Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The elusive ride

Well, after that fantastic weekend and lots of bonding with Marky, we are back to the big blow off.

I get that he has a company and MANY times gets stuck at work late but I don't think it is too much to ask to just get a call or text if his plans need to change.

So, we were supposed to go bike riding after work on Monday. I got home at 4PM and let him know just to text me when he was ready. So 5:30 rolls around and no word. I texted him saying "still working?" and no reply. Then at 7PM texted him to say that I was giving up on the ride as it was getting dark and headed to the gym. Got a call at 9:30PM when I was on the way home from the gym just like nothing ever happened!!

Is it me or was this horribly disrespectful??

I was just going to let it go and give up on seeing him anymore however, I decided to be an adult and communicate clearly and see if it changes and if not, then i guess I will then walk away.

So I called him and explained that I felt hurt and asked that he, in the future, please just call or text if he is not able to make it so I can adjust my plans. He was very receptive and felt bad that I was hurt so I guess time will tell.

I hope I get to stay in this thing...I really like this man!! LOTS!!

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  1. I've been married almost 20 years and I SOMETIMES get a "I'm working late" text. Nothing really pisses me off more than trying to plan something nice and him coming home 2 hours later!


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