Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fun and Family Saturday

I went up to visit my parents for the day today in Ohio.

It is a two hour drive normally however, today it took 3 1/2 due to construction, detours and below...I was bringing up the rear of the Johnny Appleseed parade in Lisbon, OH....ha!

Once I got there I got to hang out with some pretty awesome kids, including this little cutie!! I love a good fall campfire!

And I finally got a photo of this....Tow Mater! I see this all the time and finally pulled over to get a photo. This belongs to someone in Hanoverton, OH...I love it! Soooo cute!

Well, tomorrow is my 50 mile bike ride with Glenn on Montour Trail. I will report in tomorrow night with details. Wish me luck!

Happy weekend to you all!


  1. How cool they have Lightening McQueen too!

  2. Linked over to you


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