Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend wrap up

So this post will wrap up my highly disappointing weekend! Seriously!

Friday I was so excited for a blog swap I participated in and my swap gift arrived and I got screwed. This is my second screw-over on a swap so I officially retire from them....ha! I debated on saying anything but I think if we do not then these people can continue to rip off others in other swaps....oh well, lesson one!

Then I went to the baseball game and dinner and fireworks and it was great except for the big let down there. I am not going into details but lets just say I have again decided to be single...I do not have the motivation that is required to participate in a relationship right now. It is far too much work and I am just way happier being I am done dating again!

On a happy note, I bought myself new boots for my last date and I love them.

Also another happy sister sent me a Halloween care package from her kids...soooo awesome! A cute cat witch card, some candy corn hand soap, a glitter bracelet, a spider web and some homemade chocolate chip cookies! YUM!

I love her and those kids,they NEVER fail to make my day!

This is a photo of them in their Halloween duds...awesome, Hugh!?!? Ha!

Lets all hope and pray for a great week.

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  1. Those little ones are so cute! How nice of your sister! Sucks with the dating :( and the swap :( I used to work really hard on scrapbook swaps and then I'd get crap back so I quit doing them.


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