillings to this candy!!!!!! Still lOve them!

8. Blowpops - any flavor - favorite since Middle school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Sugarfree bazooka- this is what I chew everyday!!! Love this gum and you would NEVER know it is sugarless....throw a little health in there!>>!>!>! LOL

10. 10. 10. And my most favorite chocolate bar - 3 Musketeers!!!!!!! Don;t know why but I could eat these ALL day every day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again - YUM!!!!!!!!!!

So, there you have it! That's my top ten! Make sure to play along I am dying to see every elses!!! And the check out the others responses!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Special pictures of everything and HALLOWEEN

Here are the decorations (I actually painted the Halloween tree)......

And more....
And more...
This is date night dinner!!!!!!! Two free egg rolls with an order of ten dollars or more......

Waliacha's Happy Family.........

My General Tso's...
Waliacha cutting the head off one pumpkin....we actually "gutted" ten last night and we are carving faces on Saturday!!!!!!!!

Here is the dirt cake I made for the party that was cancelled.....that's ok cause I am taking it to my home group tonight!!! Hope everyone is hungry!!!!!!!!!

Here is a closeup of a worm coming out of the "dirt"!!!!!!!!!Pudding/cream cheese/oreas/butter - what could be healthier!??!?!??!? LOL

And the best of allllll.....
Since the party was cancelled and we have no where to wear our costumes...
He we are before the meeting tonight...all dressed and NO WHERE TO GO!!!!!!!

Pic for fall decorations and Bummer!!!!!

Kelly's Corner is hosting Show us Your Life and "show us your Fall decorations" and I did not want to miss out only the only pic I have so far is my pumpkins - well, really not even half my pumpkins (we bought a crazy amount of pumpkins this year)...the rest will come in a later post tonight... hopefully, see ya back then...

Ouch! I got a call at 8AM from Mindy who was having the big Halloween party tonight that she has to cancel as her fiance is deathly sick with the flu.

Oh well, guess Waliacha and I will just be looking to make other plans in our costumes...we shall see what comes up! Is it wrong to attend social meetings in your Halloween costume???? I think Waliacha and I will be going to my homegroup in out costumes. They are great and I am sooo excited to wear it and for all of you to see it!!! That post also will be later tonight!!
I will also be posting pics from last nights date night as soon as I get home from work today!!!!!!
Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! Pumpkin scooping and order out chinese!!!!!!!! Nothing better!!!!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Ten Thursday 10/22/09

It's that time of the week again - the weeks fly by wayyyy toooo quick nowdays!!! So, I am again this week participating in the Top Ten Thursday (created by Domestically Challenged, It's a Beauty Filled Life, My Messy Paradise, and In The Mommy Trenches)!!
Top Ten Things I Do That Drive My Boyfriend/Roomate week on Thursday it wil be things that drive me crazy about him....start with myself, right?!?!?!?

1) I put everything away as soon as he is done with it, it has to get put away! Everything has a place. Including the coffee cup he just took the last sip from that he apparently was going to fill up again had I not already put it in the dishwasher.
2) I do all the household repairs myself, need to be more "needy" of my man and ask for help when nailing something - LOL!
3) Vacuum when I get home from work and before I go to the gym - only have a short amount of time to do this so too bad if he is in the middle of watching Judge Judy right?!?!?
4) Give him the silent treatment when I am mad - learned this from mommy - LOL or tell him nothing when he asks what is wrong - I have done this ALL my life!
5) Freak out when I see a spider in the house - like seriously freak out until he comes to kill! we do not capture and set free spiders....sorry PETA people but they die when they venture into my house! If it wasn't Waliacha killing them it would be the three cats! :-)
6) Explain how someday he can aspire to be "as perfect" as me...only kidding but it drives him nuts!
7) If I don't get my way......beg beg and beg some more.....a little pleading goes a lonnnnng way.
8) Try to force him to eat healthy food and cut out the "junk" (candy/ice cream/chipped ham/etc)
9) Make fun of him for ironing everything he puts on - including his t-shirts....what boy irons his t-shirts?!?!!??!?! I myself iron NOTHING!
10) I make him wear his jeans twice (unless something spills on them for real) before I will wash them. Doesn't everyone do this?!?!?

