Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Men redeemed

Tonight was my first REAL date in years!!

What an awesome night!

These are photos I took before I got dressed for the date....hair and make-up done....

I wore my new black pencil skirt and a flowing neutral tone sweater.
HE picked my up in his white convertible Corvette (he hardly ever drives it and I had mentioned a few months back in a passing conversation how I liked it so he drove it for the date :-) )

We have been friends for many years so the whole night was so comfortable!

We went to an awesome restaurant In Speers, PA called the Back Porch and it was amazing. The ambiance was beautiful and so comfortable and peaceful! The food was fabulous! I had red snapper and scallops and HE had filet topped with crabmeat-yummo! We shared-how cute!?! Right?

Then we shared a dessert ...death by chocolate... Yes, a man after my own heart! Again sooooooo yummy!

Then we drove home the long way and he showed me the house he grew up in and different neighborhoods that held memories for him.

Then we got to my condo and I asked if he wanted to come in-he has never seen the inside and I have all my Halloween decor out and he said yes but another night (he is a total gentleman). So then he leaned over and kissed me quickly and sweetly goodnight (again, he is such a gentleman...no slobbery mess or just in for the attack...just a sweet kiss). Then I could not get out of the car (the electric button had me confused; that or the kiss HA)..he flipped the lock and as I opened the door I leaned back in and kissed him quickly and sweetly!

These are photos I took before I got dressed for the date....hair and make-up done....

It was sooo comfortable and natural...I can't wait to see where this goes.

SWEET DREAMS...I know mine will be!


  1. Oh you look so pretty, I love your hair!

    And I am SOO GLAD you had a great date with such a gentleman. Sometimes those things need to happen in order for us to remember that not all guys are jerks.

    Hopefully I'll have a reminder soon... I'm getting really bitter! haha

  2. awww how cute!! Sounds like a great date :)


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