Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lovin' Blogsy

So today is just another run of the mill Thursday.

I almost didn't post but I decided to write a quick blurb for Blogsy...I was unsure about buying and trying this app for my iPad because I am cheap and it was like $5.00.

I am soooo glad I bought it! It has made blogging so easy on my iPad that, see, I even do it when I have nothing to say. HA!

I am participating in the Fall Blog Swap and I will be sending the package in the picture below tomorrow morning out to Nicole. I hope you love everything I picked for you!

An update on my new and HIM will be going on a bike ride tomorrow for our second date and camping overnight in a tent Saturday night for our third date. We have been friends for over ten years so I know I am safe and he is a bonafide gentleman -I am sooooo excited!

Happy Fall y'all!!

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