Thank goodness he still loves me in spite of all this!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trax Farms Oct 2009

Here is my adorable little peanut niece at Trax Farms riding in her train (ever see anyone cuter??)...

And a shot of the rest of the train...
And her little sister Ali (I sadly did not take a picture of their brother Ryan) As you see, my photo ability was lacking that day - I forgot about the camera and focused on having fun with the kids - LOL - guess I need to try to multitask..I will got more pics in the future but for now, you get the idea!!

Penn State Game Pics 10/17/2009

My brother-in-law invited Waliacha and my family to use their box at the Penn State game last Saturday. We had such a great time!!!!! My entire family are BIGIGIG Penn State fans. Here is the field looooooong before the game started...
Waliacha and I in our matching shirts...bought them the night before the game at Kohl's for buy one for $20 and get the other for $1 - can't beat 10.50 per shirt even if we only wear it once! LOL!
Here is all the boys...
And here is all the girls...

Here is a view from the box hallway of the tailgaters in the lot....

And another...(gotta love the snow right?? ) Actually we were told they got 6 inches so we were actually expecting way more but it was great - people were making snowmen and having snowball fights and we watched at least three kids getting drug out of the stadium because of throwing snowballs to the bleachers below!

Here is a view from the front of the box looking toward the back...
Here are the students holding the lion over their heads and passing his up the will see in the next picture that they passed him right into the box next door...

Pulled the mascot right into the box...

Waliacha and I went for a little walk through the hallway and found these guys....someone said the Penn State wrestling coach was inthe box a few down from us and they played for the coach - not sure if that is true of not...

And here is the dance team....they were great too!

Thanks again for the tickets and the fun Dan!!!!!!!! Waliacha and I love you bunches!!!!!

Flowers from my baby and "new to us" furniture

These are my roses from my sweety...

And he also got me this mixed bouquet (I know you are thinking "Wow - she is really spoiled or he is doing something wrong that he feels bad about!!!" but the reality is that there is a street vendor that he walks right past on the weekends when he visits his brother and he buys them on the way by....Still such a nice guy!!!!! I HOPE THAT IS ALL IT IS!!!!! LOL
Below is the new dresser we got from Waliachas brother and sister-in-law! Thanks guys - we really LOVE IT!!! We used to have a old and little on in the guest room and it only had two drawers that worked so this is heavenly!!!

Annnnnd this is the tv we got this weekend also. A friend got a new flat screen and was getting rid of this one so we took it. It worked for two days as (drumroll.....) as of last night will no longer turn on! Ouch!! We just got used to a bigger screen in the bedroom! Waliacha had a tearful memorial service and wake and I think he is STILL trying to do CPR on it but I think it's life is over. Soon, it will be wheeled out to the dumpster....oh was great while it worked!!!!

These are just a few of my pumpkins on the patio - believe me there are wayyyyyy more.....we bought about six and got a few from a friend of a friend that has a farm.....sooooooo next weekend will consist of Friday nights halloweeen party at Mindys house and Saturday nights 2nd annual Pumpkin carving contest! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!

This sad little pic at the end here is my little baby girl kitten Angelica! She lives up to her name from the rugrats and gets into everything! The other morning I woke up and snuggled each cat like I do every morning and when I snuggled her so smelled really strong like peony. Apparently, in the middle of the night she attempted to get on the top of the TV and when she jumped she knocked the scented oil warmer over onto her whole back! She was smelly and slimy and thank goodness she did not get it in her eyes as I think that would have been horrible pain and definite trip to the vet! I ended up giving her a scrubby bath and got as much as I could so this is her hiding from me and grooming after the bath! Poor baby girl!!!!!!!

ICU Nurse it is

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