Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday frenzy!

Yes! It's Friday-my favorite day of the week!

I went to Trax Farms yesterday evening to buy my pumpkins. It is such a fun place and I always try to take a niece or nephew each year but it does not look like anyone will be coming into town this year so I went alone and it was still fun!

I got honey crisp apples. I heard sooo much about them from other people that I decided to buy them instead of my usual sorry I made that choice! They do not compare to Jonagolds....I am actually going back today to get my Jonagolds.

These are my pumpkins I got-Can't wait to have my annual carving party with myself...maybe the new man can do this with me this year....time will tell.

Today is our bike ride day and I am waiting to hear from HIM about when we are going. I will keep you all posted.

This is my view from the elliptical last night at 9:00pm....ha!

Below is a view out to the patio. The huge yellow mums are from Costco (10 bucks a piece!) and the smaller one below it are just now blooming...they are from a friend of my sisters that has a nursery in Columbus, OH.

happy weekend y'all!!

1 comment:

  1. I like that Crossramp machine!

    Have fun on your bike ride! My kids are too old for the school field trips to the pumpkin patch now. I usually just buy them at the grocery store or wherever!


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