Sunday, September 16, 2012

26 Mile Solo Ride

Today was supposed to be my 50 mile ride on Montour Trail with Glenn. He was supposed to work in the am and we would leave around noon to ride.

Well at 12:30 he finally called and said he would not be ready to go until 2PM. Well, call me selfish but I did not want to sit around and wait any longer so I went by myself.

I encountered this cool contraption on a portion of the trail where you have the walk your bike across a road and then up steps...pretty tricky!?

Right after this picture I ACCIDENTLY ran over a little black and yellow snake. I felt sooooooo horrible but I thought it was a little stick and I could not veer fast enough...I felt awful!! This is at about the 20 mile area. My blackberry picture does not do it justice but it was sooooo awesome looking up!

And the this happened! My stupid chain falls off sometimes when I shift from my level three gears to my level two I got a LITTLE messy fixing it! This is when a guy comes in handy...they feel bad and do it for me! Ha! This is also why I do not wear cute biking clothes to bike...I bike in ripped shirts.

This is when I turned around. I started at 27 and went down to 14 and turned around. So total mileage was 26 miles on the trail.

This is one of the new campsites along the path around Cecil. We are planning to put up tents and stay here some weekend soon!! So far camping it will be me and Glenn and Rose...we will have a girls tent and a boys tent.

And finally, my sister just sent me this picture while I was typing this post. This is me playing pack mule t the beach this past summer. It is just easier to carry lots of stuff rather than beg the kids for 40 minutes to carry it, right? Wow! I miss that beach already!!! The condo we stay in is at the top left of the Stone Harbor!

Where does the weekend go sooooooooo fast!?

PS-while typing this post I was also texted and asked out on a date for Tuesday night by a guy that I have known as a friend for a long time! And no, it is not Glenn, he is just my friend. I am so excited! I will keep you posted!


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  1. Wow that looks like quite the bike trail! We need to find some cool stuff like that around here.

    GL on the date!


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