Thursday, October 4, 2012

Checking in...

Just checking in.

Still breathing just no excitement...

Had a presentation at work in from of my whole department and that went really well.

The video I did at work was released and that also went really good.

I am losing weight like crazy again - YIPPEE!!!! This is after a two month was getting really frustrating!

Back on track!

The man thing sucks....I thought he was this great guy friend for years but reality is some people are just very selfish and should not try to be in a relationship. He was extremely self-absorbed and has NO time for anyone in his life. What a pity! He's just a dumb, old jerk!

So, that's over, really before it even began - HA!!!

It's all good. life is life and I am happy to experience it ALL today!!!

I will have exciting posts from this weekend as I will be going to Jackson's Mill in West Virginia with a bunch of friends for a conference - sooooooo excited!!!

XO - almost the weekend!!!!!!!!

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