Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hey OC...we have arrived!

Driving across the Bay BridgeDDriving 
So today is day 2 of the road trip to Sessions by the Sea.

We drove from Hagerstown, MD to Ocean City through torrential downpours! This is actually exactly what happened last year at this time too! But it was all good.

After about four hours in the car we made it here to the beach.

Our hotel room in the Holiday Inn is amazing! We have a beach view suite that is nothing short of pure awesomeness! We ate at Captains Galley in the Marriott and it was majorly delish!

I have yet to figure how to to scroll down and add labels to pictures on this iPad so I will have to add them later....for now....the following pictures include the OC magazine cover, driving across the Bay Bridge, different angles of our suite here and the patio looking out onto the ocean.  Last but not least, there is a picture of fudge and chocolate covered strawberries (while my friend hung in the bubble bath....I went for a little jog....and brought back fudge and chocolate covered strawberries from the Candy Kitchen...I successfully added back on any calories I lost from my jog!!!HA!!!

Hope everyone has an amazing Friday!! Maybe I will have some pretty weather to report...

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  1. I had to google where Ocean City is. I was hoping it was on the West Coast. DARN!


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