Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturdays Rock

I spent my morning in the Strip District in Pittsburgh, PA. If you ever get a chance you should go here - it is awesome! It is only 20 minutes from my house-i am soo lucky! Got lots of fresh produce, great homemade donuts and some cheese and olives to DIE for!!

Marky (HE-the new man) picked me up and we went to Canonsburg to help a mutual friend move. We got her moving van loaded up and out to Mt. Lebanon within 2 hours and then got her all unloaded and headed home to our mutual homes to shower.

Then on to camping! Marky picked me up and we pitched our tent and built our fire and talked, and talked and talked! This is our tent after we got it put up and Markys arm in the right side of the picture. Ha! We stayed until about 5 am and the temp went down to 40 degrees. It was sooooo cold and we did not bring enough blankets and had to bail. Mark dropped me off and we each slept at our own homes and then he came back at 9am and we went back and cleaned up the tent, etc.

This is the campsite when we went back on Sunday morning to retrieve everything! Ha!
This is the site after we left this am... :-(. All cleaned up...what an awesome weekend!! They go way too quick!

PS -Marky already called and asked me to ride bikes after work tomorrow...this is going very well! :-)

Back to the grind tomorrow....happy Sunday night all!


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  1. Nothing worse than freezing in a tent! Been there done that!


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